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12019Galectin-3 and S100A9: Novel diabetogenic factors mediating pancreatic cancer-associated diabetesWEI-CHIH LIAO; Huang, Bo Shih; Yu, Ya Han; Yang, Hsin Hua; Chen, Peng Ruei; Huang, Cheng Chieh; Huang, Hsin Yi; MING-SHIANG WU; LU-PING CHOW journal article10
22018Different effects of long noncoding RNA NDRG1-OT1 fragments on NDRG1 transcription in breast cancer cells under hypoxiaYeh, Ching Ching; Luo, Jun Liang; Nhut Phan, Nam; Cheng, Yi Chun; LU-PING CHOW ; MONG-HSUN TSAI; Chuang, Eric Y.; LIANG-CHUAN LAIjournal article10
32017Outcome comparison between percutaneous cholecystostomy and cholecystectomy: a 10-year population-based analysisKAI-BIAO LIN; NIEN-TZU CHANG ; CHIEN-LUNG CHAN; K ROBERT LAI; NAN-PING YANG; LU-PING CHOW journal article43
42017High serum lipopolysaccharide-binding protein level in chronic hepatitis C viral infection is reduced by anti-viral treatmentsJIN-CHUAN SHEU ; LU-PING CHOW ; WEI-SHIUNG YANG ; TUNG-HUNG SU ; JIA-HORNG KAO journal article43
52016Combination of OipA, BabA, and SabA as candidate biomarkers for predicting Helicobacter pylori-related gastric cancerSu, Yu-Lin; LU-PING CHOW ; Huang, Hsiang-Ling; JYH-CHIN YANG ; Huang, Bo-Shih; Chen, Po-Chung; Chen, Chien-Sheng; Wang, Hong-Long; Lin, Pin-Hsin; Chieh, Meng-Shu; Wu, Jiunn-Jong; Yang, Jyh-Chin; Chow, Lu-Pingjournal article129
62016The ubiquitin ligase itch and ubiquitination regulate BFRF1-mediated nuclear envelope modification for Epstein-Barr virus maturationLU-PING CHOW ; HSIU-NI KUNG journal article1413
72016The Ubiquitin Ligase Itch and Ubiquitination Regulate BFRF1-Mediated Nuclear Envelope Modification for Epstein-Barr Virus MaturationLee, Chung-Pei; Liu, Guan-Ting; HSIU-NI KUNG ; Liu, Po-Ting; Liao, Yen-Tzu; LU-PING CHOW ; Chang, Ling-Shih; Chang, Yu-Hsin; Chang, Chou-Wei; Shu, Wen-Chi; Angers, Annie; Farina, Antonella; Lin, Su-Fang; CHING-HWA TSAI ; Bouamr, Fadila; MEI-RU CHEN; Tsai, Min-Shan; Hsu, Chiung-Yuan; CHIEN-HUA HUANG; SHYR-CHYR CHEN; Chen, Huei-Wen ; Wang, Tzung-Dau ; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Wang, Tzung-Dau ; Chang, Wei-Tien; WEI-TIEN CHANG; MIN-SHAN TSAI; Ma, Matthew Huei-Ming; Chien, Kuo-Liong ; KUO-LIONG CHIEN ; Chien, Kuo-Liong ; WEN-JONE CHEN; Chen, Shyr-Chyr; Chen, Shyr-Chyr; Chen, Wen-Jone; Chen, Wen-Jonejournal article1413
82015Inhibition of Rho-associated kinase relieves C5a-induced proteinuria in murine nephrotic syndrome.YEN-HUNG LIN ; Tsai, I-Jung; YONG-KWEI TSAU ; Chou, Chia-Hung; LU-PING CHOW ; Yang, Yao-Hsu; WEI-CHOU LIN ; Lin, Wei-Chou; Lin, Yen-Hung; YAO-HSU YANG ; Chow, Lu-Ping; I-JUNG TSAI ; TZUU-SHUH JOU ; Lee, Hsiao-Hui; Kao, Pei-Gang; Liau, Wan-Ting; Jou, Tzuu-Shuh; Tsau, Yong-Kweijournal article22
92015Predicting outcome in patients under extracorporeal membrane oxygenation due to cardiogenic shock through dynamic change of lymphocytes and interleukinsSUNG-LIANG YU ; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; LU-PING CHOW journal article23
102015Skp2-MacroH2A1-CDK8 axis orchestrates G2/M transition and tumorigenesisLU-PING CHOW journal article3837
