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12023IFN-stimulated metabolite transporter ENT3 facilitates viral genome releaseHsieh, Yu-Ting; Tsai, Tsung-Lin; Huang, Shen-Yan; Heng, Jian-Wen; Huang, Yu-Chia; Tsai, Pei-Yuan; Tu, Chia-Chun; TAI-LING CHAO ; Tsai, Ya-Min; Chang, Pei-Ching; CHIEN-KUO LEE ; Yu, Guann-Yi; SUI-YUAN CHANG ; Dzhagalov, Ivan L; Hsu, Chia-LinEMBO Reports00
22022Study of Dendritic Cell Development by Short Hairpin RNA-Mediated Gene Knockdown in a Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cell Line In vitroHsiao, Yu-Ling; Häcker, Hans; CHIEN-KUO LEE Journal of Visualized Experiments00
32020Regulatory Role of STAT3-PLSCR2 Axis in Antiviral and Inflammatory ResponseCHIEN-KUO LEE ; Tsai, Ming-HsunThe Journal of Immunology0
42019Signal Integration of IFN-I and IFN-II With TLR4 Involves Sequential Recruitment of STAT1-Complexes and NFκB to Enhance Pro-inflammatory TranscriptionPiaszyk-Borychowska, Anna; Széles, Lajos; Csermely, Attila; Chiang, Hsin-Chien; Wesoły, Joanna; CHIEN-KUO LEE ; Nagy, Laszlo; Bluyssen, Hans A RFrontiers in immunology3026
52019Fine-Tuning of Type I Interferon Response by STAT3Tsai, Ming-Hsun; Pai, Li-Mei; CHIEN-KUO LEE Frontiers in immunology5555
62019Editorial: STATs and IRFs in Innate Immunity: From Transcriptional Regulators to Therapeutic TargetsCHIEN-KUO LEE ; Bluyssen, Hans A RFrontiers in immunology11
72018Flt3 ligand treatment reduces enterovirus A71 lethality in mice with enhanced B cell responsesLin, Yu-Wen; Wang, Li-Chiu; CHIEN-KUO LEE ; Chen, Shun-HuaScientific reports00
82018STAT3 Cooperates With Phospholipid Scramblase 2 to Suppress Type I Interferon ResponseTsai, Ming-Hsun; CHIEN-KUO LEE Frontiers in immunology1718
92017Antibodies against nonstructural protein 1 protect mice from dengue virus-induced mast cell activationChu, Ya-Ting; Wan, Shu-Wen; Chang, Yu-Chang; CHIEN-KUO LEE ; BETTY AN-YE WU-HSIEH ; Anderson, Robert; Lin, Yee-ShinLaboratory investigation; a journal of technical methods and pathology1413
102017Phosphodiesterase 4B negatively regulates endotoxin-activated interleukin-1 receptor antagonist responses in macrophagesYang, Jing-Xing; Hsieh, Kou-Chou; Chen, Yi-Ling; CHIEN-KUO LEE ; Conti, Marco; Chuang, Tsung-Hsien; Wu, Chin-Pyng; Jin, S-L CatherineScientific reports109
112017Therapeutic Effects of Monoclonal Antibody against Dengue Virus NS1 in a STAT1 Knockout Mouse Model of Dengue InfectionWan, Shu-Wen; Chen, Pei-Wei; Chen, Chin-Yu; Lai, Yen-Chung; Chu, Ya-Ting; Hung, Chia-Yi; Lee, Han; Wu, Hsuan Franziska; Chuang, Yung-Chun; Lin, Jessica; Chang, Chih-Peng; Wang, Shuying; Liu, Ching-Chuan; Ho, Tzong-Shiann; Lin, Chiou-Feng; CHIEN-KUO LEE ; BETTY AN-YE WU-HSIEH ; Anderson, Robert; Yeh, Trai-Ming; Lin, Yee-ShinJournal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950)4039
122016STAT1 regulates marginal zone B cell differentiation in response to inflammation and infection with blood-borne bacteriaChen, Ting-Ting; CHIEN-KUO LEE ; Tsai, Ming-Hsun; Kung, John T.; Lin, Kuo-I; Decker, Thomas; Lee, Chien-Kuo The Journal of Experimental Medicine 1315
