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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12007Constrained Data Clustering by Depth Control and Progressive Constraint RelaxationDai, Bi-Ru; Lin, Cheng-Ru; Chen, Ming-Syan VLDB Journal 54
22008DAWN: An Efficient Framework of DCT for Data with Error EstimationHsieh, Ming-Jyh; Teng, Wei-Guang; Chen, Ming-Syan ; Yu, Philip S.VLDB Journal 11
32008Efficient algorithms for incremental Web log mining with dynamic thresholdsOu, J.-C.; Lee, C.-H.; Chen, M.-S.; MING-SYAN CHEN VLDB Journal 135
42008Mining top-k frequent patterns in the presence of the memory constraintChuang, K.-T.; Huang, J.-L.; Chen, M.-S.; MING-SYAN CHEN VLDB Journal 4935
51997On Applying Hash Filters to Improving the Execution of Multi-Join QueriesChen, Ming-Syan ; Hsiao, Hui-I; Yu, Philip S.VLDB Journal 8
62008Power-law relationship and self-similarity in the itemset support distribution: Analysis and applicationsChuang, K.-T.; Huang, J.-L.; Chen, M.-S.; MING-SYAN CHEN VLDB Journal 129