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12019Chitosan-hyaluronan: promotion of mucociliary differentiation of respiratory epithelial cells and development of olfactory receptor neuronsHuang T.-W.; Li S.-T.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
22019Investigating the effect of chitosan/ polycaprolactone blends in differentiation of corneal endothelial cells and extracellular matrix compositionsWang Y.-H.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Wang T.-J.Article
32019Salispheres from Different Major Salivary Glands for Glandular RegenerationLee H.W.; Hsiao Y.C.; Chen Y.C.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Yang T.L.Article
42019A self-assembled layer-by-layer surface modification to fabricate the neuron-rich model from neural stem/precursor cellsTsai H.-C.; Wang J.-H.; Chen Y.-A.; Tsai L.-K.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Ethan Li Y.-C.Article
52019Evaluation of pleurodesis by poly-ε-caprolactone (PCL) gel in an animal model using New Zealand white rabbitsHow C.-H.; Lin C.-W.; Lin Y.-C.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Chen K.-C.; Chen J.-S.Article
62019Far-infrared ray radiation promotes neurite outgrowth of neuron-like PC12 cells through AKT1 signalingWang J.-L.; Lin Y.-C.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Chen M.-H.Article
72019Dual-triggered drug-release vehicles for synergistic cancer therapyTu T.-Y.; Yang S.-J.; Tsai M.-H.; Wang C.-H.; Lee S.-Y.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Shieh M.-J.Article
82019Regulation of chitosan-mediated differentiation of human olfactory receptor neurons by insulin-like growth factor binding protein-2Huang T.-W.; Li S.-T.; Wang Y.-H.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
92019Characteristics of melanocyte spheroids formed through different biomaterial-induced processesHsiao W.-C.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
102019Neuropeptide Y increases differentiation of human olfactory receptor neurons through the Y1 receptorHuang T.-W.; Li S.-T.; Chen D.-Y.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
112019Inhibition of melanin synthesis and melanosome transfer by chitosan biomaterialsChen H.-W.; Chou Y.-S.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Cheng N.-C.Article
122018Development of a chitosan-based tissue-engineered renal proximal tubule conduitChiang, I-Ni; Huang, Wan-Chen; CHAO-YUAN HUANG ; YEONG-SHIAU PU ; TAI-HORNG YOUNG; Chiang, I-Ni; Huang, Wan-Chen; CHAO-YUAN HUANG ; YEONG-SHIAU PU ; TAI-HORNG YOUNG 
132018The Proliferation Capacity of Cultured Neural Stem Cells Promoted by CSF Collected from SAH Patients Correlates to Clinical OutcomeChen Y.-A.; Wang K.-C.; Liu D.-Z.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Tsai L.-K.Article
142018The relationship between mechanical properties, ultrastructural changes, and intrafibrillar bond formation in corneal UVA/riboflavin cross-linking treatment for keratoconusChang S.-H.; Eliasy A.; Chen K.-J.; Ji Y.-R.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Wang T.-J.; Willoughby C.E.; Hamill K.J.; Elsheikh A.Article
152018Correction: Maintenance of the spheroid organization and properties of glandular progenitor cells by fabricated chitosan based biomaterials (Biomaterials Science (2018) DOI: 10.1039/c7bm00559h))Lee H.-W.; Hsiao Y.-C.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Yang T.-L.Erratum
162018Poly(N-(4-aminobutyl)-acrylamide) as mimetic polylysine for improving survival and differentiation of cerebellar granule neuronsWang Y.-H.; Chang S.-H.; Mau-Hsu D.; Wang J.-H.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
172018Hyaluronan antagonizes the differentiation effect of TGF-β1 on nasal epithelial cells through down-regulation of TGF-β type I receptorHuang T.-W.; Li S.-T.; Fang K.-M.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
182018Poly (ethylene-co-vinyl alcohol) is a suitable substrate for human olfactory neuroepithelial cell differentiation in vitro through a defined regulatory pathwayLi S.-T.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Huang T.-W.Article
