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12019PEDF-derived peptide promotes tendon regeneration through its mitogenic effect on tendon stem/progenitor cellsHo, Tsung-Chuan; Tsai, Shawn H; Yeh, Shu-I; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Tung, Kwang-Yi; Chien, Hsin-Yu; Lu, Yung-Chang; Huang, Chang-Hung; Tsao, Yeou-Pingjournal article23
22018Muscle-restricted nuclear receptor interaction protein knockout causes motor neuron degeneration through down-regulation of myogenin at the neuromuscular junctionChen H.-H.; Tsai L.-K.; Liao K.-Y.; Wu T.-C.; Huang Y.-H.; Huang Y.-C.; Chang S.-W.; Wang P.-Y.; Tsao Y.-P.; SHOW-LI CHEN journal article44
32017NRIP/DCAF6 stabilizes the androgen receptor protein by displacing DDB2 from the CUL4A-DDB1 E3 ligase complex in prostate cancerChen, Hsin-Hsiung; Fan, Ping; Chang, Szu-Wei; Tsao, Yeou-Ping; HSIANG-PO HUANG ; SHOW-LI CHEN journal article108
42017Pigment epithelium-derived factor (PEDF) peptide promotes the expansion of hepatic stem/progenitor cells via ERK and STAT3-dependent signalingShih S.-C.; Ho T.-C.; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Tsao Y.-P.journal article9
52016Pigment epithelium derived factor peptide protects murine hepatocytes from carbon tetrachloride-induced injuryShih S.-C.; Ho T.-C.; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Tsao Y.-P.journal article54
62016Pigment epithelial-Derived factor peptide regenerated limbus serves as regeneration source for limbal regeneration in rabbit limbal deficiencyYeh S.-I.; Ho T.-C.; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Chen C.-P.; Cheng H.-C.; Lan Y.-W.; Hsieh J.-W.; Wang C.-T.; Tsao Y.-P.journal article1210
72016Conditional knockout of breast carcinoma amplified sequence 2 (BCAS2) in mouse forebrain causes dendritic malformation via β-cateninHuang, C.-W.; Chen, Y.-W.; Lin, Y.-R.; Chen, P.-H.; Chou, M.-H.; Lee, L.-J.; Wang, P.-Y.; Wu, J.-T.; Tsao, Y.-P.; Chen, S.-L.; LI-JEN LEE; Huang, Chu-Wei; Chen, Yi-Wen ; PEI-YU WANG ; Lin, Yi-Rou; Chen, Po-Han ; Chou, Meng-Hsuan; Lee, Li-Jen; Wang, Pei-Yu ; Wu, June-Tai; Tsao, Yeou-Ping; Chen, Show-Li journal article22
82015BCAS2 regulates delta-notch signaling activity through Delta Pre-mRNA splicing in Drosophila wing developmentChou, M.-H.; Hsieh, Y.-C.; Huang, C.-W.; Chen, P.-H.; Chan, S.-P.; Tsao, Y.-P.; Lee, H.-H.; Wu, J.-T.; Chen, S.-L.; HSIU-HSIANG LEE ; Chou, Meng-Hsuan; Hsieh, Yi-Chen; SHIH-PENG CHAN ; Huang, Chu-Wei; Chen, Hsuan-Yu; Chen, Po-Han ; Chan, Shih-Peng ; Tsao, Yeou-Ping; Lee, Hsiu-Hsiang ; Wu, June-Tai; Chen, Show-Li journal article36
92015Pigment epithelial-derived factor peptide facilitates the regeneration of a functional limbus in rabbit partial limbal deficiencyYeh S.-I.; Ho T.-C.; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Chen C.-P.; Cheng H.-C.; Lan Y.-W.; Hsieh J.-W.; Wang C.-T.; Tsao Y.-P.journal article87
102015PEDF-derived peptide promotes skeletal muscle regeneration through its mitogenic effect on muscle progenitor cellsHo T.-C.; Chiang Y.-P.; Chuang C.-K.; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Hsieh J.-W.; Lan Y.-W.; Tsao Y.-P.journal article2020
112015NRIP is newly identified as a Z-disc protein, activating calmodulin signaling for skeletal muscle contraction and regenerationChen H.-H.; Chen W.-P.; Yan W.-L.; Huang Y.-C.; Chang S.-W.; Fu W.-M.; Su M.-J.; Yu I.-S.; Tsai T.-C.; Yan Y.-T.; Tsao Y.-P.; SHOW-LI CHEN journal article109