112015Integrated stable isotope labeling by amino acids in cell culture (SILAC) and isobaric tags for relative and absolute quantitation (iTRAQ) quantitative proteomic analysis identifies galectin-1 as a potential biomarker for predicting sorafenib resistance in liver cancerMONG-HSUN TSAI ; Yeh, Chao-Chi; LU-PING CHOW ; Hsu, Chih-Hung ; Shao, Yu-Yun ; Ho, Wen-Ching; Tsai, Mong-Hsun ; Feng, Wen-Chi; Chow, Lu-Ping ; 蔡孟勳 journal article2322
122015The C-terminal disulfide bonds of helicobacter pylori GroES are critical for IL-8 secretion via the TLR4-dependent pathway in gastric epithelial cellsFUU SHEU ; Su, Yu-Lin; Yang, Jyh-Chin; SHUEI-LIONG LIN ; LU-PING CHOW ; Lee, Haur; Sheu, Fuu; Hsu, H.-M.; JYH-CHIN YANG ; Hsu, Chun-Hua; CHUN-HUA HSU ; Lin, Shuei-Liong; Chow, Lu-Pingjournal article44
132014Mechanisms controlling the effects of bevacizumab (Avastin) on the inhibition of early but not late formed corneal neovascularizationChen, Wei-Li ; WEI-LI CHEN ; LU-PING CHOW ; Chen, Yan-Ming; Chu, Hsiao-Sang; YAN-MING CHEN ; Lin, Chung-Tien ; FUNG-RONG HU ; Chow, Lu-Ping; Chen, Chi-Ling ; Chen, Chih-Ta; Hu, Fung-Rong journal article2220
142014HSP70 colocalizes with PLK1 at the centrosome and disturbs spindle dynamics in cells arrested in mitosis by arsenic trioxideLU-PING CHOW journal article1616
152014Chemical proteomics identifies heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein (hnRNP) A1 as the molecular target of quercetin in its anti-cancer effects in PC-3 cellsLU-PING CHOW journal article2218
162014The antitumor agent PBT-1 directly targets HSP90 and hnRNP A2/B1 and inhibits lung adenocarcinoma growth and metastasisChen, Chi-Yuan; LU-PING CHOW ; Yan, Shuenn-Chen; Lee, Kuo-Hsiung; Yang, Xiaoming; Wei, Lin-Yi; Chow, Lu-Ping; Wang, Tzu-Chien V.; Hong, Tse-Ming; Lin, Jau-Chen; Kuan, Crysline; Yang, Pan-Chyrjournal article1618
172014Biomarkers of early sepsis may be correlated with outcomeHong, Tsai-Hsia; CHUN-TA HUANG ; LU-PING CHOW ; Chang, Chin-Hao; Ko, Wen-Je; Lin, Ching-Feng; Liu, Heng-Hsiu; Chow, Lu-Ping ; Huang, Chun-Ta ; Yu, Sun-Liang; Chen, Yih-Sharng; 俞松良 journal article1513
182013Efficacy of genotypic resistance-guided sequential therapy in the third-line treatment of refractory Helicobacter pylori infection: A multicentre clinical trialCHIH-HSIEN WANG ; Liou, Jyh-Ming ; Liou, Jyh-Ming ; Liou, Jyh-Ming ; PING-HUEI TSENG ; Chen, Chieh-Chang; Chen, Chieh-Chang; Chen, Chieh-Chang; Chang, Chi-Yang; Chang, Chi-Yang; TSU-YAO CHENG ; JYH-MING LIOU ; Chen, Mei-Jyh; Chen, Mei-Jyh; Fang, Yu-Jen; Fang, Yu-Jen; YI-CHIA LEE ; Lee, Ji-Yuh; Lee, Ji-Yuh; Lee, Ji-Yuh; LU-PING CHOW ; Chen, Chien-Chuan ; MING-SHIANG WU ; Chen, Chien-Chuan ; Chen, Chien-Chuan ; CHIA-TUNG SHUN ; Hsu, Shih-Jer; Hsu, Shih-Jer; Hsu, Shih-Jer; Hsu, Yao-Chun; Hsu, Yao-Chun; Tseng, Cheng-Hao; Tseng, Cheng-Hao; Tseng, Ping-Huei ; Tseng, Ping-Huei ; Chang, Lawrence; Chang, Lawrence; Chang, Lawrence; Chang, Wen-Hsiung; Chang, Wen-Hsiung; Chang, Wen-Hsiung; Wang, Hsiu-Po ; Wang, Hsiu-Po ; Shun, Chia-Tung ; Shun, Chia-Tung ; Shun, Chia-Tung ; Wu, Jeng-Yih; Wu, Jeng-Yih; Lee, Yi-Chia ; Lee, Yi-Chia ; Lee, Yi-Chia ; Lin, Jaw-Town; Lin, Jaw-Town; Lin, Jaw-Town; Wu, Ming-Shiang ; Wu, Ming-Shiang ; Wu, Ming-Shiang journal article5651
