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12019Hyperauthorship: A comparative study of genetics and high-energy physics researchYU-WEI CHANG ; MU-HSUAN HUANG ; MING-JANG CHIU journal article00
22019Evidences of Technological Advantage Gains: The Case of Mergers and Acquisitions in the Agrichemical IndustryCHUN-CHIEH WANG ; MU-HSUAN HUANG ; CHANG, YU-WEI conference paper00
32019One category, two communities: subfield differences in “Information Science and Library Science” in Journal Citation ReportsHuang, Mu-hsuan ; Shaw, Wang Ching; Lin, Chi Shiou journal article00
42019Do Long-term Patents Have a Higher Citation Impact?Dong, H.-R.; Chen, D.-Z. ; Huang, M.-H. Conference Paper00
52019Evidences of Technological Advantage Gains: The Case of Mergers and Acquisitions in the Agrichemical IndustryWang, C.-C.; Huang, M.-H. ; Chang, Y.-W.Conference Paper00
62018Multi-institutional authorship in genetics and high-energy physicsMU-HSUAN HUANG ; CHANG, YU-WEI journal article10
72018Factors of university–industry collaboration affecting university innovation performanceTseng, F.-C.; Huang, M.-H. ; Chen, D.-Z. Journal Article60
82018Knowledge spillover among semiconductor foundriesWang, C.-C.; Huang, M.-H. Conference Paper00
92018Missing links: Timing characteristics and their implications for capturing contemporaneous technological developmentsKuan, C.-H.; Huang, M.-H. ; Chen, D.-Z. Journal Article21
102018Tracking research performance before and after receiving the Cheung Kong Scholars award: A case study of recipients in 2005Liu, X.; Yu, M.; Chen, D.-Z. ; Huang, M.-H. Journal Article00
112018An analysis of global research funding from subject field and funding agencies perspectives in the G9 countriesHuang, M.-H. ; Huang, M.-J.Journal Article54
122018Classifying Patents by Tracing the Chronology of Patent Citation IncrementsLin, M.-C.; Huang, M.-H. ; Chen, D.-Z. Conference Paper00
132018Multi-institutional authorship in genetics and high-energy physicsHuang, M.-H. ; Chang, Y.-W. Journal Article10
142017Interaction between science and technology in the field of fuel cells based on patent paper analysisYU-WEI CHANG ; Yang, Hsiao Wen; MU-HSUAN HUANG journal article00
152017How can academic innovation performance in university–industry collaboration be improved?Huang, M.-H. ; Chen, D.-Z. Journal Article2010
162017Knowledge spillovers among semiconductor companies with different technology positions and with different roles in the industry chainWang, C.-C.; Huang, M.-H. Conference Paper0
172017Who does not maintain patents?Dong, H.-R.; Huang, M.-H. Conference Paper10
182017Exploring University–Industry Collaboration Trends in Computer Science: A Study on Hardware and Architecture and Software Engineering.Cheng, H.; Chen, C. T.; Wei, L. F.; Yen, C. L.; Huang, M. H. journal article00
192017Bibliometric analysis of acupuncture research fronts and their worldwide distribution over three decades.Fu, J. Y.; Zhang, X.; Zhao, Y. H.; Tong, H. F.; Chen, D. Z. ; Huang, M. H. journal article00
202017Interaction between science and technology in the field of fuel cells based on patent paper analysis.Chang, Y. W. ; Yang, H. W.; Huang, M. H. journal article
212017Strong ties and weak ties of the knowledge spillover network in the semiconductor industry.Wang, C. C.; Sung, H. Y.; Chen, D. Z. ; Huang, M. H. journal article1412
222016Analysis of coactivity in the field of fuel cells at institutional and individual levelsYU-WEI CHANG ; MU-HSUAN HUANG ; Yang, Hsiao Wenjournal article00
232016同儕審查的起源、研究現況與展望黃慕萱 ; 嚴竹蓮00
242016Analysis of coactivity in the field of fuel cells at institutional and individual levelsChang, Y.-W. ; Huang, M.-H. ; Yang, H.-W.Journal Article00
