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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12007A dual band patch antenna design for WLAN and DSRC applications based on a genetic algorithm optimizationChou, H.-T.; Hou, Y.-C.; Liao, W.-J.; HSI-TSENG CHOU Electromagnetics 44
22005Applications of shielding techniques to enhance the antenna performance of mobile communications and reduce SAR induction in the human headHsiao, Y.U.-T.; Tuan, S.-C.; Chou, H.-T.; Wang, J.-S.; HSI-TSENG CHOU Electromagnetics 44
32007Extension of Gaussian beam techniques for the rapid analysis of electromagnetic radiation/scattering from dielectric reflector antennasTuan, S.-C.; Chou, H.-T.; HSI-TSENG CHOU Electromagnetics 11
42007Radiation performance improvement of microstrip antennas by a mounted horn and R-card for the car communication applicationsChou, H.-T.; Chung, C.-Y.; Hsiao, Y.-T.; HSI-TSENG CHOU Electromagnetics 01