192013VCP Phosphorylation-Dependent Interaction Partners Prevent Apoptosis in Helicobacter pylori-Infected Gastric Epithelial CellsCHUNG-WU LIN ; Yu, Cheng-Chou; LU-PING CHOW ; Yang, Jyh-Chin ; Chang, Yen-Ching; JYH-CHIN YANG ; MING-SHIANG WU ; Chuang, Jiing-Guang; Lin, Chung-Wu ; Wu, Ming-Shiang ; Chow, Lu-Ping journal article225
202013Autoantibody recognition of an N-terminal epitope of hnRNP L marks the risk for developing HBV-related hepatocellular carcinomaMONG-HSUN TSAI ; JIN-CHUAN SHEU ; LU-PING CHOW journal article1513
212012Identification of Critical Amino Acids in an immunodominant IgE epitope of pen c 13, a major allergen from penicillium citrinumChen, Jui-Chieh; LU-PING CHOW ; Chiu, Li-Li; Lee, Kuang-Lun; Huang, Wei-Ning; Chuang, Jiing-Guang; Liao, Hsin-Kai; Chow, Lu-Ping ; Zimmer, Jacquesjournal article1410
222012Development of an AlphaLISA assay to quantify serum core-fucosylated E-cadherin as a metastatic lung adenocarcinoma biomarkerLU-PING CHOW ; Wen, Chu-Ling; Chen, Kuan-Yu; Chen, Chih-Ta; Chuang, Jiing-Guang; Yang, Pan-Chyr; Chow, Lu-Ping journal article2723
232012The most negatively charged low-density lipoprotein l5 induces stress pathways in vascular endothelial cellsChen, Ching-Yi; CHING-YI CHEN ; Hsu, Hsiu-Ching; LU-PING CHOW ; Lee, An-Sheng; Tang, Daming; Chow, Lu-Ping; Yang, Chao-Yuh; Chen, Han; Lee, Yuan-Teh; Chen, Chu-Huangjournal article1213
242011Single-molecule imaging of Bmp4 dimerization on human periodontal ligament cellsYU-CHIH CHIANG ; CHUN-PIN LIN ; LU-PING CHOW journal article11
252011Highly efficient multipotent differentiation of human periodontal ligament fibroblasts induced by combined BMP4 and hTERT gene transferCHUN-PIN LIN ; LU-PING CHOW journal article1715
262011The protease allergen Pen c 13 induces allergic airway inflammation and changes in epithelial barrier integrity and function in a murine modelXiao, Jason Zezhong; BOR-LUEN CHIANG ; Duh, Rong-Ruey; LU-PING CHOW ; Chow, Chee W.; CHEN, JUI-CHIEH; CHUANG, JIING-GUANG; SU, YU-YI; CHIANG, BOR-LUEN ; LIN, YOU-SHUEI; CHOW, LU-PING journal article2925
272011Lie group analyses of pattern formation of Gurken distribution in Drosophila oogenesis (vol 25, pg 269, 2010)Huang, RR; PEI-YU WANG ; WEI-CHOU LIN ; CHENG-HUA FANG; Wang, JC; Cheng, JC; Qian, XH; Chang, LB; Sheu, LG; Pai, LM; Nee, TE; LU-PING CHOW ; MU-ZON WU other00
282011Small molecule Amiloride modulates oncogenic RNA alternative splicing to devitalize human cancer cellsLU-PING CHOW journal article3834
292011Iron-catalyzed oxidation of Trp residues in low-density lipoproteinLU-PING CHOW ; CHING-YI CHEN journal article34
302010Analysis of protein profiles in human epithelial ovarian cancer tissues by proteomic technologyLU-PING CHOW journal article
312010Heat shock protein 72 is associated with the hepatitis C virus replicase complex and enhances viral RNA replicationLU-PING CHOW journal article4036
