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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12009A population-based, case-control study of green tea consumption and leukemia risk in southwestern TaiwanCHEN-YU LIU Cancer Causes and Control 2122
21996A program for eradication of hepatitis B from Taiwan by a 10-year, four-dose vaccination programDING-SHINN CHEN Cancer Causes and Control 1312
32003Arsenic methylation and bladder cancer risk in TaiwanYEN-CHING CHEN Cancer Causes and Control 203190
42012Baseline human papillomavirus infection, high vaginal parity, and their interaction on cervical cancer risks after a follow-up of more than 10 yearsWEN-CHUNG LEE; Liao, Shu-Fen; Lee, Wen-Chung; Chen, Hui-Chi; Chuang, Li-Chung; Pan, Mei-Hung; Chen, Chien-JenCancer Causes and Control 1413
52010Early-life or lifetime sun exposure, sun reaction, and the risk of squamous cell carcinoma in an Asian populationYEN-CHING CHEN ; YUE-LIANG GUO ; CHEN, YEN-CHING ; SU, HUEY-JEN JENNY; HSUEH, YU-MEI; CHAO, SHEAU-CHIOU; LEE, JULIA YU-YUN; GUO, YUE- LIANGCancer Causes and Control 910
62005Interaction between environmental tobacco smoke and arsenic methylation ability on the risk of bladder cancerYEN-CHING CHEN Cancer Causes and Control 5848
72013Prospective study of effect modification by Toll-like receptor 4 variation on the association between Trichomonas vaginalis serostatus and prostate cancerChen, Yen Ching ; YEN-CHING CHEN ; Chen, Yen Ching ; Huang, Yi Ling; Huang, Yi Ling; Platz, Elizabeth A.; Platz, Elizabeth A.; Alderete, John F.; Zheng, Lu; Zheng, Lu; Rider, Jennifer R.; Rider, Jennifer R.; Kraft, Peter; Giovannucci, Edward; Sutcliffe, SiobhanCancer Causes and Control 34