192018Evaluation of digital real-time PCR assay as a molecular diagnostic tool for single-cell analysisChang C.-H.; Mau-Hsu D.; Chen K.-C.; Wei C.-W.; Chiu C.-Y.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
202018Maintenance of the spheroid organization and properties of glandular progenitor cells by fabricated chitosan based biomaterialsLee H.-W.; Hsiao Y.-C.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Yang T.-L.Article
212018Chitosan delaying human fibroblast senescence through downregulation of TGF-β signaling pathwayTsai C.-W.; Chiang I.-N.; Wang J.-H.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
222018Core/shell multicellular spheroids on chitosan as in vitro 3D coculture tumor modelsTsai C.-W.; Wang J.-H.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
232018Ultrasound-responsive NIPAM-based hydrogels with tunable profile of controlled release of large moleculesWu C.-H.; Sun M.-K.; Shieh J.; Chen C.-S.; Huang C.-W.; Dai C.-A.; Chang S.-W.; Chen W.-S.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
242018Aggregation of human dental pulp cells into 3D spheroids enhances their migration ability after reseedingHsieh H.-Y.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Yao C.-C.; Chen Y.-J.Article
252018Chitosan films promote formation of olfactory neurosphere and differentiation of olfactory receptor neuronsLi S.-T.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Wang C.-T.; Huang T.-W.Article
262018Application of 4T-PET fibers/nonwovens for leucocyte filtersHuang W.-C.; Lo S.-C.; Lin D.-T.; Wang J.-H.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article in Press
272017Far infrared radiation promotes rabbit renal proximal tubule cell proliferation and functional characteristics, and protects against cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicityChiang I.-N.; Pu Y.-S.; Huang C.-Y.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
282017Sustained release of adipose-derived stem cells by thermosensitive chitosan/gelatin hydrogel for therapeutic angiogenesisCheng N.-C.; Lin W.-J.; Ling T.-Y.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
292017Study of poly-?-caprolactone membranes for pleurodesisChen K.-C.; Hsieh M.-S.; Li Y.-R.; Lin Y.-C.; Lai H.-S.; Shieh M.-J.; Chen J.-S.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
302017Promotion of olfactory receptor neuron differentiation of olfactory neuroepithelial cells by using chitosan solutionLi S.-T.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Lin C.-F.; Huang T.-W.Article
312017Induced pluripotent stem cells, form in vitro tissue engineering to in vivo allogeneic transplantationLi Y.-C.; Zhu K.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Editorial
322017Association between ischaemic bowel syndromes and androgen deprivation therapy in patients with prostate cancer: A retrospective cohort studyChiang I.-N.; Huang C.-Y.; Pu Y.-S.; Chang C.-H.; Muo C.-H.; Chung C.-J.; Wang R.-Y.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
332017Determining arterial wave transit time from a single aortic pressure pulse in rats: Vascular impulse response analysisChang R.-W.; Chang C.-Y.; Lai L.-C.; Wu M.-S.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Chen Y.-S.; Wang C.-H.; Chang K.-C.Article
342017Quantification of contractile mechanics in the rat heart from ventricular pressure aloneWang C.-H.; Chang R.-W.; Chang C.-Y.; Wu M.-S.; Kao H.-L.; Lai L.-C.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Yu H.-Y.; Chen Y.-S.; Chang K.-C.Article
352017Therapeutic vaccine targeting Epstein-Barr virus latent protein, LMP1, suppresses LMP1-expressing tumor growth and metastasis in vivoLin M.-C.; Lin Y.-C.; Chen S.-T.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Lou P.-J.Article
362017The effect of chitosan on rat olfactory neuroepithelium cellsLi S.-T.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Huang T.-W.Conference Paper
372016High glucose-induced reactive oxygen species generation promotes stemness in human adipose-derived stem cellsNAI-CHEN CHENG ; Cheng, Nai-Chen ; HONG-SHIEE LAI ; Hsieh, Tsung-Yu; Lai, Hong-Shiee ; Young, Tai-Horng journal article
