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12012A Multi-scale Finite-frequency Approach to the Inversion of Reciprocal Travel Times for 3-D Velocity Structure beneath TaiwanSHU-HUEI HUNG journal article
22010A New Cluster Event Method for Accurate Determination of Attenuation and the Scaling Law between Corner Frequency and Seismic MomentSHU-HUEI HUNG journal article
32009Cenozoic plume-slab interaction beneath the Pacific NorthwestSHU-HUEI HUNG journal article
42008Colliding Lithosphere beneath Tibet: A Preliminary Synthesis of Results from Project Hi-CLIMBSHU-HUEI HUNG journal article
52006Complete Short-Period Synthetic Seismograms for Spherically Symmetric Earth Models by Normal-Mode SummationSHU-HUEI HUNG journal article
62008Complex geological interactions in the mantle beneath western USASHU-HUEI HUNG journal article
72012Constraining the origin of the Yellowstone-Snake River Plain volcanic province using seismic imagingSHU-HUEI HUNG journal article
82014Constraining the Velocity Structure at the Top of the Earth's Outer Core by SKKS and S3KS Differential TraveltimesSHU-HUEI HUNG journal article
92012Constraints on Crustal Shear Wave Velocity Structure beneath Central Tibet from 3-D Multi-scale Finite-frequency Rayleigh Wave Travel-time TomographySHU-HUEI HUNG journal article
102013Constraints on Shear Wave Velocity Heterogeneity and Anisotropy in D'from Finite-Frequency Differential Traveltime Residual AnalysisSHU-HUEI HUNG journal article
112009Converging Lithosphere beneath Tibet in 3-D: Highlights from Matching Hi-CLIMB Data with New TechniquesSHU-HUEI HUNG journal article
122011Crustal Structure of Northern Taiwan from Inversion of First-Arrival Times of the TAIGER Active-Source ExperimentSHU-HUEI HUNG journal article
132009Crustal Structure of Taiwan Revealed by Seismic Traveltimes from TAIGER Active-Source ExperimentsSHU-HUEI HUNG journal article
142001Diffraction Tomography of Shear Velocity Heterogeneity in the Lowermost MantleSHU-HUEI HUNG journal article
152011Distinct Variations in Seismic Velocity Structure of the Crust and Upper Mantle across the Ailao Shan-Red River Shear Zone in Northern VietnamSHU-HUEI HUNG journal article
162011Earthquake Focal Mechanisms in Southern TaiwanSHU-HUEI HUNG journal article
172006Elastic and viscoelastic parameters of the Philippine Sea plate under the Ryukyu trench near TaiwanSHU-HUEI HUNG journal article
182008Evaluation of Regional Seismic Models in Taiwan by the TAIGER Active-Source ExperimentsSHU-HUEI HUNG journal article
192010Evaluation of Tomographic Inverse Models Resolved from Various Travel-time Theories and ParameterizationsSHU-HUEI HUNG journal article
202014Finite Frequency Traveltime Tomography of Lithospheric and Upper Mantle Structures beneath the Cordillera-Craton Transition in Southwestern CanadaSHU-HUEI HUNG journal article