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12018Nucleocapsid protein-dependent assembly of the RNA packaging signal of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirusHsin W.-C.; Chang C.-H.; Chang C.-Y.; Peng W.-H.; Chien C.-L.; MING-FU CHANG; Chang, S.C. Journal of Biomedical Science1027
22016Surface vimentin is critical for the cell entry of SARS-CoVYu Y.T.-C.; Chien S.-C.; Chen I.-Y.; Lai C.-T.; Tsay Y.-G.; Chang, S.C. ; MING-FU CHANGJournal of Biomedical Science2666
32014Nephrotoxicity assessments of benzo(a)pyrene during zebrafish embryogenesisLo K.-C.; Sun C.-Y.; Ding Y.-J.; Tsai J.-N.; Chang K.-P.; Wen Y.-E.; Chang W.-L.; Chang, S.C. ; MING-FU CHANG; Wang Y.-H.; Chen Y.-H.; Tzeng, HP; Ho, FM; Chuang, CC; Chen, BL; Huang, CF; Chen, YW; Chen, RM; Liu, SH; 楊榮森Research on Chemical Intermediates23
42014Hepatitis C virus NS5A protein enhances gluconeogenesis through upregulation of Akt-/JNK-PEPCK signalling pathwaysKuo Y.-C.; Chen I.-Y.; Chang, S.C. ; Wu S.-C.; Hung T.-M.; Lee P.-H.; Shimotohno K.; MING-FU CHANGLiver International1011
52013LMBD1 protein serves as a specific adaptor for insulin receptor internalizationTseng L.T.-L.; Lin C.-L.; Tzen K.-Y.; Chang, S.C. ; MING-FU CHANGJournal of Biological Chemistry1821
62013Nuclear export signal-interacting protein forms complexes with lamin A/C-nups to mediate the CRM1-independent nuclear export of large hepatitis delta antigenHuang C.; Jiang J.-Y.; Chang, S.C. ; Tsay Y.-G.; MEI-RU CHEN ; MING-FU CHANGJournal of Virology55
72010Upregulation of the chemokine (C-C Motif) Ligand 2 via a severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus spike-ACE2 signaling pathwayChen I.-Y.; Chang, S.C. ; Wu H.-Y.; Yu T.-C.; Wei W.-C.; Lin S.; Chien C.-L.; MING-FU CHANGJournal of Virology2156
82010In trans interaction of hepatitis C virus helicase domains mediates protease activity critical for internal NS3 cleavage and cell transformationPan R.-Y.; Hung T.-M.; Kou Y.-H.; Chan N.-L.; MING-FU CHANG; Chang, S.C. FEBS Letters65
92009Clathrin-mediated post-Golgi membrane trafficking in the morphogenesis of hepatitis delta virusHuang C.; Chang, S.C. ; Yang H.-C.; Chien C.-L.; MING-FU CHANGJournal of Virology1817
102009A novel nonsynonymous variant of matrix metalloproteinase-7 confers risk of liver cirrhosisHung T.-M.; Chang, S.C. ; Yu W.-H.; Wang Y.-W.; Huang C.; Lu S.-C.; Lee P.-H.; MING-FU CHANGHepatology1210
112008Hepatitis C virus NS5A protein down-regulates the expression of spindle gene Aspm through PKR-p38 signaling pathwayWu S.-C.; Chang, S.C. ; Wu H.-Y.; Liao P.-J.; MING-FU CHANGJournal of Biological Chemistry4442
122007Large hepatitis delta antigen is a novel clathrin adaptor-like proteinHuang C.; Chang, S.C. ; Yu I.-C.; Tsay Y.-G.; MING-FU CHANG; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; WEI-TIEN CHANG; CHIEN-CHANG LEE; MIN-SHAN TSAI; WEN-JONE CHENJournal of Virology3028
132007Differential requirements of NS4A for internal NS3 cleavage and polyprotein processing of hepatitis C virusKou Y.-H.; MING-FU CHANG; Wang Y.-M.; Hung T.-M.; Chang, S.C. Journal of Virology1616
142006Hepatitis C virus NS4A inhibits cap-dependent and the viral IRES-mediated translation through interacting with eukaryotic elongation factor 1AKou Y.-H.; Chou S.-M.; Wang Y.-M.; Chang Y.-T.; Huang S.-Y.; Jung M.-Y.; Huang Y.-H.; MEI-RU CHEN ; MING-FU CHANG; Chang, S.C. Journal of Biomedical Science4139