252016Technological evolution seen from the USPC reclassificationsWang, C.-C.; Sung, H.-Y.; Huang, M.-H. Journal Article22
262016The co-first and co-corresponding author phenomenon in the pharmacy and anesthesia journalsHuang, M.-H. ; Hsieh, H.-T.; Lin, C.-S.Journal Article00
272016The Effects of Research Resources on International Collaboration Networking in the Astronomy Community.Chang, H. W.; Huang, M. H. journal article42
282016A comparative study on three citation windows for detecting research fronts.Huang, M. H ; Chang, C. P.journal article21
292016Measuring companies’ innovative performances and competence positions based on their active patents.Huang, M. H. ; Lin, C. C.; Chen, D. Z. conference paper
302016Comparative Study of Trace Metrics between Bibliometrics and PatentometricsYe, F. Y.; Huang, M. H. ; Chen, D. Z. journal article
312016How can academic innovation performance in university-industry collaboration be improved?Huang, M. H. ; Chen, D. Z.journal article
322016Technological evolution seen from the USPC reclassifications.?Wang, C. C.; Sung, H. Y.; Huang, M. H. journal article
332016Who Does Not Maintain Patents? In KocaogluDong, H. R.; Huang, M. H. conference paper
342016The Co-First and Co-Corresponding Author Phenomenonin the Pharmacy and Anesthesia JournalsHuang, M. H ; Hsieh, H. T.; Lin, C. S. Conference Paper
352015Using the comprehensive patent citation network (CPC) to evaluate patent valueMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article118
362015Prevention of hepatitis BMU-HSUAN HUANG ; MEI-HWEI CHANG ; CHUN-CHIEH WANG; DING-SHINN CHEN journal article2319
372015Evolution of research subjects in library and information science based on keyword, bibliographical coupling, and co-citation analysesMU-HSUAN HUANG ; YU-WEI CHANG journal article3229
382015A study of research collaboration in the pre-web and post-web stages: A coauthorship analysis of the information systems disciplineMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article87
392015Measuring technological performance of assignees using trace metrics in three fieldsMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article13
402015Industry–academia collaboration in fuel cells: a perspective from paper and patent analysisMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article78
412015Increasing science and technology linkage in fuel cells: A cross citation analysis of papers and patentsMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article86
422015Measuring science-based science linkage and non-science-based linkage of patents through non-patent referencesMU-HSUAN HUANG ; CHUN-CHIEH WANG journal article75
432015A comparative study on detecting research fronts in the organic light-emitting diode (OLED) field using bibliographic coupling and co-citationMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article74
442014Technological impact factor: An indicator to measure the impact of academic publications on practical innovationMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article75
452014The longitudinal study of highly-impact-technology enterprises in the ICT industry: A social network perspectiveMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article11
462014International collaboration development in nanotechnology: A perspective of patent network analysisMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article2222
472014Influences of counting methods on country rankings: A perspective from patent analysisMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article74
482014Positioning and shifting of technology focus for integrated device manufacturers by patent perspectivesMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article21
