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12009Analytical full-field solutions of a piezoelectric layered half-plane subjected to generalized loadingsMa, C.-C.; Wu, W.-C.; CHIEN-CHING MA journal article
22013Heat conduction analysis of nonhomogeneous functionally graded three-layer mediaMa, C.-C.; Chen, Y.-T.; CHIEN-CHING MA journal article
32010In-plane crushing analysis of cellular materials using vector form intrinsic finite elementWu, T.Y.; Tsai, W.C.; Lee, J.J.; JYH-JONE LEE journal article
42011Transient analysis of elastic wave propagation in multilayered structuresLin, Y.-H.; Ma, C.-C.; CHIEN-CHING MA journal article
52012Transient wave propagation in a functionally graded slab and multilayered medium subjected to dynamic loadingsMa, C.-C.; Lin, Y.-H.; Lin, S.-H.; CHIEN-CHING MA journal article