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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12001An experimental investigation of thermal contact conductance across bolted jointsSHIOU-HWEI YEH Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science 4036
22019Capillary interactions between droplets and ideal roughness: Attractive protrusion and repulsive trenchLiang, Yu En; Maharsih, Inggit Kresna; YU-JANE SHENG ; Tsao, Heng KwongExperimental Thermal and Fluid Science 00
31996Correlation of Swirl Number for a Radial-Type Swirl GeneratorSheen H.J. ; Chen W.J.; Jeng S.Y.; Huang T.L.Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science 9186
41994Effect of particle size on a two-phase turbulent jetSheen H.J. ; Jou B.H.; Lee Y.T.Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science 4026
52000Effect of surface characteristics on capillary flow in triangular microgroovesSheu, T.-S.; Ding, P.-P.; Lo, I.-M.; Chen, P.-H.; PING-HEI CHEN Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science 911
62008Effects of fuel properties on the burning characteristics of collision-merged alkane/water dropletsWang, C.H.; Wang, C. H.; CHING-HUA WANGet al. ; KUO-LONG PAN ; Pan, K. L.; Huang, W. C.; Wen, H. C.; Yang, J. Y.; Law, C. K.Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science 1313
72014Experimental study of evaporative heat transfer in sintered powder structures at low superheat levelsTsai, Y.-Y.; Lee, C.-H.; YAO-YANG TSAI Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science 45
82005Forced convective heat transfer of 45° rib-roughened fin flowsChiang, K.F.; Chang, S.W.; Chen, P.H.; PING-HEI CHEN Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science 1011
91990A precise measurement of temperature difference using thermopilesHuang B.J. Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science 1015