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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12005Growth of InPSb on InAs inside a miscibility gap using gas source MBEG. Tsai; H. H. Lin; HAO-HSIUNG LIN OPT2005 
22005Numerical simulation on optical properties of GaN/AlN quantum dotsC. Y. Chen,; C. M. Lai,; H. H. Lin,; HAO-HSIUNG LIN OPT2005 
32005Optical biased contactless electroreflectance and surface photovoltage spectroscopy study of type-II GaAsSb/GaAs multiple quantum wellsH. P. Hsu,; Y. S. Huang,; P.W. Liu,; H. H. Lin,; K. K. Tiong,; HAO-HSIUNG LIN OPT2005 
42005Photoluminescence study on InAsSb/InAs multiple quantum well grown by molecular epitaxyP. W. Liu,; G. Tsai,; H. H. Lin,; T. Krier,; HAO-HSIUNG LIN OPT2005 
52005The photoluminescence spectrum study of different source growth GaAsSb/GaAs type II quantum wellG. L. Wang,; Y. S. Huang,; H. H. Lin,; C. H. Chan,; HAO-HSIUNG LIN OPT 2005