382016Synthesis and application of polyurethane basic organic-inorganic hybrid materials as highly hydrophobic coatingsYang C.-H.; Pan Y.-W.; Guo J.-J.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Chiu W.-Y.; Hsieh K.-H.Article
392016Inhibition of growth and migration of oral and cervical cancer cells by citrus polyphenolTsai H.-C.; Li Y.-C.; Hsu S.-H.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Chen M.-H.Article
402016Effects of fibroblasts on the function of acinar cells from the same human parotid glandChou Y.-S.; Lin Y.-C.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Lou P.-J.Article
412016CD44 expression trends of mesenchymal stem-derived cell, cancer cell and fibroblast spheroids on chitosan-coated surfacesTsai C.-W.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Conference Paper
422016Intraventricular infusion of a low fraction of serum enhances neurogenesis and improves recovery in a rodent stroke modelLi Y.-C.; Tsai L.-K.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
432016Novel microinjector for carrying bone substitutes for bone regeneration in periodontal diseasesTsai H.-C.; Li Y.-C.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Chen M.-H.Article
442016Applications of biomaterials in corneal endothelial tissue engineeringWang T.-J.; Wang I.-J.; Hu F.-R.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
452015Pulmonary endarterectomy for chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension-A single-center experience in TaiwanLuo, Wei-Cheng; Tsai, Hsiao-Cheng; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Huang, Shu-Chien; YEN-HUNG LIN ; Li, Yi-Chen; Hsu, Sheng-Hao; HSAO-HSUN HSU ; Lin, Yen-Hung; HONG-SHIEE LAI ; Young, Tai-Horng ; Lai, Hong-Shiee; Chen, Min-Huey ; Kuo, Shuenn-Wen; WEI-CHENG LUO ; 楊台鴻 ; Pan, Sung-Ching; SUNG-CHING PAN ; 陳敏慧; Hsu, Hsao-Hsunjournal article
462015Chitosan treatment delays the induction of senescence in human foreskin fibroblast strainsJYH-HORNG WANG ; Tsai, Ching-Wen; Kao, Yu-Ting; Chiang, I-Ni; Wang, Jyh-Horng ; Young, Tai-Horng; Young, Tai-Horng journal article
472015Programmable Laser-Assisted Surface Microfabrication on a Poly(Vinyl Alcohol)-Coated Glass Chip with Self-Changing Cell Adhesivity for Heterotypic Cell PatterningLi Y.-C.; Lin M.-W.; Yen M.-H.; Fan S.M.-Y.; Wu J.-T.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Cheng J.-Y.; Lin S.-J.Article
482015Preparation and characterization of methoxy-poly(ethylene glycol) side chain grafted onto chitosan as a wound dressing filmYang C.-H.; Chen S.-H.; Pan Y.-W.; Chuang C.-N.; Chao W.-C.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Chiu W.-Y.; Wang C.-K.; Hsieh K.-H.Article
4920153,6-Bis(1-methyl-4-vinylpyridinium)-carbazole diiodide as a marker for tracking living neural stem/precursor cellsLi Y.-C.; Wang J.-H.; Tsai L.-K.; Chen Y.-A.; Chang T.-C.; Lou P.-J.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
502015Hexosamine-Induced TGF-β Signaling and Osteogenic Differentiation of Dental Pulp Stem Cells Are Dependent on N-Acetylglucosaminyltransferase vChen Y.-J.; Yao C.-C.; Huang C.-H.; Chang H.-H.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
512015Effects of biomaterial-derived fibroblast conditioned medium on the α-amylase expression of parotid gland acinar cellsChou Y.-S.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Lou P.-J.Article
522015Novel porous oral patches for patients with mild obstructive sleep apnea and mouth breathing: A pilot studyHuang T.-W.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
532014Response to: "Oral manifestations and blood profile in patients with iron deficiency anemia"Sun, Andy ; Tsai, Hsiao-Cheng; ANDY SUN ; Li, Yi-Chen; Young, Tai-Horng ; Chen, Min-Huey ; 楊台鴻 ; 陳敏慧journal article
542014Patient-centered wound teleconsultation for cutaneous wounds: A feasibility studyNAI-CHEN CHENG ; Huang, W. C.; Chen, Chih-Hsuan; Yi-Ywan, M.; Young, Tai-Horng ; HONG-SHIEE LAI ; JIN-SHING CHEN ; Chen-Teng, L. J.; Huang, Chieh-Huei; Chang, Hui-Hsiu; Lien, H. T.; Chen, Chien-Liang; Chen, J. Y.; Chien, Hsiung-Fei ; Chia, J. S.*; Chen, Jin-Shing ; Lai, Hong-Shiee ; Cheng, Nai-Chen journal article
