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11992Aeromonas Hydrophila Fulminant Infection in Previous Healthy Patient-Two Cases ReportWEN-MING HSU中華民國重建整形外科醫學會雜誌 
21993Infected Median Sternotomy Wound in ChildrenING-SH CHIU 中華民國重建整形外科醫學會雜誌 
31997Mycobacterium Marinum TenosynovitisYIH-LEONG CHANG 中華民國重建整形外科醫學會雜誌 
41998Pseudomonas Osteomyelitis of the Foot Following Puncture Wound Cases Report and Literature ReviewWEN-MING HSU中華民國重建整形外科醫學會雜誌 
51996Reconstruction of Axillary Full-thickness Defect with Parascapular Fasciocutaneous FlapWEN-MING HSU中華民國重建整形外科醫學會雜誌 
61996Successful Management of Radiation Injury of Soft Tissue-A Case Report and Literature ReviewSHIH-HUNG YANG中華民國重建整形外科醫學會雜誌 
71999Vertical Reduction Mammaplasty Experience Using the Lejöur MethodWEN-MING HSU中華民國重建整形外科醫學會雜誌