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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12002Design and implementation of a network application architecture for thin clientsKuo, Chia-Chen; Ting, Ping; Chen, Ming-Syan ; Chen, Jeng-Chunconference paper80
22001An efficient clustering algorithm for market basket data based on small large ratiosYun, Ching-Huang; Chuang, Kun-Ta; Chen, Ming-Syan conference paper330
32000Enlarged-maximum-scannable-groups for real-time disk scheduling in a multimedia systemChang, Hsung-Pin; Chang, Ray-I; Shih, Wei-Kuan; Chang, Ruei-Chuan; RAY-I CHANG conference paper
42002SIFA: a scalable file system with intelligent file allocationTsai, Hsiao-Ping; Huang, Jiun-Long; Chao, Cheng-Ming; Chen, Ming-Syan ; Liao, Cheenconference paper2
51998Using multi-attribute predicates for mining classification rulesMING-SYAN CHEN ; Chen, Ming-Syan conference paper00
62000Using pattern-join and purchase-combination for mining Web transaction patterns in an electronic commerce environmentYun, Ching-Huang; Chen, Ming-Syan conference paper300