132015In vitro generation of murine plasmacytoid dendritic cells from common lymphoid progenitors using the AC-6 feeder systemChang, Shiun; CHIEN-KUO LEE ; Pai, Li-MeiJournal of Visualized Experiments 11
142015STAT2/IRF9 directs a prolonged ISGF3-like transcriptional response and antiviral activity in the absence of STAT1CHIEN-KUO LEE ; Blaszczyk, Katarzyna; Olejnik, Adam; Nowicka, Hanna; Ozgyin, Lilla; Chen, Yi-Ling; Chmielewski, Stefan; Kostyrko, Kaja; Wesoly, Joanna; Balint, Balint Laszlo; Lee, Chien-Kuo ; Bluyssen, Hans A. R.Biochemical Journal 7069
152014Effects of RING-SH2 <sup>Grb2</sup> , a chimeric protein containing the E3 ligase domain of Cbl, on the EGFR pathwayLee, Wei Hao; PEI-YU WANG ; Lin, Yu Hung; Chou, He Yen; Lee, Yen Hsien; CHIEN-KUO LEE ; Pai, Li MeiChinese Journal of Physiology11
162014Immunodeficient mouse models with different disease profiles by in vivo infection with the same clinical isolate of enterovirus 71Chiu, HM; Liao, Chun-Che; CHIEN-KUO LEE ; Chang, CY; Liou, An-Ting; Chang, Ya-Shu; Chen, CC; Wu, Szu-Yao; Lee, YC; Wu, MS; Chang, Chih-Shin; Lee, Chien-Kuo ; Lin, JT; Shun, CT; Kung, John T.; Wang, HP.; Tu, Pang-Hsien; Yu, Ya-Yen; Lin, Chi-Yung; Lin, Jen-Shiou; Shih, ChiahoJournal of Virology 3332
172013A type I IFN-Flt3 ligand axis augments plasmacytoid dendritic cell development from common lymphoid progenitorsCHIEN-KUO LEE Journal of Experimental Medicine 4343
182012Intrahepatic Infiltrating NK and CD8 T Cells Cause Liver Cell Death in Different Phases of Dengue Virus InfectionBETTY AN-YE WU-HSIEH ; CHIEN-KUO LEE PLoS ONE 3938
192012P123 Type I IFN augments FLT3 ligand-dependent plasmacytoid dendritic cell development from common lymphoid progenitorCHIEN-KUO LEE ; Y.-L.Chen; T.-T.Chen; L.-M.PaiCytokine 00
202011PS1-020. STAT3 negatively regulates type I IFN-mediated antiviral responseWei-Bei Wang; David E.Levy; CHIEN-KUO LEE Cytokine 00
212011STAT3 negatively regulates type I IFN-mediated antiviral responseCHIEN-KUO LEE Journal of Immunology 134130
222010PS2-70 STAT3 negatively regulates type I IFN-mediated signaling and functionsCHIEN-KUO LEE Cytokine 00
232010Suppressor of cytokine signaling and accelerated atherosclerosis in kidney diseaseWesoly, Joanna; Sikorski, Krzysztof; CHIEN-KUO LEE ; Bluyssen, Hans A RActa biochimica Polonica76
242009STAT2 hypomorphic mutant mice display impaired dendritic cell development and antiviral responseCHIEN-KUO LEE ; CHEN, LAN-SUN; WEI, PEI-CHI; LIU, TAMING; KAO, CHUNG-HSUAN; PAI, LI-MEI; LEE, CHIEN-KUO Journal of Biomedical Science 2121
252008CLEC5A is critical for dengue-virus-induced lethal diseaseCHIEN-KUO LEE ; Chen, Szu-Ting; Lin, Yi-Ling; Huang, Ming-Ting; Wu, Ming-Fang; Cheng, Shih-Chin; Lei, Huan-Yao; Lee, Chien-Kuo ; Chiou, Tzyy-Wen; Wong, Chi-Huey; Hsieh, Shie-LiangNature 310298