322010Recognition intensities of submolecular structures, mammalian glyco-structural units, ligand cluster and polyvalency in abrin-a-carbohydrate interactionsLU-PING CHOW journal article23
332010Proteomic identification of membrane proteins regulating antimicrobial peptide resistance in Vibrio parahaemolyticusLU-PING CHOW journal article2221
342009Subconjunctival injection of bevacizumab (Avastin) on corneal neovascularization in different rabbit models of corneal angiogenesisWEI-LI CHEN ; LU-PING CHOW ; FUNG-RONG HU journal article5753
352009Roles of mammalian structural units, ligand cluster and polyvalency in the Abrus precatorius agglutinin and glycoprotein recognition processLU-PING CHOW journal article54
362009Salt-responsive outer membrane proteins of Vibrio anguillarum serotype O1 as revealed by comparative proteome analysisLU-PING CHOW journal article1919
372008Proteomic identification of biomarkers related to Helicobacter pylori-associated gastroduodenal disease: Challenges and opportunitiesWu, Ming-Shiang ; Chow, Lu-Ping ; Lin, Jaw-Town; Chiou, Shyh-Horng
382008Secretome analysis of novel IgE-binding proteins from Penicillium citrinumLU-PING CHOW ; CHIA-YU CHUjournal article1717
392007Proteomic approach to study various oxidative modified low density lipoprotein regulated protein expression in human umbilical vein endothelial cellsChen, Ching-Yi ; Lee, Chii-Ming ; Hsu, Hsiu-Ching; Yang, Chao-Yuh; Chow, Lu-Ping ; Lee, Yuan-Tehjournal article
402007Proteomic approach to study the effects of various oxidatively modified low-density lipoprotein on regulation of protein expression in human umbilical vein endothelial cellCHING-YI CHEN ; LU-PING CHOW ; CHII-MING LEE journal article1313
412007Duodenal ulcer-related antigens from Helicobacter pylori: Immunoproteome and protein microarray approachesLin, Yu-Fen; MONG-HSUN TSAI ; LU-PING CHOW ; Chen, Chun-Yi; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG ; Tsai, Mong-Hsun ; Wu, Ming-Shiang ; MING-SHIANG WU ; Wang, Yu-Chun; Chuang, Eric Y.; Lin, Jaw-Town; Yang, Pan-Chyr ; Chow, Lu-Ping journal article2421
422007Kinetics and functional assay of liver repopulation after human cord blood transplantationMING-KWANG SHYU ; RAY-HWANG YUAN; CHUNG-LIANG CHIEN ; Hui-Ling Chen ; LU-PING CHOW ; MU-ZON WU ; JIN-CHUNG SHIH journal article43
432007Mold allergen, Pen c 13, induces IL-8 expression in human airway epithelial cells by activating protease-activated receptor 1 and 2LU-PING CHOW journal article
442007Identification of a novel competitive inhibitor of p38α MAPK by a human PBMC screenLU-PING CHOW journal article00
452006Identification of complement C3a as a candidate biomarker in human chronic hepatitis C and HCV-related hepatocellular carcinoma using a proteomics approachHSUAN-SHU LEE ; GUAN-TARN HUANG ; JIN-CHUAN SHEU ; LU-PING CHOW ; DING-SHINN CHEN journal article11187
462006Comparative immunoproteomics of idenfication and characterization of virulence factors from helicobacter pylori related to gastric cancerLU-PING CHOW ; DING-SHINN CHEN ; MING-SHIANG WU journal article5958
