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11976Fibrinogenolytic enzymes of Trimeresurus mucrosquamatus venomCHE-MING TENGBBA - Protein Structure 249237
21972Hemoglobin G Hsi-Tsou: β79 Asp→GlyCHUNG-LI WANG BBA - Protein Structure 220
31973Hemoglobin G Waimanalo: α64 Asp → AsnCHUNG-LI WANG BBA - Protein Structure 3021
41974Hemoglobin J meerut: α120 Ala→GluCHUNG-LI WANG BBA - Protein Structure 2522
51971Hemoglobin Ta-Li: β83 Gly→CysCHUNG-LI WANG BBA - Protein Structure 350
61972Purification and properties of the anticoagulant principle of agkistrodon acutus venomCHE-MING TENGBBA - Protein Structure 4453