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12019Tofacitinib in the treatment of moderate-to-severe rheumatoid arthritis: a cost-effectiveness analysis compared with adalimumab in TaiwanChen, Der-Yuan; PING-NING HSU ; Tang, Chao-Hsiun; Claxton, Lindsay; Valluri, Satish; Gerber, Robert Ajournal article00
22019TRAIL suppresses gut inflammation and inhibits colitogeic T-cell activation in experimental colitis via an apoptosis-independent pathwayChyuan, I T; Tsai, H F; Wu, C S; PING-NING HSU journal article22
32019Development of a PD-L1-Expressing Orthotopic Liver Cancer Model: Implications for Immunotherapy for Hepatocellular CarcinomaDA-LIANG OU ; Lin, Yu-Yang; Hsu, Chia-Lang; Lin, Yin-Yao; Chen, Chia-Wei; Yu, Jhang-Sian; SHI-CHUEN MIAW ; PING-NING HSU ; ANN-LII CHENG ; Hsu, Chiunjournal article22
42019Novel Insights of Lymphomagenesis of Helicobacter pylori-Dependent Gastric Mucosa-Associated Lymphoid Tissue LymphomaSUNG-HSIN KUO ; MING-SHIANG WU ; KUN-HUEI YEH ; CHUNG-WU LIN ; PING-NING HSU ; Chen, Li-Tzong; ANN-LII CHENG journal article11
52019TRAIL inhibits RANK signaling and suppresses osteoclast activation via inhibiting lipid raft assembly and TRAF6 recruitmentLiao, Hsiu-Jung; Tsai, Hwei-Fang; Wu, Chien-Sheng; Chyuan, I-Tsu; PING-NING HSU journal article00
62018Significant association of rheumatoid arthritis-related inflammatory markers with non-surgical periodontal therapyYang, Ning-Ya; CHEN-YING WANG ; Chyuan, I-Tsu; KING-JEAN WU ; YU-KANG TU ; CHING-WEN CHANG ; PING-NING HSU ; Kuo, Mark Yen-Ping; YI-WEN CHEN journal article43
72018Dosing down and then discontinuing biologic therapy in rheumatoid arthritis: a review of the literatureChen, Der-Yuan; Lau, Chak Sing; Elzorkany, Bassel; PING-NING HSU ; Praprotnik, Sonja; Vasilescu, Radu; Marshall, Lisa; Llamado, Lyndonjournal article22
82018An apoptosis-independent role of TRAIL in suppressing joint inflammation and inhibiting T-cell activation in inflammatory arthritisChyuan, I-Tsu; Tsai, Hwei-Fang; Liao, Hsiu-Jung; Wu, Chien-Sheng; PING-NING HSU journal article78
92018Cumulative Burden of Glucocorticoid-related Adverse Events in Patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: Findings from a 12-year Longitudinal StudyChen, Hung-Lin; LI-JIUAN SHEN ; PING-NING HSU ; CHIEH-YU SHEN ; Hall, Susan A; FEI-YUAN HSIAO journal article1311
102018TRAIL-Mediated Suppression of T Cell Receptor Signaling Inhibits T Cell Activation and Inflammation in Experimental Autoimmune EncephalomyelitisChyuan, I-Tsu; Tsai, Hwei-Fang; Wu, Chien-Sheng; Sung, Chi-Chang; PING-NING HSU journal article1212
112018Tumor necrosis factor: The key to hepatitis B viral clearanceChyuan, I-Tsu; PING-NING HSU journal article44
122018c-FLIP is a target of the E3 ligase deltex1 in gastric cancerHsu, Tzu-Sheng; Mo, Shu-Ting; PING-NING HSU ; Lai, Ming-Zongjournal article89
132017Cancer immunotherapy by targeting immune checkpoints: mechanism of T cell dysfunction in cancer immunity and new therapeutic targetsTsai, Hwei-Fang; PING-NING HSU journal article3834