472006Subcellular and functional proteomic analysis of the cellular responses induced by Helicobacter pyloriLU-PING CHOW ; MING-SHIANG WU journal article2622
482005Sub-proteome analysis of novel IgE-binding proteins from Bermuda grass pollenLU-PING CHOW journal article3326
492005Mutational and inhibitive analysis of SARS coronavirus 3C-like protease by fluorescence resonance energy transfer-based assaysLU-PING CHOW journal article1312
502005Purification and structural analysis of the novel glycoprotein allergen Cyn d 24, a pathogenesis-related protein PR-1, from Bermuda grass pollenLU-PING CHOW journal article2725
512005蛋白質體學之臨床與生物醫學之應用LU-PING CHOW journal article00
522005Identification of human hepatocellular carcinoma-related biomarkers by two-dimensional difference gel electrophoresis and mass spectrometryHSUAN-SHU LEE ; JIN-CHUAN SHEU ; GUAN-TARN HUANG ; LU-PING CHOW journal article105101
532004Identification and immunologic characterization of an allergen, alliin lyase, from garlic (Allium sativum)LU-PING CHOW journal article4032
542003Purification and characterization of a novel isoallergen of a major Bermuda grass pollen allergen, Cyn d 1LU-PING CHOW journal article140
552002Molecular and immunological characterization and IgE epitope mapping of Pen n 18, a major allergen of Penicillium notatumLU-PING CHOW journal article00
562001Carbohydrate specificity of a toxic lectin, abrin A, from the seeds of Abrus precatorius (jequirity bean)LU-PING CHOW journal article88
572000Characterization of Pen n 13, a major allergen from the mold Penicillium notatumBOR-LUEN CHIANG ; LU-PING CHOW journal article1918
582000Arsanilic acid-Sepharose chromatography of pyruvate kinase from KB cellsRONG-NAN HUANG ; LU-PING CHOW journal article32
592000Identification and expression of an allergen Asp f 13 from Aspergillus fumigatus and epitope mapping using human IgE antibodies and rabbit polyclonal antibodiesLU-PING CHOW journal article2627
601999Identification and expression of Pen c 2, a novel allergen from Penicillium citrinumBOR-LUEN CHIANG ; LU-PING CHOW journal article2728
611999Purification, characterization and molecular cloning of trichoanguin, a novel type I ribosome-inactivating protein from the seeds of Trichosanthes anguinaLU-PING CHOW journal article3028
621999Pen c 1, a novel enzymic allergen protein from Penicillium citrinum. Purification, characterization, cloning and expressionLU-PING CHOW journal article4342
631999Isolation and characterization of a novel proteinase inhibitor from the snake serum of Taiwan habu (Trimeresurus mucrosquamatus)LU-PING CHOW ; Huang, Kai-Fa; Chow, Lu-Ping ; Chiou, Shyh-Horngjournal article1110
641999Characterization of a novel allergen, a major IgE-binding protein from Aspergillus flavus, as an alkaline serine proteaseBOR-LUEN CHIANG ; Yu, Chia-Jung; LU-PING CHOW ; Chiou, Shyh-Horng; Lai, Wei-Yu; Chiang, Bor-Luen ; Chow, Lu-Ping journal article3227
