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12004First-passage time of cyclization dynamics of a wormlike polymerChen, J.Z.Y.; Tsao, H.-K.; Sheng, Y.-J.; YU-JANE SHENG journal article1514
22004Fluctuation rheology using polymersWoon, W.Y; Lu, CYD.Woon, W.Y.; Lu, C.-Y.D.; Woon, W.Y; CHUN-YI,DAVID LU ; Lu, CYD.journal article00
31999Quasi-periodic vertical structures of dusty plasma crystalsChiueh, T.; Kuo, D.M.-T.; TZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article12
41996Self-organized criticality in the Bak-Sneppen modelNING-NING PANG journal article11
52005Unusual thickness-dependent thermal behavior due to molecular tilt coupling strength in free-standing 7O.7 thin filmsCHIH-YU CHAO journal article11