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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12019The secret to popular chinese web novels: A corpus-driven studyLin, Y.-J.; Hsieh, S.-K.; SHU-KAI HSIEH conference paper00
22018Identifying lexical bundles in Chinese methodological issues and an exploratory data analysisHsu, C.-C.; Hsieh, S.-K.; SHU-KAI HSIEH journal article00
32018Entrenchment and Creativity in Chinese Quadrasyllabic Idiomatic ExpressionsSHU-KAI HSIEH ; Chiang, C.-Y.; Tseng, Y.-H.; Wang, B.-Y.; Chou, T.-L.; Lee, C.-L.; CHIA-LIN LEE conference paper00
42018Filtered collocations as features in verbal polysemy disambiguation: A case study of the Chinese verb kao ‘bake’Chang, Y.-Y.; Hsieh, S.-K.; SHU-KAI HSIEH journal article00
52017Mandarin Chinese words and parts of speech: A corpus-based studyHuang, C.-R.; Hsieh, S.-K.; Chen, K.-J.; SHU-KAI HSIEH book30
62017A corpus-based study of the recurrent lexical bundle ka li kong 'let (me) tell you' in Taiwanese Southern Min conversationsChang, M.-H.; Hsieh, S.-K.; SHU-KAI HSIEH journal article02
72016Word Dependency Sketch for Chinese Language Learning施孟賢(Meng-Hsien Shih); 謝舒凱(Shu-Kai Hsieh); SHU-KAI HSIEH journal article0
82016Yet another resource to sketch word behavior in chinese variationShih, M.-H.; Hsieh, S.-K.; SHU-KAI HSIEH conference paper00
92015Mismatches in verb complements: A corpus-based study of the complement coercion operation in ChineseHsu, C.-C.; Hsieh, S.-K.; SHU-KAI HSIEH journal article10
102015Degree modification in mandarin: A case study of creative degree modifier [gezhong]Chen, M.; Hsieh, S.; SHU-KAI HSIEH conference paper00
112014Leveraging morpho-semantics for the discovery of relations in Chinese wordnetSHU-KAI HSIEH conference paper
122014Latent semantic distance between chinese basic words and non-basic wordsLin, S.Y.-H.; Hsieh, S.-K.; SHU-KAI HSIEH conference paper00
132013Qualia modification in Mandarin neologism: A case study on prefix "w?i"Chou, L.; Hsieh, S.; SHU-KAI HSIEH conference paper10
142013ForewordSHU-KAI HSIEH journal article
152013Back to the Basic: Exploring Base Concepts from the Wordnet GlossesSHU-KAI HSIEH journal article
162013Qualia Modification in Mandarin Neologism: A Case Study on Prefix "Wéi 微"SHU-KAI HSIEH other10
172012PrefaceSHU-KAI HSIEH conference paper
182012Measuring individual differences in word recognition: The role of individual lexical behaviorsSHU-KAI HSIEH conference paper
192012Chinese sentiments on the clouds: A preliminary experiment on corpus processing and exploration on cloud serviceSHU-KAI HSIEH conference paper
202012Frequency, Collocation, and Statistical Modeling of Lexical Items: A Case Study of Temporal Expressions in Two Conversational CorporaSHU-KAI HSIEH journal article
212011Frequency, collocation, and statistical modeling of lexical items: A case study of temporal expressions in an elderly speaker corpusSHU-KAI HSIEH conference paper
222010Word space modeling for measuring semantic specificity in ChineseSHU-KAI HSIEH conference paper
232010Qualia modification in noun-noun compounds: A cross-language surveySHU-KAI HSIEH conference paper
242010PyCWN: A python module for chinese wordnetSHU-KAI HSIEH conference paper
252010Graph representation of synonymy and translation resources for cross-linguistic modelisation of meaningSHU-KAI HSIEH conference paper
262010KYOTO: A wiki for establishing semantic interoperability for knowledge sharing across languages and culturesSHU-KAI HSIEH book40
272010Classifying mood in plurksSHU-KAI HSIEH conference paper
282010Towards an automatic measurement of verbal lexicon acquisition: The case for a young children-vs-adults categorization in French and MandarinSHU-KAI HSIEH conference paper
292010KYOTO: A wiki for establishing semantic interoperability for knowledge sharing across languages and culturesVossen, P.; Agirre, E.; Bond, F.; Bosma, W.; Herold, A.; Hicks, A.; Hsieh, S.-K.; Isahara, H.; Huang, C.-R.; Kanzaki, K.; Marchetti, A.; Rigau, G.; Ronzano, F.; Segers, R.; Tesconi, M.; SHU-KAI HSIEH book chapter40
302009Wiktionary and NLPSHU-KAI HSIEH conference paper00
312009Formal Description of Lexical Semantic RelationsSHU-KAI HSIEH journal article
322009Exploring interoperability of language resources: The case of cross-lingual semi-automatic enrichment of wordnetsSHU-KAI HSIEH journal article75
332009Bridging the gap between graph modeling and developmental psycholinguistics an experiment on measuring lexical proximity in Chinese semantic spaceSHU-KAI HSIEH conference paper
342009Assessing Text Readability Using Hierarchical Lexical Relations Retrieved from WordNetSHU-KAI HSIEH journal article
352008A realistic and robust model for Chinese word segmentationSHU-KAI HSIEH conference paper
362008Automatic labeling of troponymy for Chinese verbsSHU-KAI HSIEH conference paper
372008Measuring text readability by lexical relations retrieved from WordNetSHU-KAI HSIEH conference paper
382008Design and prototype of a large-scale and fully sense-tagged corpusSHU-KAI HSIEH book20
392008Design and prototype of a large-scale and fully sense-tagged corpusKer, S.-J.; Huang, C.-R.; Hong, J.-F.; Liu, S.-Y.; Jian, H.-L.; Su, I.-L.; Hsieh, S.-K.; SHU-KAI HSIEH conference paper20
402007WordNet-anchored comparison of Chinese-Japanese kanji wordSHU-KAI HSIEH conference paper
412007CWN-Viz: Semantic relation visualization in Chinese WordNetSHU-KAI HSIEH conference paper
422007KYOTO: A system for mining, structuring, and distributing knowledge across languages and culturesSHU-KAI HSIEH conference paper
432007Hanzi grid toward a knowledge infrastructure for Chinese character-based culturesSHU-KAI HSIEH book
442007Fostering intercultural collaboration: A web service architecture for cross-fertilization of distributed wordnetsSHU-KAI HSIEH book
452006Toward an architecture for the global wordnet initiativeSHU-KAI HSIEH conference paper
462006GuangQunFangPu: E-Humanities combining textual and botanic informationSHU-KAI HSIEH conference paper00
472006A preliminary study on large-scale automatic labeling of lexical semantic relations: A case study of Chinese wordnetSHU-KAI HSIEH conference paper