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12012The ‘mountain brotherhood between the cathedral and the Alp [sic]’: Ruskin’s Swiss Prospect and his Campaign for Gothic Architecture.Wu, Ya-feng conference paper
22012Corinne’s Tarantella: Germaine de Staël’s Performance of Cultural AuthorityWu, Ya-feng journal article
32012“Look around this English room of yours”: Ornaments as the Emblem of the Nation in John Ruskin and William Morris.Wu, Ya-feng conference paper
42012《石匠玖德》:交叉的聖旅吳雅鳳 book
52012Why Did She Love Her Mother's So?: L.E.L. Forging CorinneYA-FENG WU journal article
62011書寫/收藏火山:桑塔格的創傷城市吳雅鳳 conference paper
72011Corinne Enacting Archaeology: Mme de Staël’s Volcano Lover.Wu, Ya-feng conference paper
82011Gothic Crossings:Medieval to PostmodernYA-FENG WU journal article
92011The Mermaid and Alchemy in the 19th Century.Wu, Ya-feng conference paper
102011Ignoring that there was a corpse': The Foiled Gothic in Tess of the d'UrbervillesWu, Ya-feng book
112011人文多樣性與跨文化:理論探討和實例研究之子計畫〈基督教的藝術轉型〉吳雅鳳 report
122011哥德風格的復興:維多利亞時期的建築與文學吳雅鳳 report
132010浪漫主義吳雅鳳 book
142010十八、十九世紀水精靈的文藝圖像吳雅鳳 report
152010Tainted Milk or Diluted Subject: Breast-feeding in Ennui and BelindaYA-FENG WU journal article
162009Blazoning the Paired Tableaux: The Mysteries of Udolpho and The MonkWu, Ya-feng journal article
172009Tainted milk, diluted subject: the risks of breast-feeding in Belinda and Tess.Wu, Ya-feng conference paper
182009國科會補助人文及社會科學研究圖書計畫規劃主題:抒情詩研究吳雅鳳 report
192008導讀吳雅鳳 book
202008The Mermaid in the Nineteenth-Century Poetry and Art.Wu, Ya-feng conference paper
212008浪漫風景中的女性:瑞德克麗芙與史蜜斯吳雅鳳 book
222007Ekphrasis: the Common Impulse of Hemans and Landon.Wu, Ya-feng conference paper
232007Chiaroscuro of Sensibility: the Baroque Aesthetics of The Monk.Wu, Ya-feng conference paper
242007浪漫時期吳雅鳳 book
252007志異遷徙-從中古到現代吳雅鳳 report
262007教育部人文教育革新中綱計畫補助〈志異經典研讀讀書會〉吳雅鳳 report
272006影像與帝國-視覺文化的簡易系譜吳雅鳳 book
282006台灣山岳圖像三論:呂基正、余承堯、廖德政吳雅鳳 journal article
292005流轉與凝望—藝術中的人與自然吳雅鳳 book
302005英國浪漫時期詩與畫的交涉:田園與帝國吳雅鳳 book
312005家、國、情感:英國浪漫時期女作家的多重難題吳雅鳳 report
322001站在宇宙中心凝視—浪漫詩人雪萊吳雅鳳 journal article
332000地域意識的呈現:康斯德堡與克萊爾吳雅鳳 report
342000Anxiety of Empire: Carthage in Turner吳雅鳳 journal article
352000認識家園:康斯德堡與克萊爾吳雅鳳 conference paper
362000Arcadia and Carthage in Turner吳雅鳳 book
372000建構家園:康斯德柏與克萊爾吳雅鳳 ; YA-FENG WU journal article
381999火與水的交戰:透納的末世啟示吳雅鳳 journal article
391999凱旋遊行與流浪的猶太人:談雪萊的歷史觀吳雅鳳 journal article
401999迦太基與大英帝國:論透納的詩畫吳雅鳳 report
411999Apocalypse in Turner.Wu, Ya-feng conference paper
421999Anxiety of Empire: Carthage in Turner.Wu, Ya-feng conference paper
431999火與水的交戰:透納的末世啟示吳雅鳳 conference paper
441999水與火的交戰:透納的末世啟示YA-FENG WU journal article
451999由田園主題的變遷談透納的英國風景吳雅鳳 conference paper
461998The Spectre of Rousseau in Shelley's --The Triumph of Life吳雅鳳 journal article
471998透納筆下的英國風景:談詩畫裡田園主題的變遷吳雅鳳 conference paper
481998由田園主題的變遷談透納的英國風景吳雅鳳 ; YA-FENG WU journal article
491996Spectres of RousseauWu, Ya-feng conference paper
501996Routes to Womanhood: British Women Writers and Women Activists in the Romantic PeriodWu, Ya-feng conference paper
511996An isle under Ionian skies: Shelley’s ‘Epipsychidion'吳雅鳳 journal article
521995Shelley’s ‘The Assassins.’吳雅鳳 journal article