492014A comparative study of patent counts by the inventor country and the assignee countryMU-HSUAN HUANG ; CHUN-CHIEH WANG journal article33
502014The greater scattering phenomenon beyond bradford's law in patent citationMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article32
512014Exploring temporal relationships between scientific and technical fronts: A case of biotechnology fieldMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article119
522014Detecting technological originality through cross-domain knowledge in companyMU-HSUAN HUANG conference paper0
532014Cohesive subgroups in the international collaboration network in astronomy and astrophysicsMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article24
542014Analyzing Taiwan's patenting performance: Comparing us patents and triadic patent familiesMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article00
552014Detecting research fronts in OLED field using bibliographic coupling with sliding windowMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article1611
562013燃料電池領域論文與專利之科學計量分析黃慕萱 ; 楊曉雯journal article00
572013The unbalanced performance and regional differences in scientific and technological collaboration in the field of solar cellsMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article1210
582013Uses unexpired patent to re-evaluate innovation performance by h-index and h-core indicatorsMU-HSUAN HUANG conference paper1
592013數位典藏網站評估-以網路連結與網站記錄分析黃慕萱 ; 王俊傑 journal article00
602013Performance evaluation of best universities in mainland China based on ESICao, Y.; Tong, H.; Zhang, X.; Chen, D. ; Huang, M. Journal Article00
612013The influences of counting methods on university rankings based on paper count and citation countMU-HSUAN HUANG ; CHI-SHIOU LIN journal article2321
622013The patterns of industryuniversity- government collaboration in photovoltaic technologyMU-HSUAN HUANG conference paper1
632013Identifying longitudinal development and emerging topics in wind energy fieldMU-HSUAN HUANG conference paper0
642013Exploring patent performance and technology interactions of universities, industries, governments and individualsMU-HSUAN HUANG ; CHUN-CHIEH WANG journal article76
652013A Scientometric Study of Fuel Cell Based on Paper and Patent Analysis黃慕萱 ; 楊曉雯(Hsiao-Wen Yang)journal article00
662013A probe into dynamic measures for h-core and h-tailMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article45
672013Technological collaboration patterns in solar cell industry based on patent inventors and assignees analysisMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article3125
682013Prominent institutions in international collaboration network in astronomy and astrophysicsMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article1312
692013Cross-field evaluation of publications of research institutes using their contributions to the fields' MVPs determined by h-indexMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article22
702013Driving factors of external funding and funding effects on academic innovation performance in university-industry-government linkagesMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article48
712013Capturing and tracking performance of patent portfolio using h-complement area centroidMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article44
722013Exploring technology evolution and transition characteristics of leading countries: A case of fuel cell fieldMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article66
