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12013A critical analysis on the cyclic fatigue testing of rotary endodontic instrumentShin, C.-S.; Chang, Q.M.; Lin, C.-P.; CHOW-SHING SHIN ; CHUN-PIN LINApplied Mechanics and Materials 00
22013Analysis of a new mechanical anti-lock brake system for two-wheeled vehiclesYang, C.P.; Liu, T.; TYNG LIU Applied Mechanics and Materials 10
32013Constructing a data mining sensor to classify Tw-DRGs medical specialtiesYUAN-HUEI HUANG Applied Mechanics and Materials 10
42013Construction a big data predictive model to analysis the production planning and control plan of hospital organizationYUAN-HUEI HUANG Applied Mechanics and Materials 10
52013Effects of cardiovascular stent design on wall shear stress distribution in straight and curved arteriesHsiao, H.-M.; Liao, Y.-C.; Lin, C.-H.; Liu, F.-Y.; Tsuei, Y.-M.; YING-CHIH LIAO Applied Mechanics and Materials 00
62013Estimation of occluded lower limb using inverted pendulum modelTenn, H.-K.; Tsai, Y.-Y.; YAO-YANG TSAI Applied Mechanics and Materials 00
72011Global radiation for solar architecture design of TaiwanOu, W.S.; Huang, K.T.; Liao, C.C.; KUO-TSANG HUANG Applied Mechanics and Materials 10
82014Inorganic nanotube-polymer composites for novel separation platformsKang D.Y. Applied Mechanics and Materials 00
92013Multi-colored LED control system implemented in programmable SoC with subset of DMX512 specificationWu, F.-H.F.; Hsueh, J.-H.; Jang, J.-S.R.; JYH-SHING JANG Applied Mechanics and Materials 00
102014Optical music recognition for numbered music notation with multimodal reconstructionWu, F.-H.F.; Jang, J.-S.R.; JYH-SHING JANG Applied Mechanics and Materials 00
112013Optimization technology and developing of vascular stentsChen, C.-S.; Lin, S.-Y.; Chou, N.-K.Applied Mechanics and Materials 10
122012Research trends of mechanism and machine theory using bibliometricsDong, H.-R.; SIAO-YU SU ; DAR-ZEN CHEN Applied Mechanics and Materials 10
132012Robust process design towards through-silicon via quality improvement based on Grey-Taguchi methodTang, C.-W.; Chuang, L.-C.; Young, H.-T.; Yang, M.; Liao, H.-C.; HONG-TSU YOUNG Applied Mechanics and Materials 00
142013System identification and robust control of a pneumatic muscle actuator systemJIA-YUSH YEN Applied Mechanics and Materials 30
152014Two-dimensional thermal stresses and displacements in an arbitrarily inhomogeneous elastic layerTokovyy, Y.; Lozynskyy, Y.; Ma, C.-C.; CHIEN-CHING MA Applied Mechanics and Materials 30
162011Using modified sandia method in developing typical solar radiation year for photovoltaic electricity generation projectionHuang, K.-T.; Ou, W.-S.; KUO-TSANG HUANG Applied Mechanics and Materials 10