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12019Utility of Ultrasound Elastography in Evaluation of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysisCHIH-PENG LIN ; Chen, Ing-Jeng; Chang, Ke-Vin; Wu, Wei-Ting; Özçakar, Leventjournal article00
22018Ultrasound-guided interventions for painful shoulder: from anatomy to evidenceChang, KV; Mezian, K; Nanka, O; Wu, WT; CHIH-PENG LIN ; Ozcakar, Ljournal article49
32018Impaired microcirculation after subarachnoid hemorrhage in an in vivo animal modelKUOCHUAN WANG ; SUNG-CHUN TANG ; JUI-CHANG TSAI ; WEI-CHOU LIN ; CHIH-PENG LIN ; YONG-KWANG TU ; SUNG-TSANG HSIEH journal article22
42018Cross-talk between shoulder and neck pain: an imaging study of association between rotator cuff tendon tears and cervical foraminal stenosisWu, Wei Ting; Chang, Ke Vin; DER-SHENG HAN ; CHIH-PENG LIN ; Özçakar, Levent010
52018Impaired microcirculation after subarachnoid hemorrhage in an in vivo animal modelKuo-Chuan Wang; SUNG-CHUN TANG ; Jing-Er Lee; JUI-CHANG TSAI ; Dar-Ming Lai; WEI-CHOU LIN ; Chih-Peng Lin ; YONG-KWANG TU ; SUNG-TSANG HSIEH journal article22
62018A 1204-single nucleotide polymorphism and insertion-deletion polymorphism panel for massively parallel sequencing analysis of DNA mixturesHSIAO-LIN HWA ; Chung, Wan-Chia; PEI-LUNG CHEN ; CHIH-PENG LIN ; Li, Huei-Ying; Yin, Hsiang-I; JAMES CHUN-I LEE journal article105
72018Dextran-coated iron oxide nanoparticle-improved therapeutic effects of human mesenchymal stem cells in a mouse model of Parkinson's diseaseCHIH-PENG LIN journal article66
82018Erratum to ‘Leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF) potentiates antinociception activity and inhibits tolerance induction of opioids’ [Br J Anaesth 2016; 117: 512–520] (S0007091217301733) (10.1093/bja/aew247))CHIH-PENG LIN journal article00
92018Basis of Shoulder Nerve Entrapment Syndrome: An Ultrasonographic Study Exploring Factors Influencing Cross-Sectional Area of the Suprascapular NerveWu, Wei-Ting; Chang, Ke-Vin; Mezian, Kamal; Na?ka, Ond?ej; CHIH-PENG LIN ; Ozcakar, Leventjournal article1219
102017Sonographic tracking of trunk nerves: Essential for ultrasound-guided pain management and researchCHIH-PENG LIN journal article1617
112017Recognition of the lateral pterygoid muscle and plate during ultrasound-guided trigeminal nerve blockCHIH-PENG LIN journal article42
122017Right or left? Side selection for a totally implantable vascular access device: A randomised observational studyWEN-YING LIN ; CHIH-PENG LIN journal article45
132017CXCL12/CXCR4 Signaling Contributes to the Pathogenesis of Opioid Tolerance: A Translational StudyCHIH-PENG LIN journal article76
142017Long-term outcomes of totally implantable venous access devicesCHI-HSIANG HUANG ; CHIH-PENG LIN journal article86
152017Effectiveness of Glenohumeral Joint Dilatation for Treatment of Frozen Shoulder: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled TrialsDER-SHENG HAN ; CHIH-PENG LIN journal article73
162017Ultrasound-Guided Selective Cervical Root Injection for Postherpetic NeuralgiaCHIH-PENG LIN journal article01
172016Mirtazapine, in orodispersible form, for patients with preoperative psychological distress: A pilot studyWEN-YING LIN ; WEI-ZEN SUN ; CHIH-PENG LIN journal article10