732013Erratum: Citation patterns of the pre-web and web-prevalent environments: The moderating effects of domain knowledge (Journal of the American society for information science and technology (2012) 63: 11 (2182-2194) DOI: 10.1002/asi.22710)Wu, L.-L.; Huang, M.-H. ; Chen, C.-Y.Other00
742012The trend of concentration in scientific research and technological innovation: A reduction of the predominant role of the U.S. in world research & technologyMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article1716
752012A Two-Dimensional Approach to Performance Evaluation for a Large Number of Research InstitutionsKuan, Chung-Huei; Huang, Mu-Hsuan ; Chen, Dar-Zen journal article03
762012An analysis of innovation competitiveness of China through patent analysisLei, X.-P.; Chen, D.-Z. ; Huang, M.-H. ; Zhao, Z.-Y.; Zhang, X.; Zheng, J.; Zhao, Y.-H.; Zhang, Z.-Y.; Liu, R.-S.Journal Article11
772012Citation patterns of the pre-web and web-prevalent environments: The moderating effects of domain knowledgeWu, L.-L.; Huang, M.-H. ; Chen, C.-Y.Journal Article54
782012What drives external funding to university and how funding effects academic innovation performance in UIG collaborationChen, S.-H.; Huang, M.-H. ; Chen, D.-Z. Conference Paper00
792012Globalization of collaborative creativity through cross-border patent activitiesMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article88
802012The influence of journal self-citations on journal impact factor and immediacy indexMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article1715
812012Locating the key competitors: A new tool for technology managerMU-HSUAN HUANG conference paper10
822012Opening the black box of QS world university rankingsMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article2017
832012Technology forecasting via published patent applications and patent grantsMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article21
842012The relationship between co-authorship, currency of references and author self-citationsMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article1010
852012The relationships between the patent performance and corporation performanceMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article3025
862012Identifying and visualizing technology evolution: A case study of smart grid technologyMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article4233
872012中國高校論文產出的基尼係數研究黃慕萱 journal article
882012A study of the evolution of interdisciplinarity in library and information science: Using three bibliometric methodsMU-HSUAN HUANG ; YU-WEI CHANG journal article5548
892012A comparative study of interdisciplinary changes between information science and library scienceMU-HSUAN HUANG ; YU-WEI CHANG journal article1919
902012A study of technological collaboration in solar cell industry using patent analysisMU-HSUAN HUANG conference paper2
912012Scientific production and citation impact: A bibliometric analysis in acupuncture over three decadesMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article139
922012International scientific and technological collaboration of China from 2004 to 2008: A perspective from paper and patent analysisMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article2824
932012The inventive activities and collaboration pattern of university-industry-government in China based on patent analysisMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article3027
942012Global performance of traditional Chinese medicine over three decadesMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article1613
952012Evolution of technology fronts in organic solar cellsMU-HSUAN HUANG conference paper0
962012Exploring the h-index at the institutional level: A practical application in world university rankingsMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article1412