142017The B-cell-activating factor signalling pathway is associated with Helicobacter pylori independence in gastric mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma without t(11;18)(q21;q21)SUNG-HSIN KUO ; Tsai, Hui-Jen; CHUNG-WU LIN ; KUN-HUEI YEH ; Lee, Hsiao-Wei; Wei, Ming-Feng; CHIA-TUNG SHUN ; MING-SHIANG WU ; PING-NING HSU ; Chen, Li-Tzong; ANN-LII CHENG journal article66
152017Modulation of tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL)-mediated apoptosis by Helicobacter pylori in immune pathogenesis of gastric mucosal damageTsai, Hwei-Fang; PING-NING HSU journal article97
162017Expressions of the CagA protein and CagA-signaling molecules predict Helicobacter pylori dependence of early-stage gastric DLBCLSUNG-HSIN KUO ; Chen, Li-Tzong; CHUNG-WU LIN ; KUN-HUEI YEH ; CHIA-TUNG SHUN ; Tzeng, Yi-Shin; JYH-MING LIOU ; MING-SHIANG WU ; PING-NING HSU ; ANN-LII CHENG journal article75
172016Safety and efficacy of oral febuxostat for treatment of HLA-B*5801-negative gout: a randomized, open-label, multicentre, allopurinol-controlled studyYu, K-H; Lai, J-H; PING-NING HSU ; Chen, D-Y; Chen, C-J; Lin, H-Yjournal article1615
182016Estimating the Economic Burden of Rheumatoid Arthritis in Taiwan Using the National Health Insurance DatabaseWang, Bruce C M; PING-NING HSU ; Furnback, Wesley; Ney, John; YA-WEN YANG ; Fang, Chi-Hui; Tang, Chao-Hsiunjournal article70
192016Galectin-3 suppresses mucosal inflammation and reduces disease severity in experimental colitisTsai, Hwei-Fang; Wu, Chien-Sheng; Chen, Yi-Lin; Liao, Hsiu-Jung; Chyuan, I-Tsu; PING-NING HSU journal article1716
202015Endothelial Cell Sensitization by Death Receptor Fractions of an Anti-Dengue Nonstructural Protein 1 Antibody Induced Plasma Leakage, Coagulopathy, and Mortality in MiceSun, Der-Shan; Chang, Ying-Chen; Lien, Te-Sheng; King, Chwan-Chuen; Shih, Yung-Luen; Huang, Hsuan-Shun; Wang, Teng-Yi; Li, Chen-Ru; Lee, Chin-Cheng; PING-NING HSU ; Chang, Hsin-Houjournal article1816
212015β2-Glycoprotein I-Dependent Anti-Cardiolipin Antibodies Associated With Periodontitis in Patients With Systemic Lupus ErythematosusCHEN-YING WANG ; Chyuan, I-Tsu; Wang, Ya-Li; Kuo, Mark Yen-Ping; CHING-WEN CHANG ; KING-JEAN WU ; PING-NING HSU ; Nagasawa, Toshiyuki; Wara-aswapati, Nawarat; YI-WEN CHEN journal article89
222015Increased neutrophil infiltration, IL-1 production and a SAPHO syndrome-like phenotype in PSTPIP2-deficient miceLiao, Hsiu-Jung; Chyuan, I-Tsu; Wu, Chien-Sheng; SHU-WHA LIN ; Chen, Kun-Hung; Tsai, Hwei-Fang; PING-NING HSU journal article138
232015Helicobacter pylori CagA Translocation Is Closely Associated With the Expression of CagA-signaling Molecules in Low-grade Gastric Mucosa-associated Lymphoid Tissue LymphomaSUNG-HSIN KUO ; KUN-HUEI YEH ; Chen, Li-Tzong; CHUNG-WU LIN ; PING-NING HSU ; MING-SHIANG WU ; JYH-MING LIOU ; Tsai, Hui-Jen; Tzeng, Yi-Shin; ANN-LII CHENG journal article89
242015Tumor necrosis factor-alpha blockage therapy impairs hepatitis B viral clearance and enhances T-cell exhaustion in a mouse modelChyuan, I-Tsu; Tsai, Hwei-Fang; Tzeng, Horng-Tay; Sung, Chi-Chang; Wu, Chien-Sheng; PEI-JER CHEN ; PING-NING HSU journal article1313
252015IL-6, through p-STAT3 rather than p-STAT1, activates hepatocarcinogenesis and affects survival of hepatocellular carcinoma patients: a cohort studyKao, Jung-Ta; Feng, Chun-Lung; Yu, Cheng-Ju; Tsai, Shu-Mei; PING-NING HSU ; Chen, Yao-Li; Wu, Yi-Yingjournal article2931
