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12014A dual probes AFM system with effective tilting angles to achieve high-precision scanningLI-CHEN FU conference paper50
22000A neural network based learning controller for robot manipulatorsLI-CHEN FU conference paper
32013A new compensation framework for LQ control over lossy networksLI-CHEN FU conference paper30
41996Active design of hard disk suspension assemblies using multiobjective optimization techniquesYang, Yee-Pien ; Kuo, Chin-Chungconference paper00
52002Adaptive backstepping speed/position control with friction compensation for linear induction motorHuang, Chin-I; LI-CHEN FU ; Fu, Li-Chen conference paper
62004Adaptive backstepping tracking control of the Stewart platformHuang, Chin-I; LI-CHEN FU ; Fu, Li-Chen conference paper170
72009Adaptive constraint-filtering method and its application to GPS positioningChang, T.-H.; Wang, L.-S.; Chang, F.-R.; LI-SHENG WANG conference paper00
81998Adaptive control of interconnected systems using neural network designLI-CHEN FU conference paper
91990Adaptive robust tracking of nonlinear systems and with an application to a robotic manipulatorLiao, Teh-Lu; LI-CHEN FU ; Fu, Li-Chen ; Hsu, Chen-Faconference paper
102013Adaptive state feedback stabilization of uncertain switched nonlinear systems consisting of feedback linearizable non-switching dynamicsLI-CHEN FU conference paper10
111993Adaptive variable structure control for fast time-varying unknown plantsLI-CHEN FU conference paper
121995Application of image moment flow of a RPP to 6 DOF visual trackingLI-CHEN FU conference paper
131986Averaging analysis for discrete time and sampled data adaptive systemsLI-CHEN FU conference paper
141993Controllability of spacecraft systems in a central gravitational fieldLI-CHEN FU conference paper
151998Decoupled path-following control algorithm based upon the decomposed trajectory errorYen, Jia-Yush; Ho, Hsin-Chiang; Lu, Shu-Shung; JIA-YUSH YEN conference paper3633
161999Demand-driven, iterative capacity allocation and cycle time estimation for re-entrant linesChang, Shi-Chung; SHI-CHUNG CHANG conference paper
172011Design and implementation of an atomic force microscope with adaptive sliding mode controller for large image scanningLI-CHEN FU conference paper60
182008Design of electric differential system for an electric vehicle with dual wheel motorsYang, Y.-P.; Xing, X.-Y.; YEE-PIEN YANG conference paper70
192013Design of IMM estimation with differential game based guidance system in maneuvering target interceptionLI-CHEN FU conference paper00
202012Development of a large scanning-range atomic force microscope with adaptive complementary sliding mode controllerLI-CHEN FU conference paper30