972012The Evolution of Knowledge Spillover and Company cluster in Semiconductor IndustryMU-HSUAN HUANG ; CHUN-CHIEH WANG journal article30
982012Detecting the temporal gaps of technology fronts: A case study of smart grid fieldMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article1816
992012經濟學者及社會學者引用文獻特性及學術表現之研究黃慕萱 journal article0
1002011Visualization of the technology evolution in smart gridMU-HSUAN HUANG conference paper4
1012011Counting Methods, Country Rank Changes, and Counting Inflation in the Assessment of National Research Productivity and ImpactHuang, Mu-Hsuan ; Lin, Chi-Shiou ; Chen, Dar-Zen journal article3329
1022011Semiconductor industry value chain: characters' technology evolutionLi, Yung-Ta; Huang, Mu-Hsuan ; Chen, Dar-Zen journal article1410
10320112011年臺灣理工醫農領域ESI論文統計結果黃慕萱 Journal Article00
1042011世界大學科研論文質量評比與其他排名系統比較黃慕萱 Journal Article00
1052011Technology manager's radar screen: Monitoring competitors' innovation performanceMU-HSUAN HUANG conference paper00
1062011Probing the effect of author self-citations on h index: A case study of environmental engineeringMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article1715
1072011Patents are not patents only: Turning point of characters in the semiconductor industryMU-HSUAN HUANG conference paper00
1082011International technological collaboration of China from 2004 to 2008 based on patent analysisMU-HSUAN HUANG conference paper0
1092011Identifying missing relevant patent citation links by using bibliographic coupling in LED illuminating technologyMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article2219
1102011Ranking patent assignee performance by h-index and shape descriptorsMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article2016
1112011Positioning research and innovation performance using shape centroids of h-core and h-tailMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article1615
1122011Identify technology main paths by adding missing citations using bibliographic coupling and co-citation methods in photovoltaicsMU-HSUAN HUANG conference paper1
1132011Relation between Technology and Science: A Perspective of Patent and Paper ProductionMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article1
1142011Inequality of Publishing Performance and International Collaboration in PhysicsHuang, Mu-Hsuan ; Tang, Muh-Chyun ; Chen, Dar-Zen journal article66
1152011Industry evolution and key technologies in China based on patent analysisZheng, Jia; Zhao, Zhi-yun; Zhang, Xu; Chen, Dar-zen ; Huang, Mu-hsuan ; Lei, Xiao-ping; Zhang, Ze-yu; Zhao, Yun-hua; Liu, Run-shengjournal article109
1162011Bibliometric analysis of complementary and alternative medicine research over three decadesFu, Jun-Ying; Zhang, Xu; Zhao, Yun-Hua; Huang, Mu-Hsuan ; Chen, Dar-Zen journal article1213
1172011A citation analysis of western journals cited in taiwan's library and information science and history research journals: From a research evaluation perspectiveMU-HSUAN HUANG ; CHI-SHIOU LIN journal article63
1182011A Comparison of Three Major Academic Rankings for World Universities: From a Research Evaluation PerspectiveHuang, Mu-hsuan journal article00
1192011A study of interdisciplinarity in information science: Using direct citation and co-authorship analysisMU-HSUAN HUANG ; YU-WEI CHANG journal article2928
1202011The technological linkage of four-posited semiconductor companies with alliance and non-alliance partnerMU-HSUAN HUANG ; CHUN-CHIEH WANG conference paper00
1212011Evolution of technology dependence among leading semiconductor companiesWang, Chun-chieh ; Huang, Mu-hsuan ; Chen, Dar-zen journal article65