552014Citrus polyphenol for oral wound healing in oral ulcers and periodontal diseasesTsai, Hsiao-Cheng; MIN-HUEY CHEN ; Li, Yi-Chen; Li, Yi-Chen; Young, Tai-Horng; Young, Tai-Horng ; Chen, Min-Huey journal article
562014Differentiation of Neural Stem/Progenitor Cells Using Low-Intensity UltrasoundLee I.-C.; Lo T.-L.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Li Y.-C.; Chen N.G.; Chen C.-H.; Chang Y.-C.Article
572014Fabrication of a bioengineered corneal endothelial cell sheet using chitosan/polycaprolactone blend membranesTAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Wang I.-J.; Hu F.-R.; Wang T.-J.Article
582014Detection of cell carcinogenic transformation by a quadruplex DNA binding fluorescent probeYang T.-L.; Lin L.; Lou P.-J.; Chang T.-C.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
592014Chitosan as an adjuvant-like substrate for dendritic cell culture to enhance antitumor effectsLin Y.-C.; Lou P.-J.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
602014The mechanism for keratinocyte detaching from pH-responsive chitosanChen Y.-H.; Chang S.-H.; Wang I.-J.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
612014A neural stem/precursor cell monolayer for neural tissue engineeringLi Y.-C.; Tsai L.-K.; Wang J.-H.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
622014Prevention of arterial stiffening by using low-dose atorvastatin in diabetes is associated with decreased malondialdehydeWang, Chih-Hsien ; CHIH-HSIEN WANG ; KUO-CHU CHANG ; Chang, Ru-Wen; SHOEI-SHEN WANG ; Ko, Ya-Hui; Tsai, Pi-Ru; Wang, Shoei-Shen ; Chen, Pau-Chung ; Chen, Yih-Sharng; Ko, Wen-Je; Chang, Chun-Yi; Young, Tai-Horng ; Chang, Kuo-Chu journal article
632013Hypoxia enhances Chondrogenesis and prevents terminal differentiation through pi3k/akt/foxo dependent anti-Apoptotic effectLee H.-H.; Chang C.-C.; Shieh M.-J.; Wang J.-P.; Chen Y.-T.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Hung S.-C.Article
642013Study of porcine hepatocyte-entrapped bioartificial liver in surgery-induced fulminant hepatic failure rabbitsLin C.-C.; Wang C.-C.; Hung K.-C.; Chen C.-L.; Yong C.-C.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Kobayash E.Article
652013Serum-free culture of rat proximal tubule cells with enhanced function on chitosanChang S.-H.; Chiang I.-N.; Chen Y.-H.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
662013Characterizing the morphologic changes in collagen crosslinked-treated corneas by Fourier transform-second harmonic generation imagingTan H.-Y.; Chang Y.-L.; Lo W.; Hsueh C.-M.; Chen W.-L.; Ghazaryan A.A.; Hu P.-S.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Chen S.-J.; Dong C.-Y.Article
672013Increased mucociliary differentiation and aquaporins formation of respiratory epithelial cells on retinoic acid-loaded hyaluronan-derivative membranesHuang T.-W.; Chan Y.-H.; Su H.-W.; Chou Y.-S.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
682013Induction of neuronal differentiation of embryonic rat cortical neurospheres by nerve growth factor and fetal bovine serum on the nonadherent and adherent substratesHung C.-H.; Li Y.-C.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
692013Characterizing three-dimensional microstructure of collagen/chitosan scaffolds using multiphoton microscopeTan H.-Y.; Lo W.; Hsueh C.-M.; Wang C.-Y.; Lin S.-J.; Dong C.-Y.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
702013Genipin-crosslinked cartilage-derived matrix as a scaffold for human adipose-derived stem cell chondrogenesisCheng N.-C.; Estes B.T.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Guilak F.Article
712013Covalent bonding of GYIGSR to EVAL membrane surface to improve migration and adhesion of cultured neural stem/precursor cellsLi Y.-C.; Liao Y.-T.; Chang H.-H.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
722013Photo-induced antitumor effect of 3,6-bis(1-methyl-4-vinylpyridinium) carbazole diiodideChou Y.-S.; Chang C.-C.; Chang T.-C.; Yang T.-L.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Lou P.-J.Article
732013The critical role of ECM proteins within the human MSC niche in endothelial differentiationWang C.-H.; Wang T.-M.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Lai Y.-K.; Yen M.-L.Article
