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12009Analysis of the involvement of chitin-binding domain of ChiCW in antifungal activity, and engineering a novel chimeric chitinase with high enzyme and antifungal activitiesHuang, C.-J.; Guo, S.-H.; Chung, S.-C.; Lin, Y.-J.; Chen, C.-Y.; CHAO-YING CHEN journal article1210
22006Functions of the C-terminal region of chitinase chiCW from Bacillus cereus 28-9 in substrate-binding and hydrolysis of chitinCHAO-YING CHEN journal article3
32010Purification and characterization of Chitinase from a new species strain, pseudomonas sp. TKU008Wang, S.-L.; Lin, B.-S.; Liang, T.-W.; Wang, C.-L.; Wu, P.-C.; Liu, J.-R.; JE-RUEI LIU journal article2316
42008Synergistic interactions between chitinase ChiCW and fungicides against plant fungal pathogensCHAO-YING CHEN journal article12