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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12003A genetic algorithm for developing modular product architecturesTIAN-LI YU conference paper
22004Calculating efficient team size: Balancing deciding and doing as an elementary optimization problemTIAN-LI YU conference paper
32014Compensating for operational uncertainty in man-machine systems: A case study on intelligent vehicle parking assistSu, D.; Chan, K.-Y. conference paper00
42014Component size optimization of a wind-integrated microgrid system with dispatch strategy and resource uncertaintyHung, T.-C.; Chan, K.-Y. conference paper0
52011In-vitro diagnosis of colon cancer using bio-functionalized magnetic nanoparticlesKAI-WEN HUANGconference paper00
62014Minimal deviation paths for manipulators with joint clearancesLai, M.-C.; Chan, K.-Y. conference paper2
72010Multi-objective design and tolerance allocation for single- and multi-level systemsHung, T.-C.; Chan, K.-Y. conference paper00
82006Optimal design with non-normally distributed random parameters, conditional probability, and joint constraint reliabilities: A case study in vehicle emissions regulations to achieve ambient air quality standardsChan K. ; Skerlos S.; Papalambros P.conference paper1
92012Optimal sample augmentation and resource allocation for design with inadequate uncertainty dataLin, P.-Y.; Chan, K.-Y. conference paper0
102016Probability-based power dispatch in wind-integrated electrical grid for energy storage capacity determinationHung, T.-C.; Chan, K.-Y. conference paper0
112008Reliability-based shape optimization of a pressure tank under random and stochastic environmentsLiu, C.-H.; Chan, K.-Y. conference paper00
122008A sequential linearization technique for analytical target cascadingChan, K.-Y. conference paper3
132008Stitching technology using hybrid actuators in nano imprintJIA-YUSH YEN conference paper20