262014Helicobacter pylori-related diffuse large B-cell lymphoma of the stomach: a distinct entity with lower aggressiveness and higher chemosensitivitySUNG-HSIN KUO ; KUN-HUEI YEH ; Chen, L-T; Lin, C-W; PING-NING HSU ; Hsu, C; Wu, M-S; Tzeng, Y-S; HSIANG-JUNG TSAI ; HSIU-PO WANG ; ANN-LII CHENG journal article1614
272014Elevated serum level of growth arrest-specific protein 6 (Gas6) in systemic lupus erythematosus patients is associated with nephritis and cutaneous vasculitisWu, Chien-Sheng; CHUNG-YI HU ; Tsai, Hwei-Fang; Chyuan, I-Tsu; Chan, Cheng-Ju; SHENG-KAI CHANG; PING-NING HSU journal article1414
282014Helicobacter pylori sensitizes TNF-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL)-mediated apoptosis in human gastric epithelial cells through regulation of FLIPWEI-CHOU LIN ; Tsai, H-F; Liao, H-J; Tang, C-H; Wu, Y-Y; Hsu, P-I; ANN-LII CHENG ; PING-NING HSU journal article1313
292014Reduced toll-like receptor 9 expression on peripheral CD14+ monocytes of chronic hepatitis B patients and its restoration by effective therapyYI-WEN HUANG ; Hsu, Cheng-Kai; Lin, Shih-Chang; SHU-CHEN WEI ; Hu, Jui-Ting; Chang, Han-Yu; Liang, Cher-Wei; DING-SHINN CHEN ; PEI-JER CHEN ; PING-NING HSU ; Yang, Sien-Sing; JIA-HORNG KAO journal article1412
302014Tumor necrosis factor-alpha induced by hepatitis B virus core mediating the immune response for hepatitis B viral clearance in mice modelTzeng, Horng-Tay; Tsai, Hwei-Fang; Chyuan, I-Tsu; Liao, Hsiu-Jung; CHUN-JEN CHEN; PEI-JER CHEN ; PING-NING HSU journal article2630
312013Immunocompetent nontransgenic mouse models for studying hepatitis B virus immune responsesTzeng, Horng-Tay; PING-NING HSU ; PEI-JER CHEN journal article54
322013Detection of the Helicobacter pylori CagA protein in gastric mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma cells: clinical and biological significanceSUNG-HSIN KUO ; Chen, L-T; Lin, C-W; Wu, M-S; PING-NING HSU ; HSIANG-JUNG TSAI; Chu, C-Y; Tzeng, Y-S; HSIU-PO WANGjournal article3028
332013Reduced Toll-like receptor 3 expression in chronic hepatitis B patients and its restoration by interferon therapyYI-WEN HUANG ; Lin, Shih-Chang; SHU-CHEN WEI ; Hu, Jui-Ting; Chang, Han-Yu; Huang, Shih-Hung; DING-SHINN CHEN ; PEI-JER CHEN ; PING-NING HSU ; Yang, Sien-Sing; JIA-HORNG KAO journal article2925
342013Inhibition of Helicobacter pylori CagA-Induced Pathogenesis by Methylantcinate B from Antrodia camphorataCHUN-JUNG LIN ; Rao, Yerra Koteswara; Hung, Chiu-Lien; Feng, Chun-Lung; Lane, Hsien-Yuan; Tzeng, David T W; PING-NING HSU ; Lai, Chih-Ho; Tzeng, Yew-Minjournal article87
352012Genetic polymorphism of the growth arrest-specific 6 gene is associated with cutaneous vasculitis in Taiwanese patients with systemic lupus erythematosusWu, Chien-Sheng; CHUNG-YI HU ; Chan, Cheng-Ju; SHENG-KAI CHANG; PING-NING HSU journal article1110
362012Rather than interleukin-27, interleukin-6 expresses positive correlation with liver severity in naïve hepatitis B infection patientsKao, Jung-Ta; Lai, Hsueh-Chou; Tsai, Shu-Mei; Lin, Pei-Chao; Chuang, Po-Heng; Yu, Cheng-Ju; Cheng, Ken-Sheng; Su, Wen-Pang; PING-NING HSU ; Peng, Cheng-Yuan; Wu, Yi-Yingjournal article3633
