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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12000Biosensor for detecting odorous compoundsLin C.-F. ; Wu T.-Z.; Hao O.J.; Lin Y.-C.; Rau Y.-R.Journal of Environmental Engineering 33
22006Charge reversal effect on blanket in full-scale floc blanket clarifierChen L.-C.; Lee D.-J. ; Chou S.-S.Journal of Environmental Engineering 55
32004Conditioning of wastewater sludge from science-based industrial park using freezing and thawingChang M.R.; Chiang L.I.; Lee D.J. ; Liu J.C.; Wu N.M.; Chen W.C.; Hsu B.M.Journal of Environmental Engineering 109
41997Continuous classification of moisture content in waste activated sludgesChen G.W.; Hung W.T.; Chang I.L.; Lee S.F.; Lee D.J. Journal of Environmental Engineering 6669
52004Control of vaporous naphthalene by scrubbing with surfactantsWu, C.-C.; Lee, W.-M.G.; WHEI-MAY LEE Journal of Environmental Engineering 82
62005Dual conditioning of sludge utilizing polyampholyteWang J.S.; Liu J.C.; Lee D.J. Journal of Environmental Engineering 1513
72003Floc characteristics and removal of turbidity and humic acid from high-turbidity storm waterAnnadurai G.; Sung S.S.; Lee D.J. Journal of Environmental Engineering 2119
81996Leaching characteristics of solidification system of C3A/CuOLin C.-F. ; Huang H.-W.Journal of Environmental Engineering 00
92005Lightweight aggregates from industrial sludge-marine clay mixesShow K.-Y.; Lee D.-J. ; Tay J.-H.; Hong S.-Y.; Chien C.-Y.Journal of Environmental Engineering 1416
101999Moisture distribution in sludge: Effects of polymer conditioningChu C.P.; Lee D.J. Journal of Environmental Engineering 5752
112002Simultaneous removal of naphthalene and sulfur dioxide using surfactantHuang, H.-L.; Lee, W.-M.G.; WHEI-MAY LEE Journal of Environmental Engineering 2217
122002Thermal treatment of waste activated sludge using liquid boilingChu C.P.; Lin W.W.; Lee D.J. ; Chang B.-V.; Peng X.F.Journal of Environmental Engineering 149
132000Thermogravimetric analysis of activated sludge flocculated with polyelectrolyteChu C.P.; Lee D.J. ; Chang C.Y.Journal of Environmental Engineering 54
141999Three stages of consolidation dewatering of sludgesChu C.P.; Lee D.J. Journal of Environmental Engineering 2423
152004Treating high-turbidity water using full-scale floc blanket clarifiersLin W.W.; Sung S.S.; Chen L.C.; Chung H.Y.; Wang C.C.; Wu R.M.; Lee D.J. ; Huang C.; Juang R.S.; Peng X.F.; Chang H.-L.Journal of Environmental Engineering 2019