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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12003A note on characterizations of Abelian varieties by topological invariantsCai, J.-X.; Chen, J.A.; JUNG-KAI CHEN Manuscripta Mathematica 00
22003A stability criterion for nonparametric minimal submanifoldsLee, Y.-I.; Wang, M.-T.; YNG-ING LEE Manuscripta Mathematica 55
32012Asymptotic behavior of SU(3) Toda system in a bounded domainLin, C.-S.; Wei, J.; Zhao, C.; CHANG-SHOU LIN Manuscripta Mathematica 1012
42013Irregular Hodge filtration on twisted de Rham cohomologyYu, J.-D.; Yu, Jeng-Daw; JENG-DAW YU Manuscripta Mathematica 87
52007Ore extensions which are GPI-ringsChuang, C.-L.; Lee, T.-K.; TSIU-KWEN LEE Manuscripta Mathematica 44
62005q-Skew derivations and polynomial identitiesChuang, C.-L.; Lee, T.-K.; TSIU-KWEN LEE Manuscripta Mathematica 66
71994Uniqueness of least energy solutions to a semilinear elliptic equation in ℝ2Lin, C.-S.; CHANG-SHOU LIN Manuscripta Mathematica 3644