1222011Counting methods & University ranking by H-indexMU-HSUAN HUANG ; CHI-SHIOU LIN conference paper40
1232011Characteristics of technology dependence in semiconductor technological alliance companiesMU-HSUAN HUANG conference paper0
1242010A Comparative Analysis of the Application of H-index, G-index, and A-index in Institutional-Level Research EvaluationHuang, Mu-hsuan ; Chi, Pei-shanjournal article00
12520102010年臺灣ESI論文統計結果黃慕萱 Journal Article00
1262010ESI資料庫統計大學論文之問題與說明黃慕萱 Journal Article00
1272010International collaboration and counting inflation in assessment of research impact at country levelMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article00
1282010Is Foundry only a capacity provider still?: Relations of role playing for semiconductor industry value chain by patent analysisMU-HSUAN HUANG conference paper13
1292010Performance evaluation of universities in China based on ESI databaseMU-HSUAN HUANG conference paper4
1302010The evolution of knowledge spillover and assignee cluster in semiconductor industryMU-HSUAN HUANG conference paper0
1312010On the concentration of productivity and impact in science and technologyMU-HSUAN HUANG conference paper20
1322010Industry and technology development in china from 2003 to 2008: A perspective from patent classification analysisMU-HSUAN HUANG conference paper0
1332010International collaboration and counting inflation in the assessment of national research productivityHuang, Mu-hsuan ; Lin, Chi-Shiou conference paper
1342010Imbalanced phenomenon of regional research performance in mainland ChinaMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article0
1352010International technology diffusion in computers & communications fieldCheng, P.H.; MU-HSUAN HUANG ; Yang, T.H.; CHUN-CHIEH WANG ; Yang, C.H.; Lin, G.H.; Lai, F.; Chen, C.L.; Lee, H.H.; Sun, Y.S.; Lai, J.S.; Chen, S.J.; 鄭伯壎 ; 陳少傑 ; 賴金鑫 ; 賴飛羆 conference paper10
1362010專利品質及公司技術強度之評估方法及其儲存媒體物陳達仁 ; 黃慕萱 patent
1372010從臺灣學者引文角度看歷史學期刊及學者之評鑑黃慕萱 journal article
1382010A study of collaborations in solar cell science and technologyMU-HSUAN HUANG conference paper40
1392010International collaboration and counting inflation in the assessment of national research productivityMU-HSUAN HUANG ; CHI-SHIOU LIN journal article50
1402010An analysis for Chinese patent competitiveness, through the USPTO database in 2008MU-HSUAN HUANG conference paper2
1412010Evaluation and comparison of universities in China Mainland and TaiwanMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article0
1422009Patent Bibliometric Performance Measure: A Modified Citation Rate Analysis with Dynamic Citation WindowsChen, Dar-Zen ; Lin, Chang-Pin; Huang, Mu-Hsuan ; Huang, Chen-Yujournal article
14320092009華人四地世界大學科研論文質量評比分析黃慕萱 Journal Article00
1442009揭開泰晤士報排名的黑盒子黃慕萱 Journal Article00
14520092009年臺灣ESI論文統計結果黃慕萱 Journal Article00
1462009圖書資訊學期刊評比之研究黃慕萱 ; 黃毅志journal article
1472009專利資訊檢索、分析與策略陳達仁 ; 黃慕萱 book
1482009Constructing a new patent bibliometric performance measure by using modified citation rate analyses with dynamic backward citation windowsChen, Dar-Zen ; Lin, Chang-Pin; Huang, Mu-Hsuan ; Huang, Chen-Yujournal article99
1492009圖書資訊學知識來源與知識擴散指標之研究黃慕萱 ; 何蕙菩journal article
1502009圖書資訊學門國科會專題研究計畫之書目計量分析黃慕萱 ; 賴麗香journal article0
1512008從臺灣學者引文角度看圖書資訊學期刊及學者之評鑑黃慕萱 journal article00
1522008專利管理與策略陳達仁 ; 黃慕萱 book
1532008圖書資訊學研究領域變遷、科際整合與知識創新擴散之研究 (新制多年期第1年)黃慕萱 report
1542008數位典藏網站評估之研究:應用網路計量學與過程紀錄分析觀點黃慕萱 report
1552008台灣學術研究競爭力分析黃慕萱 report
1562008社會科學者學術評鑑之研究:以經濟學者與社會學者為例 (2/2)黃慕萱 report
15720082008年臺灣ESI論文統計結果黃慕萱 Journal Article00
1582008淺談專利品質指標黃慕萱 ; 陳怡蓁Journal Article
1592008統計小辭典-h-index指標黃慕萱 Journal Article00
1602008納入規模考量:2008年大學科研論文成效評比改進方案研議黃慕萱 journal article00