152005Nuclear hormone receptor coregulator GRIP1 suppresses, whereas SRC1A and p/CIP coactivate, by domain-specific binding of MyoDWu H.-Y.; Hamamori Y.; Xu J.; Chang, S.C. ; Saluna T.; MING-FU CHANG; O'Malley B.W.; Kedes L.Journal of Biological Chemistry1616
162005Novel nuclear export signal-interacting protein, NESI, critical for the assembly of hepatitis delta virusWang Y.-H.; Chang, S.C. ; Huang C.; Li Y.-P.; Lee C.-H.; MING-FU CHANGJournal of Virology2627
172005Assembly of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus RNA packaging signal into virus-like particles is nucleocapsid dependentHsieh P.-K.; Chang, S.C. ; Huang C.-C.; Lee T.-T.; Hsiao C.-W.; Kou Y.-H.; Chen I.-Y.; Chang C.-K.; Huang T.-H.; MING-FU CHANGJournal of Virology99113
182004Epstein-Barr virus nuclear antigen 1 is a DNA binding protein with strong RNA-binding activityLu C.-C.; Wu C.-W.; Chang, S.C. ; Chen T.-Z.; Hu C.-R.; Yeh M.-Y.; Chen J.-Y.; MEI-RU CHEN Journal of General Virology2022
192004Identification of a novel protein 3a from severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirusYu C.-J.; Chen Y.-C.; Hsiao C.-H.; Kuo T.-C.; Chang, S.C. ; Lu C.-Y.; Wei W.-C.; Lee C.-H.; Huang L.-M.; MING-FU CHANG; Ho H.-N.; Lee F.-J.S.FEBS Letters5855
202000Roles of the AX 4 GKS and arginine-rich motifs of hepatitis C virus RNA helicase in ATP- and viral RNA-binding activityChang, S.C. ; Cheng J.-C.; Kou Y.-H.; Kao C.-H.; Chiu C.-H.; Wu H.-Y.; MING-FU CHANGJournal of Virology2019
212000Specific interaction between the hepatitis delta virus RNA and glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase: An enhancement on ribozyme catalysisLin S.-S.; Chang, S.C. ; Wang Y.-H.; Sun C.-Y.; MING-FU CHANGVirology2827
221999Specific interaction between the hepatitis C virus NS5B RNA polymerase and the 3' end of the viral RNACheng J.-C.; MING-FU CHANG; Chang, S.C. Journal of Virology7869
231999A 12-amino acid stretch in the hypervariable region of the spike protein S1 subunit is critical for cell fusion activity of mouse hepatitis virusTsai C.-W.; Chang, S.C. ; MING-FU CHANGJournal of Biological Chemistry1717
241998The nucleolin binding activity of hepatitis delta antigen is associated with nucleolus targetingLee C.-H.; Chang, S.C. ; Chen C.-J.; MING-FU CHANGJournal of Biological Chemistry7072
251995Functional domains of delta antigens and viral RNA required for RNA packaging of hepatitis delta virusMING-FU CHANG; Chen C.-H.; Lin S.-L.; Chen C.-J.; Chang, S.C. Journal of Virology2324
261995Cellular Proteins Specifically Bind to the 5??Noncoding Region of Hepatitis C Virus RNAYen J.-H.; Chang, S.C. ; Hu C.-R.; Chu S.-C.; Lin S.-S.; Hsieh Y.-S.; MING-FU CHANGVirology4241
271994Mutational analysis of delta antigen: Effect on assembly and replication of hepatitis delta virusMING-FU CHANG; Chen C.-J.; Chang, S.C. Journal of Virology3734
281994Nuclear Localization Signals in the Core Protein of Hepatitis C VirusChang, S.C. ; Yen J.H.; Kang H.Y.; Jang M.H.; Chang M.F.Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications5559
291993Functional motifs of delta antigen essential for RNA binding and replication of hepatitis delta virusMING-FU CHANG; Sun C.-Y.; Chen C.-J.; Chang, S.C. Journal of Virology5253
301992Nuclear localization signals, but not putative leucine zipper motifs, are essential for nuclear transport of hepatitis delta antigenMING-FU CHANG; Chang, S.C. ; Chang C.-I.; Wu K.; Kang H.-Y.Journal of Virology4649