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12007女性科幻與後人類想像 (新制多年期第1年)張惠娟 report
22007女性科幻與後人類想像 (新制多年期第2年)張惠娟 report
32007新世紀的省思:試論勒瑰恩的《轉機》張惠娟 journal article
42006台灣後設小說試論張惠娟 book
52006Ecological Utopia: Visions and ProblemsChang, Hui-chuan conference paper
62005生態烏托邦──試論七○年代三本美國烏托邦小說張惠娟 journal article
72005烏托邦與生態想像(1/2)張惠娟 report
82005Ecological Utopia: A Study of Three Literary Utopias in the 1970sHui-chuan Chang journal article
92003現代反烏托邦文學:察米雅欽與艾特伍德(II-II)張惠娟 report
102003重新評估察米雅欽的《我們》張惠娟 journal article
112003Zamyatin ' s We : A ReassessmentHui-chuan Chang journal article
122003The Struggle for a New Identity: A Study of Taiwanese Feminine FictionHui-chuan Chang journal article
132002現代反烏托邦文學:察米雅欽與艾特伍德(II-I)張惠娟 report
142002Utopia under Revision: A Modern Utopia ReconsideredHui-chuan Chang journal article
152001重閱經典烏托邦張惠娟 report
162000女性電腦叛客研究(2/2)張惠娟 report
172000女性電腦叛客的性別/族群論述:策略與困頓張惠娟 journal article00
181999從女性烏扥邦到女性電腦叛克: 兼論皮兒西張惠娟 journal article
191999女性電腦叛客研究(1/2)張惠娟 report
201998Subverting Utopia : Utopia and Utopia Reconsidered張惠娟 journal article
211997Women as 'Colonized': Crisis of Identity in Contemporary Taiwanese Feminine Fictions張惠娟 conference paper
221996山色空濛雨亦奇: 烏扥邦研究近貌張惠娟 journal article
231994The Chinese Utopia:Problems & VisionsChang, Hui-Chuan conference paper
241994Interview with Darko Suvin張惠娟 ; 廖朝陽 ; Chang, H.C.; Liao, C.Y.journal article
251994Feminist Utopias as an Alternative Canon: Strategies & DilemmasChang, H.C. journal article
261994Thinking Worlds: Two Interviews with Darko Suvin.""Chang Hui-chuan ; Chaoyang Liaojournal article
271992The Feminist Utopian Prototype in The DispossessedChang, Hui-Chuan journal article
281992Utopia as Subversive: Androgyny and the Left Hand of Darkness張惠娟 journal article
291992Upopia:A Feminist Perspective張惠娟 book
301990反烏托邦文學的諧擬特質張惠娟 journal article00
311989City of Cats & Anti-Utopia:A Generic InvestigationChang, Hui-Chuan journal article
321989鍾曉陽作品淺論張惠娟 journal article00
331988Literary Utopia & Chinese Utopian Literature:A Generic AppraisalChang, Hui-Chuan thesis
341986樂園神話與烏扥邦張惠娟 journal article
351983Chinese Fiction: A Generic Appraisal張惠娟 journal article
361983Four Tales of the Supernatural: An Inquiry張惠娟 journal article
371980後現代與女性主義之糾葛:試論當代女性烏托邦小說張惠娟 journal article
381979昆廷的浪漫性質:福克納《痴人狂喧》之一角色探討張惠娟 journal article
39-A Comparative Study of the Journey Motif in Moby-Dick and Song of Myself張惠娟 thesis