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12008Chitosan fibers: Versatile platform for nickel-mediated protein assemblyShi, X.-W.; Wu, H.-C.; Liu, Y.; Tsao, C.-Y.; Wang, K.; Kobatake, E.; Bentley, W.E.; Payne, G.F.; HSUAN-CHEN WU Biomacromolecules 1817
22014Clearance kinetics of biomaterials affects stem cell retention and therapeutic efficacySHOEI-SHEN WANGBiomacromolecules 55
32008Gold nanoparticles induce surface morphological transformation in polyurethane and affect the cellular responseHsu, S.-H.; Tang, C.-M.; Tseng, H.-J.; SHAN-HUI HSU Biomacromolecules 4444
42013Photodynamic detection of oral cancers with high-performance chitosan-based nanoparticlesChing-Ting Tan Biomacromolecules 1714
52018Radiotherapy-Controllable Chemotherapy from Reactive Oxygen Species-Responsive Polymeric Nanoparticles for Effective Local Dual Modality Treatment of Malignant TumorsYING-CHIEH YANG ; Te-I Liu, Wen-Hsuan Chiang, Chun-Kai Hung, Yuan-Chung Tsai, Chi-Shiun Chiang, Chun-Liang Lo, and Hsin-Cheng Chiu*Biomacromolecules 1215
62018Self-Assembled pH-Responsive Polymeric Micelles for Highly Efficient, Noncytotoxic Delivery of Doxorubicin Chemotherapy to Inhibit Macrophage Activation: In Vitro InvestigationLiao Z.-S.; Huang S.-Y.; Huang J.-J.; Chen J.-K.; Lee A.-W.; Lai J.-Y.; Lee D.-J. ; Cheng C.-C.Biomacromolecules 1527
72011Surface modification with poly(sulfobetaine methacrylate-co-acrylic acid) to reduce fibrinogen adsorption, platelet adhesion, and plasma coagulationKuo, W.-H.; Wang, M.-J.; Chien, H.-W.; Wei, T.-C.; Lee, C.; Tsai, W.-B.; WEI-BOR TSAI Biomacromolecules 105115