742013Pearl extract enhances the migratory ability of fibroblasts in a wound healing modelLi Y.-C.; Chen C.-R.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
752013Short-term spheroid formation enhances the regenerative capacity of adipose-derived stem cells by promoting stemness, angiogenesis, and chemotaxisCheng N.-C.; Chen S.-Y.; Li J.-R.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
762013Cell fractionation on pH-responsive chitosan surfaceChen Y.-H.; Chang S.-H.; Wang T.-J.; Wang I.-J.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
772012Efficient transfer of human adipose-derived stem cells by chitosan/gelatin blend filmsNAI-CHEN CHENG ; TAI-HORNG YOUNG; NAI-CHEN CHENG ; TAI-HORNG YOUNG journal article
782012Formation of post-confluence structure in human parotid gland acinar cells on PLGA through regulation of E-cadherinWEI-FANG SU ; Chan, Yen-Hui; Huang, Tsung-Wei; PEI-JEN LOU ; Chou, Ya-Shuan; Hsu, Sheng-Hao; Su, Wei-Fang ; Lou, Pei-Jen ; Young, Tai-Horng journal article
792012Chitosan biomaterials induce branching morphogenesis in a model of tissue-engineered glandular organs in serum-free conditionsYang T.-L.; Lin L.; Hsiao Y.-C.; Lee H.-W.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
802012Combination of media, biomaterials and extracellular matrix proteins to enhance the differentiation of neural stem/precursor cells into neuronsLi Y.-C.; Lin Y.-C.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
812012The influence of spheroid formation of human adipose-derived stem cells on chitosan films on stemness and differentiation capabilitiesCheng N.-C.; Wang S.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
822012The phenotypic response of bovine corneal endothelial cells on chitosan/polycaprolactone blendsWang T.-J.; Wang I.-J.; Chen S.; Chen Y.-H.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
832012Control of cell attachment on pH-responsive chitosan surface by precise adjustment of medium pHChen Y.-H.; Chung Y.-C.; Wang I.-J.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
842012Novel chitosan-polycaprolactone blends as potential scaffold and carrier for corneal endothelial transplantationWang T.-J.; Wang I.; Lu J.-N.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
852012Modulation of behaviours of cultured cells on polycaprolactone/chitosan blended biomaterialsTAI-HORNG YOUNG Conference Paper
862012The effects of acellular amniotic membrane matrix on osteogenic differentiation and ERK1/2 signaling in human dental apical papilla cellsChen Y.-J.; Chung M.-C.; Jane Yao C.-C.; Huang C.-H.; Chang H.-H.; Jeng J.-H.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
872012Chondrogenesis of human bone marrow mesenchymal cells by transforming growth factors β1 through cell shape changes on controlled biomaterialsShao H.-J.; Ho C.-C.; Lee Y.-T.; Chen C.-S.; Wang J.-H.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
882012Response of human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) to the topographic variation of poly(3-Hydroxybutyrate-co-3-Hydroxyhexanoate) (PHBHHx) filmsYu B.-Y.; Chen P.-Y.; Sun Y.-M.; Lee Y.-T.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
892012Polyvinylidene fluoride for proliferation and preservation of bovine corneal endothelial cells by enhancing type IV collagen production and depositionWang T.-J.; Wang I.-J.; Chen Y.-H.; Lu J.-N.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Review
902012Spontaneous osteogenesis of MSCs cultured on 3D microcarriers through alteration of cytoskeletal tensionTseng P.-C.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Wang T.-M.; Peng H.-W.; Hou S.-M.; Yen M.-L.Article
912011Human salivary gland acinar cells spontaneously form three-dimensional structures and change the protein expression patternsPEI-JEN LOU ; CHAN, YEN-HUI; HUANG, TSUNG-WEI; YOUNG, TAI-HORNG ; LOU, PEI-JEN journal article
922011A Transdermal Drug Delivery System Containing Deferioxamine Mesylate for the Treatment of Beta-Thalassaemia MajorHsieh, Chin-Hsiung; Ku, Yuan-An; Chiu, Lien-Hua; Young, Tai-Horng ; Huang, Yi-You 
