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12019Towards A TL Aesthetic: The Sexuality Formation in Yes or No 2.5FAN-TING CHENG Conference paper
22018(被)誤差:《姊夠甜.那吸》戲劇草稿之文化意義鄭芳婷 Journal Article
32018耽美批判:台灣當代肚皮舞現象的陰性情境鄭芳婷 Journal Article00
42018當代藝文混種中的受逐者聯盟:以前叛逆男子《新社員》為例鄭芳婷 Conference paper
52018The Queer-Asian Reorientation in The Theatrical Aesthetics of Ear East Ensemble's Dress In CodeFAN-TING CHENG Conference paper
62018Performing Divergence: The Theatrical Schema of Tainaner Ensemble's Belle ReprieveFAN-TING CHENG Conference paper
72018Theatrical Schema As Cultural Critique And Its Zeitgeist: Take Tainaner's Belle Reprieve As ExampleFAN-TING CHENG Conference paper
82018Towards A Taiwanese Queer Tactics: Huang Hui-chen' Documentary Feature Film Small Talk (2017)FAN-TING CHENG Conference paper
92017酷兒感官書寫:徐堰鈴《踏青去》(2015)的戲劇策略鄭芳婷 journal article00
102017窘境美學:臺灣時尚部落格中的後殖民與後女性政略鄭芳婷 Journal Article
112017『台灣文學英譯叢刊』中的戲劇與女性議題潛力鄭芳婷 Conference paper
122017Forming A Minor-transnational Democracy: Wang Mo-Lin's Antigone (2013)FAN-TING CHENG Conference paper
132017Island Imaginaries and Rhizome TacticsFAN-TING CHENG Conference paper
142017The Aesthetics of Contemporary Musicals in TaiwanFAN-TING CHENG Conference paper
152017Towards A Minor-transAsianal Protest: Wang Mo-Lin's AntigoneFAN-TING CHENG Conference paper
162017Towards A Xiqu Queer: The Theatrical Tactics of Skin TouchingFAN-TING CHENG Conference paper
172017(被)誤差:《姊夠甜.那吸》戲劇手稿之文化意義鄭芳婷 conference paper
182017當代耽美批判與弱勢聯盟:以《新社員》為例鄭芳婷 conference paper
192016數位離散與酷兒想像: 以拉板、彩虹山莊及Queerology為例鄭芳婷 journal article00
202016當代數位史詩:《空的記憶》的酷異政略與鬱結美學鄭芳婷 Journal Article00
212016Choreographing the Unmarked: Jade Y Chen's Mazu's BodyguardsFAN-TING CHENG Conference paper
222016Performing Against the Grand: Jade Y Chen's Mazu's BodyguardsFAN-TING CHENG Conference paper
232016當代戲曲傳統的跨亞流動:徐堰鈴《踏青去》的梁祝敢曝鄭芳婷 Conference paper
242016Modern musicals in AsiaYamanashi, M.; Liu, S.; Fong, G.C.F.; Chan, S.K.-Y.; Cheng, F.-T.; Yuh, J.H.K.; Goh, C.; FAN-TING CHENG book chapter00
252016在地劇場與渣滓美學:《姐夠甜.那吸》的臺式酷異戰術FAN-TING CHENG journal article00
262015In Search of a Minor-transAsian Body: Mo-Lin Wang's Antigone (2013)FAN-TING CHENG Conference paper
272015Performing the National Uncanny of Taiwan: Wang Mo Lin's A Soldier's Pay (2004)FAN-TING CHENG Conference paper
282015根莖化劇場政爭:王墨林《安蒂岡妮》與讀演劇人《玫瑰色的國》鄭芳婷 Conference paper
292015創傷想像與分岔戰術:以2013年白衫軍運動為例鄭芳婷 Conference paper
302015受逐抗爭主體的自反性戲劇政略-讀演劇人《玫瑰色的國》鄭芳婷 ; 王威智journal article00
312014Minor-transnationalizing a Citizen Rebellion: Wang Mo-Lin's AntigoneFAN-TING CHENG Conference paper
322014Minor-transnationalizing a Feminist Act: Lin Yu-Han's Roaming Flowers (2008)FAN-TING CHENG Conference paper
332014Towards a queer Island disidentification of TaiwanFAN-TING CHENG journal article10
342014A Strafed, Tactical, Pugnacious Island: Political Performances in Taiwan from 2000 to 2013FAN-TING CHENG dissertation
352014Haomin Gong, Uneven Modernity: Literature, Film, and Intellectual Discourse in Postsocialist China, Chinese Literature TodayFAN-TING CHENG journal article
362013Choreographing a Tactical Taiwan: The Body and Politics in Wang Mo-Lin's My Body, My CountryFAN-TING CHENG Conference paper
372013Gender/National Abjection: Female Characterizations in Republic of China Centennial Celebration Musical DreamersFAN-TING CHENG Conference paper
382013In Search of A Genuine Taiwanese Theater: Lou Lan Nu by Contemporary Legend TheaterFAN-TING CHENG Conference paper
392013National Melancholia And Female Narration: Jade Y. Chen's Intercultural Musical Mazu's BodyguardsFAN-TING CHENG Conference paper
402013Queering Taiwanese Nationality: Jade Y. Chen's Intercultural Musical Mazu's BodyguardsFAN-TING CHENG Conference paper
412013Dreamers' Nightmare: The Melancholia of the Taiwanese Centennial CelebrationFAN-TING CHENG journal article10
422012Choreographing Melancholic Transgression: The Techno Nezha in Taiwanese Taoist CeremonyFAN-TING CHENG Conference paper
432012Choreographing Queer: The Taiwanese Dancer Essa Wen's Hippie BellyFAN-TING CHENG Conference paper
442012Dreamers's Nightmare: The Melancholia of Taiwanese Centennial CelebrationFAN-TING CHENG Conference paper
452012Not Just Lolitas: The Potential of Identity Education in Child Belly DancingFAN-TING CHENG Conference paper
462011Choreographing Queer: Taiwanese Belly Dance CommunityFAN-TING CHENG Conference paper
472011Exoticized Locality: (Re)producing Taiwan Through Intercultural Belly DanceFAN-TING CHENG Conference paper