651998Sechiumin, a ribosome-inactivating protein from the edible gourd, Sechium edule Swartz - Purification, characterization, molecular cloning and expressionLU-PING CHOW journal article
661997Bond-specific chemical cleavages of peptides and proteins with perfluoric acid vapors: Novel peptide bond cleavages of glycyl-threonine, the amino side of serine residues and the carboxyl side of aspartic acid residuesLU-PING CHOW journal article
671996Isolation of a venom factor devoid of proteolytic activity from Taiwan habu (Trimeresurus mucrosquamatus): N-terminal sequence homology and no functional similarity to factors IX/X-binding proteins and botrocetinLU-PING CHOW journal article
681996Amino acid sequence of trichoanguina, a ribosomal-inactivating protein from Trichosanthes anguina seedsLU-PING CHOW journal article
691996Amino acid sequence of the maize ferredoxin:thioredoxin reductase variable subunitLU-PING CHOW journal article
701996Probing the domain structure of abrin-a by tryptic digestionLU-PING CHOW journal article
711996Amino acid sequence of peptidyl-prolyl isomerase a of Fusarium sporotrichioidesLU-PING CHOW journal article
721995Growth factor regulation of integrin-mediated cell motilityMatsumoto, K.; JANE CHUNG-CHEN YAO ; Tsai, I-Jung ; Ziober, B.L.; Chou, Chia-Hung; Yang, Yao-Hsu ; Yao, C.C.; Kramer, R.H.; Lin, Wei-Chou ; Lin, Yen-Hung ; Chow, Lu-Ping ; Lee, Hsiao-Hui; Kao, Pei-Gang; Liau, Wan-Ting; Jou, Tzuu-Shuh ; Tsau, Yong-Kwei ; 林彥宏 ; 周祖述 ; 周綠蘋 ; 蔡宜蓉 ; 林維洲 ; 楊曜旭 ; 曹永魁 journal article5960
731995Characterization of Multiple Metalloproteinases with Fibrinogenolytic Activity from the Venom of Taiwan Habu (Trimeresurus mucrosquamatus): Protein Microsequencing Coupled with cDNA Sequence AnalysisLU-PING CHOW journal article2421
741995Partial amino acid sequences of peptidyl-prolyl isomerases of Fusarium sporotrichioidesLU-PING CHOW journal article10
751995Resolution of Fusarium sporotrichioides proteins by two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and identification by sequence homology comparison in protein data baseLU-PING CHOW journal article80
761995Native and/or asialo-Tamm-Horsfall glycoproteins Sd(a+) are important receptors for Triticum vulgaris (wheat germ) agglutinin and for three toxic lectins (abrin-a, ricin and mistletoe toxic lectin-I)LU-PING CHOW journal article1919
771995A sheep hydatid cyst glycoprotein as receptors for three toxic lectins, as well as Abrus precatorius and Ricinus communis agglutininsLU-PING CHOW journal article1819
781995Amino acid sequence of spinach ferredoxin:thioredoxin reductase catalytic subunit and identification of thiol groups constituting a redox-active disulfide and a [4Fe-4S] clusterLU-PING CHOW journal article2526
791992The complete primary structure of abrin-a B chainLU-PING CHOW journal article1920
801992Defining the carbohydrate specificities of Abrus precatorius agglutinin as T (Galβ1→3GalNAc) > I/II (Galβ1→3/4GlcNAc)LU-PING CHOW journal article
811990Selective cytotoxic effects of immunotoxin - monoclonal anti-AFP-abrin-A chain conjugate on several human hepatoma cell linesLU-PING CHOW journal article