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12019One category, two communities: subfield differences in “Information Science and Library Science” in Journal Citation ReportsHuang, Mu-hsuan ; Shaw, Wang Ching; Lin, Chi Shiou journal article11
22018Data type and data source preferences for six social sciences subjects in quantitative data reusesLin, Chi-Shiou ; Wang, Yi-YuConference Paper
32018Data Citation Practices among Taiwan Social Scientists: Some Preliminary FindingsLin, Chi-Shiou ; Lai, Ching-yiConference Paper
42018The performance of reading appeal descriptors for fiction: From the perspective of indexing consistencyLin, Chi-Shiou ; Wang, Yi-YuConference Paper
52018Challenges and opportunities in data curation for a social sciences data archive: An institution theory inspired analysis frameworkLin, Chi-Shiou ; Jeng, WeiConference Paper
62018An analysis of citation functions in the humanities and social sciences research from the perspective of problematic citation analysis assumptionsCHI-SHIOU LIN journal article33
72018台灣社會科學量化資料再用之研究:2001-2015年林奇秀 ; 賴璟毅 journal article00
82017An Exploratory Survey of the Suspicious Open Access JournalsLin, Chi-Shiou journal article00
920173D列印的發展與應用許立涵; 佟心平; 林思穎; 林奇秀 journal article00
102017臺灣社會科學學者資料再用行為 之研究林奇秀 ; 賴璟毅 journal article
112017Using Content Analysis in LIS Research: Experiences with Coding Schemes Construction and Reliability MeasuresLin, Chi-Shiou ; Jeng, WeiConference Paper
122017非戰之罪:研究評鑑制度下台灣社會學學術專書論著之困境張天心; 林奇秀 journal article00
132017Revealing the "essence" of things: Using phenomenology in LIS researchKatsirikou, Anthi; Lin, Chi Shiou conference paper
142016人文學者心目中理想的學術摘要林奇秀 ; 林慶隆; 邵婉卿; 張婕妤; 陳彥如journal article
152016推理小說的閱讀樂趣與讀者的選擇行為吳秋燕; 林奇秀 journal article00
162016千里之行,始於足下:臺灣人文社會學術專書英文長摘實作分析林奇秀 ; 林慶隆; 邵婉卿; 張婕妤journal article
172016Comparing citation characteristics based on reference entries, in-text citations, and essential citationsLin, Chi-Shiou Conference Paper
182016The Co-First and Co-Corresponding Author Phenomenonin the Pharmacy and Anesthesia JournalsHuang, M. H ; Hsieh, H. T.; Lin, C. S. Conference Paper
192015BL(Boys' Love)閱讀的「治癒感」及其發生情境張婕妤; 林奇秀 journal article10
202015大學圖書館行動應用程式的發展概況與使用者需求研究黎慧雯; 林奇秀 journal article
212014開放近用的陰暗面:掠奪型出版商及其問題林奇秀 ; 賴璟毅 journal article00
222014臺灣人文社會學術專書之中書英摘實作計畫暨摘要內容最佳化林慶隆; 林奇秀 report
232013跨越全球學術傳播的巴別塔:建構臺灣人文社會學術論著英文長摘機制之芻議林奇秀 ; 林慶隆; 邵婉卿; 陳彥如; 張瑋麟journal article
242013The influences of counting methods on university rankings based on paper count and citation countMU-HSUAN HUANG ; CHI-SHIOU LIN journal article2321
252013以行動者網絡理論觀察隨選列印技術在出版機構之導入與使用歷程張瑋麟; 林奇秀 conference paper
262013強調科技與社會共構的資訊社會學林奇秀 book chapter
272013Citation functions in social sciences and humanities: Preliminary results from a citation context analysis of taiwan's history research journalsCHI-SHIOU LIN journal article70
282012建立臺灣華文學術論著英文摘要發行機制之研究林奇秀 ; 林慶隆report
292012建立臺灣華文學術論著英文摘要發行機制之研究林奇秀 ; 林慶隆; 邵婉卿; 陳彥如; 張瑋麟conference paper
302012The Influences of Online Cultural Capital on Social Tagging BehaviorLin, Chi-Shiou ; Chen, Yi-Fanjournal article00
312012Examining social tagging behaviour and the construction of an online folksonomy from the perspectives of cultural capital and social capitalCHI-SHIOU LIN journal article1512
322012美國的網路中立政策爭議:從圖書資訊社群角度觀之CHI-SHIOU LIN journal article00
332011腐女的閱讀逾越/愉悅感:BL (Boys’ Love)女性讀者閱讀經驗分析林奇秀 conference paper
342011Counting Methods, Country Rank Changes, and Counting Inflation in the Assessment of National Research Productivity and ImpactHuang, Mu-Hsuan ; Lin, Chi-Shiou ; Chen, Dar-Zen journal article3329
352011生物醫學領域研究人員投稿開放近用期刊經驗之研究徐華玉; 林奇秀 journal article
362011淺析網路社群知識分享實證研究如何構思社會資本概念林奇秀 ; 陳一帆journal article00
372011從線下與線上文化資本及社會資本觀點探索社會性標記行為陳一帆; 林奇秀 conference paper
382011A citation analysis of western journals cited in taiwan's library and information science and history research journals: From a research evaluation perspectiveMU-HSUAN HUANG ; CHI-SHIOU LIN journal article63
392011Counting methods & University ranking by H-indexMU-HSUAN HUANG ; CHI-SHIOU LIN conference paper40
402011人肉搜索初探CHI-SHIOU LIN journal article00
412010International collaboration and counting inflation in the assessment of national research productivityHuang, Mu-hsuan ; Lin, Chi-Shiou conference paper
422010中立式提問法: 以意義建構理論為基礎的參考晤談技巧林奇秀 journal article
432010International collaboration and counting inflation in the assessment of national research productivityMU-HSUAN HUANG ; CHI-SHIOU LIN journal article50
442010Librarian-initiated publications discovery: How do digital depository librarians discover and select web-based government publications for state digital depositories?CHI-SHIOU LIN journal article22
452009資訊傳播科技與非正式學術傳播:社會取向的實證研究回顧袁大鈺; 林奇秀 journal article00
462008美國數位寄存館員自發性的政府網路出版品蒐訪行動林奇秀 journal article00
472008Selection practices for Web-based government publications in state depository library programs: Comparing active and passive approachesCHI-SHIOU LIN journal article64
482008What kind(s) of tool is it?: How do university faculty & other stakeholders make sense of institutional repositories in university settingsCHI-SHIOU LIN conference paper
492007紀錄連續體理論淺析林奇秀 journal article00
502007The Conceptualization of Government Publications on the World Wide Web: A Genre Theory Inspired InvestigationLin, Chi-Shiou book
512006National differences in librarians' reception to the open access movement: A comparison of the professional library literatures of China, Taiwan, and the United StatesSin, Sei-Ching Joanna; Eschenfelder, Kristin R.; Lin, Chi-Shiou Conference Paper
522005The power of selection: Comparing the selection practices for Web-based government publications in state depository library programs.CHI-SHIOU LIN conference paper
532001中華民國政府文獻使用研究—以政治大學社會科學學院博士論文引用文獻為例CHI-SHIOU LIN journal article