1612008世界大學科研論文質量評比的運用與限制黃慕萱 journal article
16220082008年華人四地世界大學科研論文質量評比分析黃慕萱 journal article
16320082008年台灣ESI論文統計結果黃慕萱 journal article
1642008追求「華人頂尖、世界一流」從學術評鑑看臺大的表現黃慕萱 journal article
1652008H-index在大學層級學術評估之應用黃慕萱 journal article00
16620082008世界大學科研論文質量評比計畫黃慕萱 report
1672008國內教育學門(含體育學、圖書資訊學領域)學術期刊評比研究黃毅志; 洪聰敏; 黃慕萱 ; 鄭燿男report
1682008ESI論文統計分析(2/2)黃慕萱 report
1692008電腦科學領域高被引文章與一般文章之書目計量比較分析黃慕萱 journal article
1702008華人四地大學研究競爭力分析黃慕萱 journal article
17120082008年國內教育學門(含體育、圖書資訊領域)期刊評比之研究黃毅志; 洪聰敏; 黃慕萱 ; 鄭燿男journal article
1722008華人四地學術研究競爭分析黃慕萱 journal article
1732008Characteristics of research output in social sciences and humanities: From a research evaluation perspectiveHuang, Mu-Hsuan ; Chang, Yu-Wei journal article10897
1742007圖書資訊學知識來源與知識擴散學科之研究黃慕萱 ; 何蕙菩journal article
1752007從專利觀點比較台灣與南韓技術創新能力王俊傑 ; 陳達仁 ; 黃慕萱 journal article
1762007Using Essential Patent Index and Essential Technological Strength to evaluate industrial technological innovation competitivenessMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article3623
1772007中國大陸篇 崛起中的競爭對手黃慕萱 Journal Article00
1782007港新篇 在穩固基礎上追求學術卓越黃慕萱 Journal Article00
1792007臺灣篇 迎向世界一流大學的挑戰黃慕萱 Journal Article00
1802007跨國比較篇 華人四地學術研究競爭誰出線?黃慕萱 Journal Article00
1812007Innovative capacity evaluation of main countries based on patent analysisMU-HSUAN HUANG conference paper0
1822007<港新篇>在穩固基礎上追求學術卓越黃慕萱 journal article
1832007<工具介紹篇>解讀ESI基本科學指標黃慕萱 journal article
1842007<中國篇>崛起的競爭對手黃慕萱 journal article
1852007<結果篇>擇優公佈國內前20%大學名單黃慕萱 journal article
1862007<台灣篇>迎向世界一流大學的挑戰黃慕萱 journal article
1872007從專利觀點比較台灣與南韓技術創新能力(1987-2006)陳達仁 ; 王俊傑 ; 黃慕萱 journal article
1882007教育學門國際期刊評比之研究楊深坑; 鄭勝耀; 馬信行; 黃慕萱 ; 謝伸裕; 楊正誠journal article
1892007ESI論文統計分析(1/2)黃慕萱 report
1902007教育學門(含體育學、圖書資訊學領域)熱門及前瞻學術研究議題調查規劃案(3/3)潘慧玲; 謝文全; 謝伸裕; 黃慕萱 ; 方永泉report
1912007智慧財產價值分析系統-智慧財產價值評估指標之建立與分析(3/3)陳達仁; 黃慕萱 report
19220072007世界大學科研論文質量評比計畫黃慕萱 report
1932007結果篇:擇優公布國內前20%大學名單黃慕萱 journal article
1942007<跨國比較篇>華人四地學術研究競爭誰出線?黃慕萱 journal article
1952006人文社會學者學術評鑑指標之探討黃慕萱 ; 張郁蔚 journal article00
1962006從專利引用網路探討我國資訊電子業公司研發領域之變遷黃慕萱 ; 蔣禮芸journal article
19720061995至2004年圖書資訊學門研究計畫成果書目計量分析黃慕萱 ; 賴麗香conference paper
1982006從專利引用網路探討我國資訊電子公司研發領域之變遷黃慕萱 ; 蔣禮芸journal article
1992006Research evaluation of research-oriented universities in Taiwan from 1993 to 2003MU-HSUAN HUANG journal article3026
2002006教育學門(含體育學、圖書資訊學領域)熱門及前瞻學術研究議題調查規劃案(2/3)潘慧玲; 謝文全; 謝伸裕; 黃慕萱 ; 方永泉report
2012006智慧財產價值分析系統-智慧財產價值評估指標之建立與分析(2/3)陳達仁; 黃慕萱 report
2022006數位典藏與人機互動趨勢(1/2)黃慕萱 report
2032006社會科學者學術評鑑之研究:以經濟學者與社會學者為例 (1/2)黃慕萱 report
2042006教育學門(含體育學、圖書資訊學領域)國際期刊評比之研究楊深坑; 馬信行; 謝坤裕; 黃慕萱 ; 鄭勝耀report
2052006人文學領域學術評鑑方式之探討(3/3)黃慕萱 report
2062005Research impact on genetic engineering research - Patent citation analysisSZU-CHIA LO ; MU-HSUAN HUANG conference paper00
2072005從專利引用與技術分類探討美國高科技公司之發展歷程與趨勢黃慕萱 report
2082005Web performance scaleHuang, M. H. Journal Article3448
2092005Research impact on genetic engineering research - Patent citation analysisMU-HSUAN HUANG conference paper0
2102005Research evaluation of research-oriented universities in TaiwanMU-HSUAN HUANG conference paper1
2112005由專利技術分佈看台灣重點經濟產業之發展歷程陳達仁 ; 張瀚文; 黃慕萱 ; 傅豐誠journal article; journal article00
2122005智慧財產價值分析系統-智慧財產價值評估指標之建立與分析(1/3)陳達仁; 黃慕萱 report
2132005人文學領域學術評鑑方式之探討(2/3)黃慕萱 report
2142005教育學門(含體育學、圖書資訊學領域)熱門及前瞻學術研究議題調查規劃案(1/3)潘慧玲; 謝文全; 謝伸裕; 黃慕萱 ; 方永泉report
2152005Core technologies and key industries in Taiwan from 1978 to 2002: A perspective from patent analysisMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article3331
2162005國內七所研究型大學論文發表概況分析黃慕萱 journal article0
2172004從美國專利看台灣企業科技創新競爭力陳達仁 ; 黃慕萱 ; 楊牧民journal article
2182004遺傳工程學之專利計量學研究黃慕萱 report
2192004圖書資訊學研究計畫成果發表會黃慕萱 report
2202004資訊需求者與計畫檢索者檢索詞彙之比較分析黃慕萱 journal article0