122015BCAS2 promotes prostate cancer cells proliferation by enhancing AR mRNA transcription and protein stabilityKuo P.-C.; Huang C.-W.; Lee C.-I.; Chang H.-W.; Hsieh S.-W.; Chung Y.-P.; Lee M.-S.; Huang C.-S.; Tsao L.-P.; Tsao Y.-P.; SHOW-LI CHEN journal article77
132014Phosphorylation of HPV-16 E2 at serine 243 enables binding to Brd4 and mitotic chromosomesChang S.-W.; Liu W.-C.; Liao K.-Y.; Tsao Y.-P.; Hsu P.-H.; SHOW-LI CHEN journal article1314
142014Pigment epithelium-derived factor 34-mer peptide prevents liver fibrosis and hepatic stellate cell activation through down-regulation of the PDGF receptorTsai T.-H.; Shih S.-C.; Ho T.-C.; Ma H.-I.; Liu M.-Y.; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Tsao Y.-P.journal article2424
152013PEDF promotes self-renewal of limbal stem cell and accelerates corneal epithelial wound healingHo T.-C.; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Wu J.-Y.; Ho M.-Y.; Chen L.-J.; Hsieh J.-W.; Cheng H.-C.; Tsao Y.-P.journal article3534
162013BCAS2 is essential for Drosophila viability and functions in pre-mRNA splicingChen P.-H.; Lee C.-I.; Weng Y.-T.; Tarn W.-Y.; Tsao Y.-P.; Kuo P.-C.; Hsu P.-H.; Huang C.-W.; Huang C.-S.; Lee H.-H.; Wu J.-T.; SHOW-LI CHEN journal article1010
172012NRIP enhances HPV gene expression via interaction with either GR or E2Chang S.-W.; Lu P.-Y.; Guo J.-H.; Tsai T.-C.; Tsao Y.-P.; SHOW-LI CHEN journal article43
182012DDB2 is a novel AR interacting protein and mediates AR ubiquitination/ degradationChang S.-W.; Su C.-H.; Chen H.-H.; Huang C.-W.; Tsao L.-P.; Tsao Y.-P.; SHOW-LI CHEN journal article1213
192011Pigment epithelium-derived factor (PEDF) promotes tumor cell death by inducing macrophage membrane tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL)Ho T.-C.; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Shih S.-C.; Chang S.-J.; Yang S.-L.; Hsieh J.-W.; Cheng H.-C.; Chen L.-J.; Tsao Y.-P.journal article2827
202011NRIP, a novel calmodulin binding protein, activates calcineurin to dephosphorylate human papillomavirus E2 proteinChang S.-W.; Tsao Y.-P.; Lin C.-Y.; SHOW-LI CHEN journal article1617
212010Pigment epithelium-derived factor is an intrinsic antifibrosis factor targeting hepatic stellate cellsHo T.-C.; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Shih S.-C.; Wu J.-Y.; Han W.-H.; Cheng H.-C.; Yang S.-L.; Tsao Y.-P.journal article3634
222010Retinal protection from acute glaucoma-induced ischemia-reperfusion injury through pharmacologic induction of heme oxygenase-1Sun M.-H.; Pang J.-H.S.; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Han W.-H.; Ho T.-C.; Chen K.-J.; Kao L.-Y.; Lin K.-K.; Tsao Y.-P.journal article6258
232010Pigment epithelium-derived factor induces interleukin-10 expression in human macrophages by induction of PPAR gammaYang S.-L.; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Wu J.-Y.; Ho T.-C.; Tsao Y.-P.journal article2020
242010Long-term protection against human papillomavirus E7-positive tumor by a single vaccination of adeno-associated virus vectors encoding a fusion protein of inactivated E7 of human papillomavirus 16/18 and heat shock protein 70Zhou L.; Zhu T.; Ye X.; Yang L.; Wang B.; Liang X.; Lu L.; Tsao Y.-P.; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Li J.; Xiao X.journal article1917
252009Breast cancer amplified sequence 2, a novel negative regulator of the p53 tumor suppressorKuo P.-C.; Tsao Y.-P.; Chang H.-W.; Chen P.-H.; Huang C.-W.; Lin S.-T.; Weng Y.-T.; Tsai T.-C.; Shieh S.-Y.; SHOW-LI CHEN journal article2626