372012Spontaneous inflammatory pain model from a mouse line with N-ethyl-N-nitrosourea mutagenesisChen, Tsung-Chieh; Wu, José Jiun-Shian; Chang, Wei-Pang; PING-NING HSU ; SUNG-TSANG HSIEH ; Shyu, Bai-Chuangjournal article55
382012Helicobacter pylori eradication therapy is effective in the treatment of early-stage H pylori-positive gastric diffuse large B-cell lymphomasSUNG-HSIN KUO ; KUN-HUEI YEH ; MING-SHIANG WU ; CHUNG-WU LIN ; PING-NING HSU ; HSIU-PO WANG ; Chen, Li-Tzong; ANN-LII CHENG journal article8370
392012Randomized comparison of etanercept with usual therapy in an Asian population with active rheumatoid arthritis: the APPEAL trialKim, Ho-Youn; PING-NING HSU ; Barba, Merle; Sulaiman, Wahinnuddin; Robertson, Debbie; Vlahos, Bonnie; Khandker, Rezaul; Nab, Henk; Freundlich, Bruce; Koenig, Andrewjournal article2426
402012PD-1 blockage reverses immune dysfunction and hepatitis B viral persistence in a mouse animal modelTzeng, Horng-Tay; Tsai, Hwei-Fang; Liao, Hsiu-Jung; Lin, Yi-Jiun; Chen, Lieping; PEI-JER CHEN ; PING-NING HSU journal article8783
412012TRAF-6 dependent signaling pathway is essential for TNF-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL) induces osteoclast differentiationMEN-LUH YEN; PING-NING HSU ; Liao, Hsiu-Jung; Lee, Be-Hang; Tsai, Hwei-Fangjournal article2626
422011Establishment of a novel MALT lymphoma cell line, ma-1, from a patient with t(14;18)(q32;q21)-positive Helicobacter pylori-independent gastric MALT lymphomaSUNG-HSIN KUO ; Weng, Wen-Hui; Chen, Zi-Hua; PING-NING HSU ; MING-SHIANG WU ; CHUNG-WU LIN ; Jeng, Huei-Jiuan; KUN-HUEI YEH ; Tsai, Hui-Jen; Chen, Li-Tzong; ANN-LII CHENG journal article78
432011Galectin-3 gene (LGALS3) +292C allele is a genetic predisposition factor for rheumatoid arthritis in TaiwanCHUNG-YI HU ; SHENG-KAI CHANG; Wu, Chien-Sheng; Tsai, Wei-I; PING-NING HSU journal article3228
442011Expression of CD25(high) regulatory T cells and PD-1 in gastric infiltrating CD4(+) T lymphocytes in patients with Helicobacter pylori infectionWu, Yi-Ying; Chen, Jiunn-Horng; Kao, Jung-Ta; Liu, Kuo-Ching; Lai, Chih-Ho; Wang, Yuan-Min; Hsieh, Chin-Tung; Tzen, Jason T C; PING-NING HSU journal article1313
452011Ribosome inactivating protein B-chain induces osteoclast differentiation from monocyte/macrophage lineage precursor cellsWang, Yuan-Min; Lu, Tzu-Li; PING-NING HSU ; Tang, Chih-Hsin; Chen, Jiunn-Horng; Liu, Kuo-Ching; Kao, Jung-Ta; Tzen, Jason T C; Wu, Yi-Yingjournal article77
462011Lipid raft assembly and Lck recruitment in TRAIL costimulation mediates NF-κB activation and T cell proliferationHuang, Shih-Chia; Tsai, Hwei-Fang; Tzeng, Horng-Tay; Liao, Hsiu-Jung; PING-NING HSU journal article1615
472010Increased PD-1 and decreased CD28 expression in chronic hepatitis B patients with advanced hepatocellular carcinomaPING-NING HSU ; Yang, Tsuey-Ching; Kao, Jung-Ta; Cheng, Ken-Sheng; Lee, Yi-Ju; Wang, Yuan-Min; Hsieh, Chin-Tung; Lin, Cheng-Wen; Wu, Yi-Yingjournal article2727