2212004書目計量與學術評鑑—國內七所研究型大學文獻發表概況分析黃慕萱 conference paper
2222004國小高年級學生網路資訊尋求行為之研究黃慕萱 ; 翁婉真journal article
2232004Value-added ERP information into information goods: an economic analysisHuang, M. H. ; Wang, Y. C.; Yu, S. T.; Chiu, C. C.Journal Article2717
2242004專利資料庫介紹黃慕萱 journal article
2252004人文學領域學術評鑑方式之探討(1/3)黃慕萱 report
2262004資訊需求者與計劃檢索者檢索概念之分析比較黃慕萱 book
2272004The influence of document presentation order and number of documents judged on users' judgments of relevanceMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article2416
2282004從研究產出探討人文社會學者學術評鑑之特性黃慕萱 ; 張郁蔚 journal article0
2292003資訊需求者與計畫檢索者問題分類之比較分析黃慕萱 journal article
2302003從小學生的資訊需求和資訊尋求行為看資訊網路內容的選擇和介面的設計 III黃慕萱 report
2312003各國專利合報比較之研究黃慕萱 journal article
2322003我國資訊電子業公司專利引用網路之研究-1998年至2000年黃慕萱 ; 蔣禮芸; 陳達仁 journal article
2332003檢視台灣企業創新能量排行榜:專利核准量與影響力分析陳達仁 ; 黃慕萱 ; 林雯瑤journal article
2342003Pausal behavior of end-users in online searchingHuang, M.-H. Journal Article44
2352003資訊尋求者與計畫檢索者問題分類之比較分析黃慕萱 journal article
2362003我國高科技公司專利引用網路之研究—1998年至2000年黃慕萱 ; 蔣禮芸; 陳達仁journal article
2372003從專利計量的觀點評估國家科技競爭力黃慕萱 ; 陳達仁 ; 張瀚文journal article
2382003我國高科技業公司專利引用網路之研究-1998至2000年黃慕萱 journal article
2392003檢視台灣企業創新能量排行榜—以專利核准量與影響歷來評估陳達仁 ; 黃慕萱 ; 林雯瑤journal article
2402003Constructing a patent citation map using bibliographic coupling: A study of Taiwan's high-tech companiesMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article5041
2412002詞彙選用之決策樹與心智模型之研究—以台灣大學學生檢索PsycLIT 光碟資料庫為例黃慕萱 journal article00
2422002資訊社會與終身學習─從小學生的資訊需求和資訊尋求看資訊網路內容的選擇和介面的設計(II)黃慕萱 report
2432002各國專利公報比較之研究陳達仁 ; 黃慕萱 ; 蔣禮芸; 李秀朗journal article
2442002知識管理與教育效能之提升黃慕萱 journal article
2452002國小學生的資訊需求研究黃慕萱 journal article
2462002詞彙選用之決策樹與心智模型之研究-以台灣大學學生檢索PsycLIT光碟資料庫為例黃慕萱 journal article00
2472002詞彙選用之決策樹與心智模型之研究-以台灣大學學生檢索PsycLIT光碟資料庫為例黃慕萱 journal article00
2482001終端使用者詞彙選用與概念一致性之研究──以台灣大學學生使用PsycLIT光碟資料庫為例黃慕萱 journal article00
2492001資訊社會與終身學習─從小學生的資訊需求和資訊尋求看資訊網路內容的選擇和介面的設計(I)黃慕萱 report
2502001圖書資訊學概論賴鼎銘; 黃慕萱 ; 吳美美; 林珊如 book
2512001終端使用者詞彙選用與概念一致性之研究-以台灣大學學生使用PsycLIT光碟資料庫?例黃慕萱 journal article00
2522001成人讀者之資訊需求行為黃慕萱 journal article
2532000影響個人心智模型之因素初探黃慕萱 journal article00
2542000檢索問題、檢索詞彙、及心智模型對資訊尋求和資訊檢索之影響研究(Ⅲ)黃慕萱 report
2552000終端使用者之詞彙選擇與心智模型之研究黃慕萱 journal article
2562000終端使用者之辭彙選擇與心智模型研究黃慕萱 journal article
2572000檢索背景對檢索技巧及檢索結果之影響黃慕萱 journal article
2581999書目選擇行為之研究—以國立台灣大學教職員生為例黃慕萱 journal article00
2591999數位圖書館/博物館評鑑指標建構探討吳美美; 林珊如 ; 黃慕萱 ; 葉乃靜journal article0
2601999數位博物館專案先導計畫-系統評估規範黃慕萱 report
2611999檢索問題對資訊尋求和資訊檢索之影響黃慕萱 ; 陳明君journal article
2621999檢索問題、檢索詞彙、及心智模型對資訊尋求和資訊檢索之影響研究(2/2)黃慕萱 report
2631999書目選擇行為之研究—以國立台灣大學教職員生為例黃慕萱 journal article00
2641999數位圖書館/博物館評鑑指標建構探討黃慕萱 ; 林珊如 journal article00
2651999圖書館學系核心課程之規劃研究陳雪華 ; 黃慕萱 ; 林珊如 ; 陳光華 ; 黃麗虹journal article
2661998停頓行為探討─以國立台灣大學之終端使用者為例黃慕萱 journal article00
2671998檢索問題,檢索辭彙,及心智模型對資訊尋求和資訊檢索之影響研究(I)黃慕萱 report
2681998圖書資訊相關學系核心課程之規劃研究陳雪華 ; 黃慕萱 ; 林珊如 ; 陳光華 ; 黃麗虹journal article
2691998修改行為探討:以國立台灣大學之終端使用者為例黃慕萱 journal article
2701997資訊檢索中「相關」概念之發展黃慕萱 journal article00
2711997書目選擇行為之探討(II)黃慕萱 report
2721997錯誤行為分析─以國立台灣大學之終端使用者為例黃慕萱 journal article
2731997資訊需求者之相關判斷結果分析黃慕萱 journal article
2741996線上檢索指令分析─以國立臺灣大學之終端使用者為例黃慕萱 journal article
2751996全國圖書資訊事業之規劃─終端使用者之線上資訊尋求行為分析黃慕萱 report
2761996書目選擇行為之探討黃慕萱 report
2771996檢索策略與檢索技巧在資訊檢索上之應用黃慕萱 journal article
2781996終端使用者之檢索類型變化研究黃慕萱 journal article
2791996終端使用者之線上資訊尋求行為分析黃慕萱 report
2801996線上檢索指令分析-以國立臺灣大學之終端使用者為例黃慕萱 journal article00
2811996資訊檢索之五大基本概念探討黃慕萱 journal article
2821995終端使用者之停頓行為分析黃慕萱 journal article00
2831994情境模式在解釋資訊尋求行為之適用性黃慕萱 journal article00
2841994終端使用者在線上來檢索時的錯誤行為分析黃慕萱 report
2851994情境模式在解釋資訊尋求行為之適用性探討黃慕萱 journal article00
2861993圖形索引典及文字索引典在協助讀者列舉查詢詞彙的績效評估與比較黃慕萱 journal article00