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12017“A Philosophy of Toys”: Manet’s Child Play and Domestic SpacesCHIAO-MEI LIU journal article
22016Facing the Grand Design: Manet’s Tuileries Garden and Childhood PlayCHIAO-MEI LIU journal article
32015Most Natural Illusion: Manet’s Portraits of Girls and the Role of MotherhoodCHIAO-MEI LIU journal article00
42014Manet’s Child Portraits and Childhood of the Bourgeoisie in Mid-Nineteenth Century ParisCHIAO-MEI LIU journal article00
52013雷諾瓦與時尚CHIAO-MEI LIU journal article
62013雷諾瓦與時尚--雷諾瓦畫作中的女性形象CHIAO-MEI LIU journal article
72012設計新精神--兩次大戰之間的現代工藝與現代主義CHIAO-MEI LIU journal article
82011The Script of Imagination: The Album Etchings to Rexroth by Brice MardenCHIAO-MEI LIU journal article
92011Color and Culture: Mondrian and the Call to Order in Postwar ParisCHIAO-MEI LIU journal article00
102011想像的字體─布萊斯.馬登的《王紅公蝕刻》圖冊CHIAO-MEI LIU journal article00
112010Piet Mondrian’s Pluralism and Early Twentieth-Century ParisCHIAO-MEI LIU journal article; journal article00
122009現代主義中的音樂性與中國元素CHIAO-MEI LIU journal article
132009Chinese Walls in Time and Space: A Multidisciplinary PerspectiveRoger Des Forges; Thomas Burkman; Liu Chiao-mei ; Haun Saussybook
142009Writing on the Wall: Brice Marden’s Chinese Work and ModernismCHIAO-MEI LIU book
152008馬內的兒童形象劉巧楣 report
162007補助人文及社會科學研究圖書計畫規劃主題:西洋美術史(近現代歐美藝術與社會) (新制多年期第1年)劉巧楣 report
172007Writing on the Wall: Brice Marden’s Chinese Work and ModernismCHIAO-MEI LIU journal article00
182007補助人文及社會科學研究圖書計畫規劃主題:西洋美術史(近現代歐美藝術與社會) (新制多年期第2年)劉巧楣 report
192006布萊斯‧馬登的中國問題與現代主義劉巧楣 report
202005The Heroization of Childhood in ManetCHIAO-MEI LIU conference paper
212005Writing on the Wall: Brice Marden's Chinese Work and ModernismCHIAO-MEI LIU conference paper
222002「這美麗的肉」:塞尚的浴女圖與十九世紀中葉的自然感應論劉巧楣 journal article
232001Cezanne: la serie de Chateau NoirCHIAO-MEI LIU book
241995先知的困惑--談塞尚[Paul Cezanne]回顧展CHIAO-MEI LIU journal article
251994簡論關於塞尚(Cézanne)繪畫的研究CHIAO-MEI LIU journal article00
261993莫內[Claude Monet]的筆觸與空間CHIAO-MEI LIU journal article
271991晚明蘇州繪書中的詩畫關係劉巧楣 journal article
281989晚明蘇州繪畫劉巧楣 thesis
291988孔望山摩崖造像的年代討論CHIAO-MEI LIU journal article