482010Increased programmed death-ligand-1 expression in human gastric epithelial cells in Helicobacter pylori infectionWu, Y-Y; Lin, C-W; KE-SHENG CHENG; Lin, C; YI-MEEI WANG; Lin, I-T; Chou, Y-H; PING-NING HSU journal article3132
492010Translocation of Helicobacter pylori CagA into Human B lymphocytes, the origin of mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphomaLin, Wei-Cheng; Tsai, Hwei-Fang; SUNG-HSIN KUO ; MING-SHIANG WU ; CHUNG-WU LIN ; Hsu, Ping-I; ANN-LII CHENG ; PING-NING HSU journal article5951
502010Interplay between Helicobacter pylori and immune cells in immune pathogenesis of gastric inflammation and mucosal pathologyTsai, Hwei-Fang; PING-NING HSU journal article3530
512010Hepatitis B virus core antigen determines viral persistence in a C57BL/6 mouse modelLin, Yi-Jiun; Huang, Li-Rung; HUNG-CHIH YANG ; Tzeng, Horng-Tay; PING-NING HSU ; Wu, Hui-Lin; PEI-JER CHEN ; DING-SHINN CHEN journal article5350
522009Genetic polymorphism in milk fat globule-EGF factor 8 (MFG-E8) is associated with systemic lupus erythematosus in humanHu, C Y; Wu, C S; Tsai, H F; Chang, S K; Tsai, W I; PING-NING HSU journal article3330
532008Overexpression of B cell-activating factor of TNF family (BAFF) is associated with Helicobacter pylori-independent growth of gastric diffuse large B-cell lymphoma with histologic evidence of MALT lymphomaSUNG-HSIN KUO ; Yeh, Pei-Yen; Chen, Li-Tzong; MING-SHIANG WU ; CHUNG-WU LIN ; KUN-HUEI YEH ; Tzeng, Yi-Shin; Chen, Jing-Yi; PING-NING HSU ; Lin, Jaw-Town; ANN-LII CHENG journal article3636
542008The significance of ANXA7 expression and its correlation with poor cellular differentiation and enhanced metastatic potential of gastric cancerHsu, Ping-I; Huang, Ming-Shyan; Chen, Hui-Chun; PING-NING HSU ; Lai, Tsung-Ching; Wang, Jui-Ling; Lo, Gin-Ho; Lai, Kwok-Hung; Tseng, Ching-Jiunn; Hsiao, Michaeljournal article2317
552008TNF-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL) induces osteoclast differentiation from monocyte/macrophage lineage precursor cellsMEN-LUH YEN; Tsai, Hwei-Fang; Wu, Yi-Ying; HSIAO-LIN HWA; Lee, Be-Hang; PING-NING HSU journal article3030
562008Anti-SSB/La antibody is negatively associated with HLA-DR2 in chronic hepatitis C infectionWu, Chien-Sheng; CHUNG-YI HU ; PING-NING HSU journal article77
572008Elevated serum decoy receptor 3 with enhanced T cell activation in systemic lupus erythematosusCHENG-SHANG LEE; Hu, C-Y; Tsai, H-F; Wu, C-S; Hsieh, S-L; Liu, L-C; PING-NING HSU journal article3935
582008Long-term follow-up of gastrectomized patients with mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma: need for a revisit of surgical treatmentSUNG-HSIN KUO ; Chen, Li-Tzong; MING-SHIANG WU ; CHUNG-WU LIN ; KUN-HUEI YEH ; KUAN-TING KUO ; Yeh, Pei-Yen; Tzeng, Yi-Shin; HSIU-PO WANG ; PING-NING HSU ; Lin, Jaw-Town; ANN-LII CHENG journal article1213
592008Association of the myeloperoxidase polymorphism with the risk of gastric cancerHsu, Ping-I; Jwo, Jyh-Jen; CHIA-LIN YANG; PING-NING HSU ; Yang, Hsiao-Bai; Lai, Kwok-Hung; Chen, I-Shu; Chuah, Seng-Kee; Wu, Deng-Chyang; ANGELA YU-CHEN LINjournal article43
