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12008A 2.4-GHz Fractional-N PLL with a PFD/CP Linearization and an Improved CP CircuitC.-L. Ti; Y.-H. Liu; T.-H. Lin; TSUNG-HSIEN LIN IEEE ISCAS 280
22014A 20-MHz BW 75-dB SFDR shifted-averaging VCO-based ΔΣ modulatorY-H Kang; C-Y Lin; T-C Lee; TAI-CHENG LEE IEEE ISCAS 
32010A 5-GHz Relative-Phase Cancellation Fractional-N Phase-Locked Loops in 0.13-μm CMOSW.-H. Chiu; C.-Y. Cheng; T.-H. Lin; TSUNG-HSIEN LIN IEEE ISCAS 
42007A Novel Low-Complexity Rayleigh Fader for Real-Time Channel ModelingC. H. Liao; T. P. Wang; T. D. Chiueh; TZI-DAR CHIUEH IEEE ISCAS 110
52007A Real-Time Digital Baseband MIMO Channel Emulation SystemT. P. Wang; C. H. Liao; T. D. Chiueh; TZI-DAR CHIUEH IEEE ISCAS 70
62010Cross-Layer Optimization for Wireless Streaming via Adaptive MIMO OFDMRobert Yi-Pin Lu; Jun-Wei Lin; T. D. Chiueh; TZI-DAR CHIUEH IEEE ISCAS 10
72006Design of A Low Power Mixed-Signal Rake ReceiverP. A. Chen; T. D. Chiueh; TZI-DAR CHIUEH IEEE ISCAS 10
82010Dual-mode Continuous-Time Quadrature Bandpass ΔΣ modulator with Pseudo-random Quadrature mismatch shaping algorithm for Low-IF receiver applicationC.-Y. Ho; Y.-Y. Lin; T.-H. Lin; TSUNG-HSIEN LIN IEEE ISCAS 80
92009Low-Complexity Adaptive Channel Estimation for OFDM System in Fast-Fading ChannelI. W. Lai; T. H. Yu; T. D. Chiueh; TZI-DAR CHIUEH IEEE ISCAS 50
102006One-Dimensional Interpolation Based Channel Estimation for Mobile DVB-H ReceptionI. W. Lai; T. D. Chiueh; TZI-DAR CHIUEH IEEE ISCAS 60
111994The design of the CMOS current-mode general purpose analog processorL.-H. Lu; C.-Y. Wu; LIANG-HUNG LU IEEE ISCAS 30