182016Sonographic Nerve Tracking in the Cervical Region: A Pictorial Essay and Video DemonstrationTYNG-GUEY WANG ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN ; CHIH-PENG LIN journal article1920
192016Comparative effectiveness of suprascapular nerve block in the relief of acute post-operative shoulder pain: A systematic review and meta-analysisCHIH-PENG LIN journal article
202016Comparison of the Effectiveness of Suprascapular Nerve Block With Physical Therapy, Placebo, and Intra-Articular Injection in Management of Chronic Shoulder Pain: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled TrialsRONG-SEN YANG ; DER-SHENG HAN ; CHIH-PENG LIN journal article3529
212016Key opioid prescription concerns in cancer patients: A nationwide studyCHIH-PENG LIN journal article50
222015Evident cognitive impairments in seemingly recovered patients after midazolam-based light sedation during diagnostic endoscopyWEI-ZEN SUN ; CHIH-PENG LIN journal article97
232015Fast Track Ultrasound Protocol to Detect Acute Complications After Totally Implantable Venous Access Device PlacementYI-CHIA WANG ; WEN-YING LIN ; WEI-HAN CHOU ; CHUN-YU WU ; WEI-ZEN SUN ; CHIH-PENG LIN journal article33
242015Ultrasound-guided proximal suprascapular nerve block with radiofrequency lesioning for patients with malignancy-associated recalcitrant shoulder painTYNG-GUEY WANG ; RONG-SEN YANG ; WEI-ZEN SUN ; CHIH-PENG LIN journal article55
252014The Alaris auditory evoked potential monitor as an indicator of seizure inducibility and duration during electroconvulsive therapy: An observational studySHOU-ZEN FAN ; Huang, Hsing-Hao ; Wu, Chun-Yu ; CHUN-YU WU ; WEI-ZEN SUN ; Lin, Feng-Sheng; Wang, Yi-Ping ; CHIH-PENG LIN ; Sun, Wei-Zen ; HSING-HAO HUANG ; Lin, Chih-Peng ; Fan, Shou-Zen ; 王永彬 journal article130
262013Streptococcus agalactiae infective endocarditis with large vegetation in a patient with underlying protein S deficiencyHSIAO-LIANG CHENG ; CHI-HSIANG HUANG ; PO-YAUN SHIH ; WEI-CHOU LIN ; CHIH-PENG LIN journal article33
272012Enoxaparin sodium prevents intestinal microcirculatory dysfunction in endotoxemic rats.JUI-CHANG TSAI ; Wang, Ming-Jiuh ; SHOU-ZEN FAN ; WEI-ZEN SUN ; CHIH-PENG LIN ; YU-CHANG YEH ; Ko, Wen-Jejournal article910
282012The role of transesophageal echocardiography in transplantation of an adult-sized kidney to a small childMING-HUI HUNG ; SHOU-ZEN FAN ; CHIH-PENG LIN journal article40
292012Enoxaparin sodium prevents intestinal microcirculatory dysfunction in endotoxemic ratsYU-CHANG YEH ; MING-JIUH WANG ; CHIH-PENG LIN ; SHOU-ZEN FAN ; Tsai J.-C.; WEI-ZEN SUN ; Ko W.-J.Article910
302012Combination of nerve blockade and intravenous alfentanil is better than single treatment in relieving postoperative painWEI-ZEN SUN ; CHIH-PENG LIN journal article31
312012Intravenous electrocardiography helps inexperienced operators to place totally implantable venous access device more accuratelyYI-CHIA WANG ; CHI-HSIANG HUANG ; SHOU-ZEN FAN ; WEN-YING LIN ; WEI-ZEN SUN ; CHIH-PENG LIN journal article22
322012Efficacy of intrathecal drug delivery system for refractory cancer pain patients: A single tertiary medical center experienceWEN-YING LIN ; WEI-ZEN SUN ; CHIH-PENG LIN journal article118
332012Direct endotracheal intubation using a novel detachable optic probe (Sunscope) by emergency medical technicians with various training backgroundsMATTHEW HUEI-MING MA ; MAN-LING WANG ; WEI-ZEN SUN ; CHIH-PENG LIN journal article00