932011The Role of Adenosine Receptor and Caveolae-Mediated Endocytosis in Oligonucleotide-Mediated Gene TransferCHUNG, YI-CHEN; CHENG, TING-YUN; YOUNG, TAI-HORNG 
942011The Behaviors of Long-Term Cryopreserved Human Hepatocytes on Different BiomaterialsLU, JUI-NAN; WANG, CHIH-CHI; YOUNG, TAI-HORNG 
952011Selective culture of different types of human parotid gland cellsPEI-JEN LOU ; CHAN, YEN-HUI; HUANG, TSUNG-WEI; YOUNG, TAI-HORNG ; LOU, PEI-JEN journal article
962011Effects of the surface characteristics of nano-crystalline and micro-particle calcium phosphate/chitosan composite films on the behavior of human mesenchymal stem cells in vitroLee Y.-T.; Yu B.-Y.; Shao H.-J.; Chang C.-H.; Sun Y.-M.; Liu H.-C.; Hou S.-M.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
972011Imidazole/poly(ethylene glycol)-substituted poly(N-(8-aminooctyl) acrylamide) as biocompatible and efficient gene carrierKe J.-H.; Wei M.-F.; Shieh M.-J.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
982011Gene expression of human lung cancer cell line cl1-5 in response to a direct current electric fieldHuang C.-W.; Chen H.-Y.; Yen M.-H.; Chen J.J.W.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Cheng J.-Y.Article
992011PEGylated guanidinylated polyallylamine as gene-delivery carrierChung Y.-C.; Wei M.-F.; Chang F.-H.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
1002011The impact of compositional topography of amniotic membrane scaffold on tissue morphogenesis of salivary glandHsiao Y.-C.; Lee H.-W.; Chen Y.-T.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Yang T.-L.Article
1012011Design, synthesis and evaluation of cationic poly(N-substituent acrylamide)s for in vitro gene deliveryKe J.-H.; Wei M.-F.; Shieh M.-J.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
1022011Evaluation of chitosan/γ-poly(glutamic acid) polyelectrolyte complex for wound dressing materialsTsao C.T.; Chang C.H.; Lin Y.Y.; Wu M.F.; Wang J.L.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Han J.L.; Hsieh K.H.Conference Paper
1032011Engineered cartilage using primary chondrocytes cultured in a porous cartilage-derived matrixCheng N.-C.; Estes B.T.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Guilak F.Article
1042010Multilayered Polyplexes with the Endosomal Buffering Polycation in the Core and the Cell Uptake-Favorable Polycation in the Outer Layer for Enhanced Gene DeliveryKE, JIN-HE; YOUNG, TAI-HORNG 
1052010Clinical and biomechanical analyses to select a suture material for uvulopalatopharyngeal surgeryHuang T.-W.; Cheng P.-W.; Chan Y.-H.; Wang C.-T.; Fang K.-M.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
1062010Crack-free micromachining on glass substrates by visible LIBWE using liquid metallic absorbersYen M.-H.; Huang C.-W.; Hsu W.-C.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Zimmer K.; Cheng J.-Y.Article
1072010Chitosan modification of adenovirus to modify transfection efficiency in bovine corneal epithelial cellsWang I.; Jhuang M.-C.; Chen Y.-H.; Yeh L.-K.; Liu C.-Y.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
1082010The application of macroelectrophoresis in studying the cellular behaviors on biomaterials: The relationship between cell membrane potention and cellular behaviorsLu J.-N.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Conference Paper
1092010The exhibition of polyethylene imine/DNA coated with oligonucleotides for gene deliveryChung Y.-C.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Conference Paper
1102010Hyaluronic acid modulates gene expression of Connective Tissue Growth Factor (CTGF), Transforming Growth Factor-β1 (TGF-β1), and Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) in human fibroblast-like synovial cells from advanced-stage osteoarthritis in vitroLee Y.-T.; Shao H.-J.; Wang J.-H.; Liu H.-C.; Hou S.-M.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
1112010Regulation of ciliary differentiation of human respiratory epithelial cells by the receptor for hyaluronan-mediated motility on hyaluronan-based biomaterialsHuang T.-W.; Cheng P.-W.; Chan Y.-H.; Yeh T.-H.; Young Y.-H.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