262008STAT3 is a negative regulator of type I IFN-induced antiviral responsesWei-Bei Wang; CHIEN-KUO LEE CYTOKINE01
272008Tie2-R849W mutant in venous malformations chronically activates a functional STAT1 to modulate gene expressionCHIEN-KUO LEE ; Hu, Hsiao-Tang; Hu, Hsiao-Tang; Huang, Yi-Hsien; Chang, Yi- Ann; Lee, Chien-Kuo ; Jiang, Meei-Jyh; Jiang, Meei-Jyh; Wu, Li-Wha; Wu, Li-WhaJournal of Investigative Dermatology 2421
282006STAT3 positively regulates an early step in B-cell developmentChou, Wei-Chun; Levy, David E; CHIEN-KUO LEE Blood6661
292005Stat1 and Stat2 but not Stat3 arbitrate contradictory growth signals elicited by alpha/beta interferon in T lymphocytesGimeno, Ramon; CHIEN-KUO LEE ; Schindler, Christian; Levy, David EMolecular and cellular biology5653
302005Tissue-specific positive feedback requirements for production of type I interferon following virus infectionPrakash, Arun; Smith, Eric; CHIEN-KUO LEE ; Levy, David EThe Journal of biological chemistry9795
312002What does Stat3 do?Levy, David E.; CHIEN-KUO LEE Journal of Clinical Investigation765736
322002STAT3 is a negative regulator of granulopoiesis but is not required for G-CSF-dependent differentiationCHIEN-KUO LEE ; Raz, Regina; Gimeno, Ramon; Gertner, Rachel; Wistinghausen, Birte; Takeshita, Kenichi; DePinho, Ronald A.; Levy, David E.Immunity 206183
332000Distinct requirements for IFNs and STAT1 in NK cell functionCHIEN-KUO LEE ; Rao, D T; Gertner, R; Gimeno, R; Frey, A B; Levy, D EJournal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950)179172
342000Type I IFN modulates innate and specific antiviral immunityDurbin, J E; Fernandez-Sesma, A; CHIEN-KUO LEE ; Rao, T D; Frey, A B; Moran, T M; Vukmanovic, S; García-Sastre, A; Levy, D EJournal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950)235227
352000STAT1 affects lymphocyte survival and proliferation partially independent of its role downstream of IFN-gammaCHIEN-KUO LEE ; Smith, EE; Gimeno, R; Gertner, R; Levy, D EJournal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950)129125
362000Stat5 is essential for the myelo- and lymphoproliferative disease induced by TEL/JAK2Schwaller, Juerg; Parganas, Evan; Wang, Demin; Cain, Danielle; Aster, Jon C.; Williams, Ifor R.; CHIEN-KUO LEE ; Gerthner, Rachel; Kitamura, Toshio; Frantsve, Julie; Anastasiadou, Ema; Loh, Mignon L.; Levy, David E.; Ihle, James N.; Gilliland, D. GaryMolecular Cell271261
371999Differential regulation of constitutive major histocompatibility complex class I expression in T and B lymphocytesCHIEN-KUO LEE ; Gimeno, R; Levy, D EThe Journal of experimental medicine6462
381999Essential role of STAT3 for embryonic stem cell pluripotencyCHIEN-KUO LEE ; Raz, Regina; Cannizzaro, Linda A.; d’Eustachio, Peter; Levy, David E.Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 329302
391997Regulation of interferon-alpha responsiveness by the duration of Janus kinase activityCHIEN-KUO LEE ; Bluyssen, H A; Levy, D EThe Journal of biological chemistry8378