602007Preferential induction of transforming growth factor-beta production in gastric epithelial cells and monocytes by Helicobacter pylori soluble proteinsMING-SHIANG WU ; Lin, Jaw-Town; PING-NING HSU ; Lin, Ching-Yi; Hsieh, Yuan-Ting; Chiu, Yi-Han; PO-REN HSUEH ; Liao, Kuang-Wenjournal article2019
612007Upregulation of CCL20 and recruitment of CCR6+ gastric infiltrating lymphocytes in Helicobacter pylori gastritisWu, Yi-Ying; Tsai, Hwei-Fang; Lin, We-Cheng; Hsu, Ping-I; CHIA-TUNG SHUN ; MING-SHIANG WU ; PING-NING HSU journal article4442
622007Helicobacter pylori infection and the risk of gastric malignancyHsu, Ping-I; Lai, Kwok-Hung; PING-NING HSU ; Lo, Gin-Ho; Yu, Hsien-Chung; Chen, Wen-Chi; Tsay, Feng-Woei; Lin, Hui-Chen; Tseng, Hui-Hwa; Ger, Luo-Ping; Chen, Hui-Chunjournal article6557
632007Alpha1-antitrypsin precursor in gastric juice is a novel biomarker for gastric cancer and ulcerHsu, Ping-I; Chen, Chung-Hsuan; Hsieh, Chieu-Shia; Chang, Wei-Chao; Lai, Kwok-Hung; Lo, Gin-Ho; PING-NING HSU ; Tsay, Feng-Woei; Chen, Yu-Shan; Hsiao, Michael; Chen, Hui-Chun; Lu, Pei-Jungjournal article4344
642006Spinal pseudoarthrosis: A rare complication in psoriatic arthritisKO-JEN LI ; CHIA-LI YU ; CHAO-YU HSU ; SONG-CHOU HSIEH ; PING-NING HSU 21
652006HLA-DR11 and HLA-DR2 are negatively associated with autoantibody production in chronic hepatitis CHu, C-Y; Wu, C-S; CHENG-SHANG LEE; Wu, C-H; Tsai, H-F; Chen, P-J; PING-NING HSU journal article66
662005Hepatitis C virus core protein modulates TRAIL-mediated apoptosis by enhancing Bid cleavage and activation of mitochondria apoptosis signaling pathwayChou, Ai-Hsiang; Tsai, Hwei-Fang; Wu, Yi-Ying; CHUNG-YI HU ; Hwang, Lih-Hwa; Hsu, Ping-I; PING-NING HSU journal article8276
672004The interleukin-1 RN polymorphism and Helicobacter pylori infection in the development of duodenal ulcerHsu, Ping-I; Li, Chin-Ni; Tseng, Hui-Hwa; Lai, Kwok-Hung; PING-NING HSU ; Lo, Gin-Ho; Lo, Ching-Chu; Yeh, Jeng-Jung; Ger, Luo-Ping; Hsiao, Michael; Yamaoka, Yoshio; Hwang, Il-Ran; ANGELA YU-CHEN LINjournal article1615
682004Helicobacter pylori enhances tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand-mediated apoptosis in human gastric epithelial cellsWu, Yi-Ying; Tsai, Hwei-Fang; Lin, We-Cheng; Chou, Ai-Hsiang; Chen, Hui-Ting; JYH-CHIN YANG ; Hsu, Ping-I; PING-NING HSU journal article2825
692004Risks of interleukin-1 genetic polymorphisms and Helicobacter pylori infection in the development of gastric cancerChen, A; Li, C-N; Hsu, P-I; Lai, K-H; Tseng, H-H; PING-NING HSU ; Lo, G-H; Lo, C-C; Lin, C-K; Hwang, I-R; Yamaoka, Y; Chen, H-Cjournal article5749
702004Induction of costimulation of human CD4 T cells by tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand: possible role in T cell activation in systemic lupus erythematosusTsai, Hwei-Fang; Lai, Jiann-Jyh; Chou, Ai-Hsiang; Wang, Ting-Fang; Wu, Chien-Sheng; PING-NING HSU journal article3330
712004Is there an ethnic difference in the prevalence of lupus cystitis? A report of six casesChen, Mao-Yuan; Lee, Kuang-Lun; PING-NING HSU ; Wu, Chien-Sheng; CHENG-HAN WU journal article1517
722003Endoscopic banding ligation can effectively resect hyperplastic polyps of stomachLo, Ching-Chu; Hsu, Ping-I; Lo, Gin-Ho; Tseng, Hui-Hwa; Chen, Hui-Chun; PING-NING HSU ; Lin, Chiun-Ku; Chan, Hoi-Hung; Tsai, Wei-Lun; Chen, Wen-Chi; Wang, E-Ming; Lai, Kwok-Hungjournal article54