342012Analgesic efficacy of tramadol/acetaminophen and propoxyphene/acetaminophen for relief of postoperative wound painWEN-YING LIN ; WEI-ZEN SUN ; CHIH-PENG LIN journal article70
352011Dislodged occluder trapped in the left ventricleYA-JUNG CHENG ; PO-YAUN SHIH ; CHIH-PENG LIN ; SHIH, PO-YUAN; CHENG, YA-JUNG ; LIN, CHIH-PENG journal article00
362011Modified lightwand intubation in a child with spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia congenitaSHOU-ZEN FAN ; WEN-YING LIN ; CHIH-PENG LIN journal article30
372011Ultrasound-assisted percutaneous catheterization of the axillary vein for totally implantable venous access deviceYI-CHIA WANG ; CHI-HSIANG HUANG ; WEI-ZEN SUN ; CHIH-PENG LIN journal article1210
382011Mechanism of cellular uptake and impact of ferucarbotran on macrophage physiologyJAW-LIN WANG ; HON-MAN LIU ; CHIH-PENG LIN journal article3828
392010Compatibility and stability of binary mixtures of ketorolac tromethamine and tramadol hydrochloride injection concentrate and diluted infusion solutionSHOU-ZEN FAN ; WEI-HAN CHOU ; WEI-ZEN SUN ; CHIH-PENG LIN ; YU-CHANG YEH journal article100
402008Does Different Time Interval Between Staggered Bilateral Total Knee Arthroplasty Affect Perioperative Outcome? A Retrospective StudyYA-JUNG CHENG ; WEI-ZEN SUN ; CHIH-PENG LIN ; YU-CHANG YEH journal article910
412008Sunscope: A video-guided intubation system through a detachable imaging probeWEI-ZEN SUN ; CHIH-PENG LIN journal article10
422007Compatibility and stability of ketorolac tromethamine and morphine hydrochloride in 0.9% sodium chloride injectionWEI-ZEN SUN ; CHIH-PENG LIN ; YU-CHANG YEH journal article10
432006Factors determining post-colonoscopy abdominal pain: Prospective study of screening colonoscopy in 1000 subjectsHAN-MO CHIU ; YO-PING LAI ; YI-CHIA LEE ; MING-SHIANG WU ; CHIH-PENG LIN journal article1516
442004Intraoperative bronchospasm after intravenous adenosine during general anesthesiaJeng C.-S.; Huang I.-R.; Lin T.-Y.; CHIH-PENG LIN ; MING-JIUH WANG Article20
452004Prolonged retraction on the normal common carotid artery induced lethal stroke after cervical spine surgery.CHIH-PENG LIN journal article
462004Intraoperative bronchospasm after intravenous adenosine during general anesthesiaCHIH-PENG LIN journal article
472003Intraoperative TEE monitoring on pulmonary thromboembolectomy - A case reportCHIH-PENG LIN journal article
482002Transoesophageal echocardiographic monitoring of pulmonary venous obstruction induced by sternotomy closure during infant heart transplantationKUANG-CHEGN CHAN ; CHIH-PENG LIN journal article106
492002Transoesophageal echocardiographic monitoring of pulmonary venous obstruction induced by sternotomy closure during infant heart transplantationCHIH-PENG LIN ; Chan K.-C.; Chou Y.-M.; MING-JIUH WANG ; Tsai S.-K.; Lu, Wan-Chih; Chen, Mei-Huei; Chen, Mei-Huei; Yu, Sung-Liang ; Yang, Pan-ChyrArticle106
502001Anomalous origin of the left main coronary artery from the main pulmonary artery in a young adultCHIH-PENG LIN journal article
512001Anomalous origin of the left main coronary artery from the main pulmonary artery in a young adultCHIH-PENG LIN ; Chen Y.-P.; Chen T.-H.; Liu W.-H.; Lin F.-S.; MING-JIUH WANG Article12