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12019Bibliographic analysis of scholarly publications in the emerging field of digital humanities in Taiwan.Chen, K.-H. ; Tang, M.-C. Book Chapter
22018The development and validation of “preference diversity” and “openness to novelty” scales for movie goersMUH-CHYUN TANG ; Chang, Mei Mei; Lin, Sung Chienconference paper10
32018Serendipity with music streaming services: The mediating role of user and task characteristicsChang, Ying Han; MUH-CHYUN TANG conference paper20
42017A longitudinal study of intellectual cohesion in digital humanities using bibliometric analysesMUH-CHYUN TANG ; YUN-JEN CHENG; KUANG-HUA CHEN journal article56
52017使用者偏好屬性對音樂發掘工具效能的影響─以Spotify音樂串流服務為例唐牧群 ; 楊莽原journal article00
62017Not all books in the user profile are created equal: Measuring the preference “representativeness” of books in aNobii online bookshelvesMUH-CHYUN TANG ; Hsiao, Tzu Kun; Ou, I. Anconference paper00
72017A cross-language co-word network comparison of Buddhist literature in Digital Library and Museum of Buddhist studyTang, M.-C. ; Chen, K.-H. Conference Paper
82016The effect of online word of mouth on fantasy readers' preference stability: The moderating role of involvement and knowledgeMUH-CHYUN TANG journal article21
92016社會導覽工具評估之研究: 以亞馬遜網路書店為例唐牧群 ; 謝伊柔journal article
102016A Study of Knowledge Integration in Digital Humanities Based on Bibliographic Analysis.Tang, Muh-Chyun ; Cheng, Yun Jen; Chen, Kuang-hua ; Hsiang, Jiehconference paper
112015Exploring alternative metrics of scholarly performance in the social sciences and humanities in taiwanKUANG-HUA CHEN ; MUH-CHYUN TANG ; Wang, Chunmei; JIEH HSIANG journal article1812
122015A longitudinal Analysis of Knowledge Integration in Digital Humanities Using Co-Citation AnalysisMUH-CHYUN TANG ; Cheng, Y. J.; Chen, K. H. ; Hsiang, J. conference paper
132014從碩士論文口試委員探討臺灣圖書資訊學界社會網路及研究主題多樣性董采維; 唐牧群 JournalArticle00
142014Evaluating books finding tools on social media: A case study of aNobiiMUH-CHYUN TANG journal article108
152014Exploring the impact of users' preference diversity on recommender system performanceMUH-CHYUN TANG conference paper00
162013The estimation of aNobii users' reading diversity using book co-ownership data: A social analytical approachMUH-CHYUN TANG conference paper20
172013A study of the influence of task familiarity on user behaviors and performance with a MeSH term suggestion interface for PubMed bibliographic searchMUH-CHYUN TANG journal article74
182012從透鏡模式探討影響讀者尋書滿意度之因素─ 以 aNobii 為例謝宜瑾; 唐牧群 JournalArticle
192012Exploring alternative cyberbibliometrics for evaluation of scholarly performance in the social sciences and humanities in TaiwanMUH-CHYUN TANG ; JIEH HSIANG ; KUANG-HUA CHEN journal article70
202012A user study of the effectiveness of MAP (Multiple-Access to pubmed): A MeSH based query suggestion toolMUH-CHYUN TANG journal article
212012Exploring evaluation criteria of social navigational tools on social media: A case study of aNobiiMUH-CHYUN TANG conference paper00
222012評估以MeSH做為PubMed資料庫搜尋之建議詞彙的有效性及檢索行為研究唐牧群 ; 洪承理journal article
232011傳播學領域研究生研究歷程中之資訊尋求行為Chen, Shih-Chuan; Tang, Muh-Chyun journal article00
242011Inequality of Publishing Performance and International Collaboration in PhysicsHuang, Mu-Hsuan ; Tang, Muh-Chyun ; Chen, Dar-Zen journal article66
252011An evaluation of a faceted structure for book tagging: An experimental studyMUH-CHYUN TANG journal article
262011層面分類結構應用於圖書作品標記之研究唐牧群 ; 陳怡蓁journal article
272010跨領域學術社群之智識網絡結構初探:以臺灣科技與社會研究為例袁大鈺; 唐牧群 journal article00
282010Assessing the affective impact of social navigation tools in facilitating exploratory searchWu, Wan Ching; MUH-CHYUN TANG poster00
292010Assessing the affective impact of social navigation tools in facilitating exploratory searchMUH-CHYUN TANG journal article00
302010Could Social Tags be Enhanced with a Faceted Structure? : An Experimental Study on Book TaggingMUH-CHYUN TANG ; Chen, Yi-Chenposter
312010網路書櫃使用者休閒閱讀之瀏覽尋書行為研究唐牧群 conference paper
322009由透鏡理論看大學圖書館讀者選書決策過程唐牧群 ; 吳宛青journal article00
332009A study of academic library users' decision-making process: a Lens model approachMUH-CHYUN TANG journal article43
342009Evaluating a Metadata-based Term Suggestion Interface for PubMed with Real Users with Real RequestsTang, Muh-Chyun ; Wu, Wan-Ching; Hung, Bang-Woeiconference paper20
352008設計以MeSH做為PubMed搜尋 詞彙建議工具的介面及其使用者研究唐牧群 report
362008佛學數位圖書館詞彙建議介面之評估研究唐牧群 ; 鄧雅文; 鄭瑋 ; 謝宜瑾journal article
372008Evaluation of a term suggestion interface for the digital library of Buddhist Studies唐牧群 ; 鄭瑋 ; 鄧雅文; 謝宜瑾journal article
382007Browsing and searching in a faceted information space: A naturalistic study of PubMed users' interaction with a display toolMUH-CHYUN TANG journal article1714
392007Browsing and searching in a faceted information space: A naturalistic study of PubMed users' interaction with a display toolMUH-CHYUN TANG journal article1714
402007Exploring the interaction effects between search tasks and interfaces.Tang, Muh-Chyun ; Huang, Kuo-Tingconference paper
412006Multiple Accesses to PubMed: A proposed user study of term suggestion tools for PubMedMUH-CHYUN TANG poster
422005Representational practices in digital museums: A case study of the National Digital Museum Project of TaiwanMUH-CHYUN TANG journal article05
432004An investigation of a query term elicitation technique using faceted query boxesMUH-CHYUN TANG ; Ying, Nicholas Belkinposter
442004Human versus machine in the topic distillation taskMUH-CHYUN TANG conference paper
452003Display of cultural materials online: a study of representational schemes for pictorial informationMUH-CHYUN TANG conference paper
462003Query Length in Interactive Information RetrievalMUH-CHYUN TANG journal article
472003Evaluation of web-based search engines using user-effort measuresMUH-CHYUN TANG journal article
482003Visual containment of cultural forms: An examination of visual epistemologies and scopic regimesMUH-CHYUN TANG journal article00
492003Rutgers' TREC 2002 . Interactive Track Experience.Belkin, N.J.; Cool, C.; Kelly, D.; Kim, G.; Kim, J.; Lee, H.-J.; Muresan, G.; MUH-CHYUN TANG ; Yuan, X.-J.conference paper
502002Rutgers' TREC 2001 Interactive Track Experience.Belkin, N.J.; Cool, C.; Jeng, J.; Keller, A.; Kelly, D.; Kim, J.; Lee, H.-J.; MUH-CHYUN TANG ; Yuan, X.-Jconference paper00