732003Loss of E-cadherin expression correlates with poor differentiation and invasion into adjacent organs in gastric adenocarcinomasChen, Hui-Chun; Chu, Ricky Y; PING-NING HSU ; Hsu, Ping I; Lu, Jau-Yeong; Lai, Kwok-Hung; Tseng, Hui-Hwa; Chou, Nan-Hua; Huang, Ming-Shyan; Tseng, Ching-Jiunn; Hsiao, Michaeljournal article9583
742003Compartment theory in Helicobacter pylori-associated gastric carcinogenesisTseng, Hui-Hwa; Hsu, Ping-I; Chen, Hui-Chun; Lai, Kwok-Hung; Lo, Gin-Ho; Lo, Ching-Chu; Chou, Nan-Hua; Mok, King-Tong; Chen, I-Shu; Chou, Nan-Haw; Yang, Hsiao-Bai; Liu, Les; PING-NING HSU journal article75
752003Double-blind, randomised, comparative trial of etodolac SR versus diclofenac in the treatment of osteoarthritis of the kneeLiang, T H; PING-NING HSU journal article1410
762003Tumor necrosis factor related apoptosis inducing ligand (TRAIL)-mediated apoptosis in human hepatocellular carcinoma cellsTsai, H.-F; Yeh, C.-H; Chou, A.-H; PO-HUANG LEE ; PING-NING HSU journal article0
772002Failure of Fas-ligand transgenic islets to resist allogeneic rejectionJuang, J. H.; Tu, C. F.; Kuo, C. H.; PING-NING HSU conference paper32
782002Risk factors for ulcer development in patients with non-ulcer dyspepsia: a prospective two year follow up study of 209 patientsHsu, P-I; Lai, K-H; Lo, G-H; Tseng, H-H; Lo, C-C; Chen, H-C; Tsai, W-L; Jou, H-S; Peng, N-J; Chien, C-H; Chen, J-L; PING-NING HSU journal article5850
792002One-week quadruple therapy is an effective salvage regimen for Helicobacter pylori infection in patients after failure of standard triple therapyLin, Chiun Ku; Hsu, Ping I.; Lai, Kwok Hung; Lo, Gin Ho; Tseng, Hui Hwa; Lo, Ching Chu; Peng, Nan Jing; Chen, Hui Chun; Jou, Huei Shu; Huang, Wen Keui; Chen, Jin Liang; PING-NING HSU 4332
802001Enhanced proliferation and increased IFN-gamma production in T cells by signal transduced through TNF-related apoptosis-inducing ligandChou, A H; Tsai, H F; Lin, L L; Hsieh, S L; Hsu, P I; PING-NING HSU journal article8582
812001Expression of human Fas ligand on mouse beta islet cells does not induce insulitis but is insufficient to confer immune privilege for islet graftsPING-NING HSU ; HSIN-HUI LIN; Tu, Ching Fu; Chen, Nien Jung; Wu, Kang Mai; Tsai, Hwei Fang; Hsieh, Shie Liang1212
822001Association of mouse mammary tumor virus superantigen with MHC class II during biosynthesisPING-NING HSU ; Wolf Bryant, P; Sutkowski, N; McLellan, B; Ploegh, H L; Huber, B Tjournal article88
832001Eradication of Helicobacter pylori prevents ulcer development in patients with ulcer-like functional dyspepsiaHsu, P. I.; Lai, K. H.; Tseng, H. H.; Lo, G. H.; Lo, C. C.; Lin, C. K.; Cheng, J. S.; Chan, H. H.; Ku, M. K.; Peng, N. J.; Chien, E. J.; Chen, W.; PING-NING HSU journal article7764
842000Risk factors for presentation with bleeding in patients with Helicobacter pylori-related peptic ulcer diseasesHsu, P. I.; Lai, Kwok Huang; Tseng, H. H.; Lin, C. K.; Lo, G. H.; Cheng, J. S.; Chan, H. H.; Chen, G. C.; Jou, H. S.; Peng, N. J.; Ger, L. P.; Chen, W.; PING-NING HSU journal article2119
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