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12010Characterization of a multifunctional monascus isolate ntu 568 with high azaphilone pigments productionTZU-MING PAN journal article98
22009Identification of Cordyceps sinensis by 18S nrDNA sequencing and characterization of fermented products in TaiwanChen, C.-S.; Huang, C.-T.; Hseu, R.-S.; CHING-TSAN HUANG journal article12
32013Screening Procedures for Chloramphenicol Residue Determination in Serum, Milk, and Feedstuff Using Immunochromatographic AssayHsieh, K.H.; Lin, C.P.; Cheng, C.C.; Lai, C.P.; Sheu, S.Y.; Yao, C.H.; Lei, Y.C.; Chang, T.H.; Kuo, T.F.; TZONG-FU KUO journal article44