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11992A Circuit Design for the Improvement of Radiation Hardness in CMOS Digital CircuitsJENN-GWO HWU journal article1412
22004A high-precision time-to-digital converter using a two-level conversion schemeHEN-WAI TSAO ; Hwang, Chorng-Sii; Chen, Poki; Tsao, Hen-Wai journal article6259
31995A Systematic Study of the Initial Electrical and Radiation Hardness Properties of Reoxidized Nitrided Oxides by Rapid Thermal ProcessingJENN-GWO HWU journal article11
41997Behavior of Silicon Drift Detectors in large magnetic fieldsStathes Paganis journal article45
52007Development of thin-junction detectorChen, W.; Carini, G.; Keister, J.; Li, Z.; Rehak, P.; WEN-CHANG CHEN journal article99
62010Photo-Annealing Effects on Gamma Radiation Induced Attenuation in Erbium Doped Fibers and the Sources Using 532-nm and 976-nm LasersLON A. WANG journal article119
71988Residual Charges Effect on the Annealing Behavior of Co-60 Irradiated MOS CapacitorsHwu, J.-G. ; Lee, G. S.; Lee, Si-Chen ; Wang, Way-Seenjournal article1110
82013Thermoelectric powered wireless sensors for dry-cask storageCarstens, T.A.; Corradini, M.L.; Blanchard, J.P.; Liu, C.-H.; Li, M.; Behdad, N.; Ma, Z.; CHIEN-HAO LIU journal article56