1122010Glucosamine promotes osteogenic differentiation of dental pulp stem cells through modulating the level of the transforming growth factor-β type I receptorHuang C.-H.; Tseng W.-Y.; Yao C.-C.; Jeng J.-H.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Chen Y.-J.Article
1132010Modulation of gene expression and collagen production of anterior cruciate ligament cells through cell shape changes on polycaprolactone/chitosan blendsShao H.-J.; Lee Y.-T.; Chen C.-S.; Wang J.-H.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
1142010Chitosan membrane with surface-bonded growth factor in guided tissue regeneration applicationsChang C.-H.; Tsao C.-T.; Chang K.-Y.; Wang J.-L.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Han J.-L.; Hsieh K.-H.Article
1152010The phenotypic responses of human anterior cruciate ligament cells cultured on poly(ε-caprolactone) and chitosanShao H.-J.; Chen C.S.; Lee Y.-T.; Wang J.-H.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
1162010The effect of poly (ethylene-co-vinyl alcohol) on senescence-associated alterations of human dermal fibroblastsLou P.-J.; Chiu M.-Y.; Chou C.-C.; Liao B.-W.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
1172010Surface modification of microporous PVDF membranes for neuron cultureTAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Chang H.-H.; Lin D.-J.; Cheng L.-P.Article
1182010Polycation/DNA complexes coated with oligonucleotides for gene deliveryChung Y.-C.; Hsieh W.-Y.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
1192010Clinical result of sintered bovine hydroxyapatite bone substitute: Analysis of the interface reaction between tissue and bone substituteTsai W.-C.; Liao C.-J.; Wu C.-T.; Liu C.-Y.; Lin S.-C.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Wu S.-S.; Liu H.-C.Article
1202010Change in neuron aggregation and neurite fasciculation on EVAL membranes modified with different diaminesWang J.-H.; Lin U.-H.; Lin C.-H.; Chung Y.-C.; Chen C.-R.; Kao Y.-C.; Lai J.-Y.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
1212010Biomaterial mediated epithelial-mesenchymal interaction of salivary tissue under serum free conditionYang T.-L.; Hsiao Y.-C.; Lin S.-J.; Lee H.-W.; Lou P.-J.; Ko J.-Y.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
1222010Effects of the surface characteristics of polyhydroxyalkanoates on the metabolic activities and morphology of human mesenchymal stem cellsYu B.-Y.; Chen P.-Y.; Sun Y.-M.; Lee Y.-T.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
1232010Increased mucociliary differentiation of human respiratory epithelial cells on hyaluronan-derivative membranesHuang T.-W.; Chan Y.-H.; Cheng P.-W.; Young Y.-H.; Lou P.-J.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
1242010Colorectal cancer cell detection by folic acid-conjugated chitosan nanoparticlesYang S.-J.; Chen J.-W.; Lin F.-H.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG ; Lou P.-J.; Shieh M.-J.Article
1252010A variable gene delivery carrier - Biotinylated chitosan/polyethyleneimineChung Y.-C.; Chang F.-H.; Wei M.-F.; TAI-HORNG YOUNG Article
1262009Immobilization of L-Lysine on Microporous Pvdf Membranes for Neuron CultureYOUNG, TAI-HORNG ; LIN, YU-HSIANG; LIN, DAR-JONG; CHANG, HSU-HSIEN; CHENG, LIAO-PING
1272009Gallium Nitride Induces Neuronal Differentiation Markers in Neural Stem/ Precursor Cells Derived from Rat Cerebral CortexChen, Chi-Ruei; Li, Yi-Chen; Young, Tai-Horng 
1282009Electrophoretic Behaviors of Human Hepatoma Hepg2 CellsHSU, JYH-PING ; KU, MING-HONG; YANG, LI-CHIA; LU, JUI-NAN; YOUNG, TAI-HORNG ; TSENG, SHIOJENN
1292009The Behavior of Mesenchymal Stem Cells on Micropatterned Plla MembranesLEE, I-CHI; LEE, YU-TSANG; LAI, JUIN-YIH; YOUNG, TAI-HORNG 
1302009Designing a three-dimensional expanded polytetrafluoroethylene-poly(lactic- co-glycolic acid) scaffold for tissue engineeringJYH-HORNG WANG ; SHAO, HUNG-JEN; CHEN, CHIANG-SANG; LEE, I -CHI; WANG, JYH-HORNG ; YOUNG, TAI-HORNG journal article
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2022005以造膜理論控制左旋聚乳酸薄膜之裂解速度(2/2)楊台鴻 report
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