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12015図籍の間接的流通再論——元代『三礼図』を例として——YA-HWEI HSU book-chapter
22013Antiquities, Ritual Reform, and the Shaping of New Taste at Huizong's CourtYA-HWEI HSU journal article
32013Antiquaries and Politics: Antiquarian Culture of the Northern Song, 960-1127YA-HWEI HSU book-chapter
42013近二十多年西周青銅禮器與金文研究之課題與檢討YA-HWEI HSU journal article
52012Revival of Antiquity outside China? –A Preliminary Study of the “Archaistic Style” in Sino-Korean Artifacts from the Twelfth to the Fifteenth Century許雅惠 journal article00
62011Antiquarian Trends in the Dynastic Revival of the Southern Song許雅惠 journal article00
72011關於宋代古物學之研究與討論YA-HWEI HSU journal article
82010評Patricia B. Ebrey, Accumulating Culture: The Collections of Emperor HuizongYA-HWEI HSU journal article
92008《至大重修宣和博古圖錄》的版印特點與流傳-從中研院史語所藏品談起YA-HWEI HSU journal article
102003A New Interpretation of an Ancient Object: the National Palace Museum's Yung-tse Academy Kuei VesselYA-HWEI HSU journal article
112003《宣和博古圖》的「間接」流傳-以元代賽因赤答忽墓出土的陶器與《紹熙州縣釋奠儀圖》為例YA-HWEI HSU journal article00
122003晚明的古銅知識與仿古銅器YA-HWEI HSU book-chapter
132002東周的圖像紋銅器與刻紋銅器YA-HWEI HSU journal article
142001古器新詮-院藏「泳澤書院雷文簋」的再認識YA-HWEI HSU journal article