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12019以協作意願與資訊來源管道探究大學生個人差異及其小組報告之協作資訊尋求行為莊竣顯; 蔡天怡 journal article0
22018Applying the contextual model of source selection (CMoSS) to nurses at work: a systematic review of nurses’ information behaviorTIEN-I TSAI conference paper00
32018How do pre-service teachers work “Together” on curriculum development projects: A study on tools and tasks in collaborative information behaviorTIEN-I TSAI ; Yang, Wan Linconference paper10
42018合作學習情境中師資培育生教案發展之協作資訊行為楊琬琳; 蔡天怡 journal article01
52017Public Libraries under Pressure: A Data-Driven Visualization of Longitudinal Statistics in TaiwanTIEN-I TSAI ; Huang, Ying-Lo; Su, Yu-Ting; Weng, Ping-Hsiangconference paper
62017ASIS&T Taipei Chapter ReceptionTIEN-I TSAI ; Phoebe Chiu, Ming-Hsinjournal article00
72016統計から見る台湾の専門図書館蔡天怡 journal article
82015Supporting early multilingual literacy education of preschool children through a Chinese picture book libraryTIEN-I TSAI conference paper
92015圖書資訊學領域學生如何說出「資訊」的故事:視覺方法之探索性研究TIEN-I TSAI journal article
102014淺談社會性軟體於公共圖書館生涯資訊服務之應用蔡天怡 journal article
112014Individual Differences in Social Media Use for Information SeekingTIEN-I TSAI journal article5049
122013Socialization and information horizons: Source use behavior of first-generation and continuing-generation college studentsTIEN-I TSAI thesis
132013Information horizons of college students: Source preferences and source referrals in academic contextsTIEN-I TSAI journal article10
142013How Institutionalized Are Model License Use Terms? An Analysis of E-Journal License Use Rights Clauses from 2000 to 2009TIEN-I TSAI journal article66
152012Social Networks in the Information Horizons of Undergraduate StudentsTIEN-I TSAI journal article00
162012Coursework-related information horizons of first-generation college studentsTIEN-I TSAI journal article
172012First-generation college students' information seeking: Their personality traits and source use behavior in coursework-related contextTIEN-I TSAI journal article20
182010The social networks in the information horizons of college students: A pilot studyTIEN-I TSAI poster10
192010Information horizons of Taiwanese graduate studentsTIEN-I TSAI conference paper
202008資訊可獲性對圖書資訊學博碩士論文引用文獻影響之研究蔡天怡 thesis
212008我國大學圖書館館藏發展館員對電子資源聯盟的看法探討吳明德; 劉曉青; 黃鈺婷; 蔡天怡 journal article
222005《書目答問》與《四庫全書總目》別史類分類之比較蔡天怡 journal article