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12012Closed-Form Solution for Relative Rotations between Image Pairs Using Normal Vectors of Epipolar PlanesHan, Jen-Yu; Chou, Jun-Yun; Ko, Yung-Yen; Han, Jen-Yu ; JEN-YU HAN ; Chou, Jun-Yun; Ko, Yung-YenJournal of Surveying Engineering-Asce 22
22008Geometric Combination of Multiple Terrestrial Network SolutionsHAN, JY; VAN GELDER, BHW; SOLER, T; Snay RA; Han JY; JEN-YU HAN ; van Gelder BHW; Soler T; Snay RAJournal of Surveying Engineering-Asce 108
32012Local AccuraciesSoler, Tomas; JEN-YU HAN ; Han, Jen-Yu ; Smith, DruJournal of Surveying Engineering-Asce 34
42010Noniterative Approach for Solving the Indirect Problems of Linear Reference Frame TransformationsHan, Jen-Yu ; JEN-YU HAN Journal of Surveying Engineering-Asce 3333
52012Sensitivity Analysis for the Principal Strain Parameters of a Deformation Monitoring NetworkHan, Jen-Yu; Guo, Jenny; Zheng, Ze-Yuan; JEN-YU HAN Journal of Surveying Engineering-Asce 33
62006Stepwise parameter estimations in a time-variant similarity transformationHAN, JY; VAN GELDER, BHW; JEN-YU HAN Journal of Surveying Engineering-Asce 1716