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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12012Asynchronous Dynamics Spectrum AccessY.Y. Lin; K.C. Chen; KWANG-CHENG CHEN IEEE Transaction on Vehicular Technology 1313
22012Bounds and Exact Mean Node Degree and Node Isolation Probability in Heterogeneous Wireless Ad Hoc Networks with General FadingW.C. Ao; K.C. Chen; KWANG-CHENG CHEN IEEE Transaction on Vehicular Technology 1312
32011Cognitive Radio Networking and Communications: An OverviewY.C. Liang; K.C. Chen; J. Y. Li; P. Mahonen; KWANG-CHENG CHEN IEEE Transaction on Vehicular Technology 815678
41999On Multilevel Coded MPSK for the Rayleigh Fading Channel”Ruey-Yi Wei; Mao-Chao Lin; MAO-CHAO LIN IEEE Transaction on Vehicular Technology 00
52018Preamble sequence design for spectral compactness and initial synchronization in OFDMC.-D. Chung; W.-C. Chen; CHAR-DIR CHUNG IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 1414
62012Rate-reliability-delay Trade-off of Multipath Transmission Using Network CodingW.C. Ao; P.Y. Chen; K.C. Chen; KWANG-CHENG CHEN IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 64