262009Suppression of experimental uveitis by a recombinant adenoassociated virus vector encoding interleukin-1 receptor antagonistTsai M.-L.; Horng C.-T.; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Xiao X.; Wang C.-H.; Tsao Y.-P.journal article2018
272009Cytosolic phospholipase A2-α is an early apoptotic activator in PEDF-induced endothelial cell apoptosisHo T.-C.; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Yang Y.-C.; Lo T.-H.; Hsieh J.-W.; Cheng H.-C.; Tsao Y.-P.journal article3026
282008Viral delivery of heme oxygenase-1 attenuates photoreceptor apoptosis in an experimental model of retinal detachmentShyong M.-P.; Lee F.-L.; Hen W.-H.; Kuo P.-C.; Wu A.-C.; Cheng H.-C.; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Tung T.-H.; Tsao Y.-P.journal article1010
29200815-Deoxy-?(12,14)-prostaglandin J 2 induces vascular endothelial cell apoptosis through the sequential activation of MAPKS and p53Ho T.-C.; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Yang Y.-C.; Chen C.-Y.; Feng F.-P.; Hsieh J.-W.; Cheng H.-C.; Tsao Y.-P.journal article2828
302008Nuclear Receptor Interaction Protein (NRIP) expression assay using human tissue microarray and immunohistochemistry technology confirming nuclear localizationHan C.-P.; Lee M.-Y.; Tzeng S.-L.; Yao C.-C.; Wang P.-H.; Cheng Y.-W.; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Wu T.S.; Tyan Y.-S.; Kok L.-F.journal article3328
312008Pigment epithelium-derived factor induces THP-1 macrophage apoptosis and necrosis by the induction of the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gammaHo T.-C.; Yang Y.-C.; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Kuo P.-C.; Sytwu H.-K.; Cheng H.-C.; Tsao Y.-P.journal article3635
322008Nuclear receptor interaction protein, a coactivator of androgen receptors (AR), is regulated by AR and Sp1 to feed forward and activate its own gene expression through AR protein stabilityChen P.-H.; Tsao Y.-P.; Wang C.-C.; SHOW-LI CHEN journal article2729
332008Troglitazone suppresses transforming growth factor beta-mediated fibrogenesis in retinal pigment epithelial cellsCheng H.-C.; Ho T.-C.; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Lai H.-Y.; Hong K.-F.; Tsao Y.-P.journal article2828
342007ErbB4 (JM-b/CYT-1)-induced expression and phosphorylation of c-Jun is abrogated by human papillomavirus type 16 E5 proteinSHOW-LI CHEN ; Lin S.-T.; Tsai T.-C.; Hsiao W.-C.; Tsao Y.-P.journal article2729
352007Photoreceptor protection against light damage by AAV-mediated overexpression of heme oxygenase-1Sun M.-H.; Pang J.-H.S.; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Kuo P.-C.; Chen K.-J.; Kao L.-Y.; Wu J.-Y.; Lin K.-K.; Tsao Y.-P.journal article3636
362007Inhibition of cell motility by troglitazone in human ovarian carcinoma cell lineYang Y.-C.; Ho T.-C.; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Lai H.-Y.; Wu J.-W.; Tsao Y.-P.journal article1415
372007PEDF induces p53-mediated apoptosis through PPAR gamma signaling in human umbilical vein endothelial cellsHo T.-C.; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Yang Y.-C.; Liao C.-L.; Cheng H.-C.; Tsao Y.-P.journal article109105
382007Cytotoxic T-lymphocyte responses to human papillomavirus type 16 E5 and E7 proteins and HLA-A*0201-restricted T-cell peptides in cervical cancer patientsLiu D.-W.; Yang Y.-C.; Lin H.-F.; Lin M.-F.; Cheng Y.-W.; Chu C.-N.; Tsao Y.-P.; SHOW-LI CHEN journal article2117
392007Reduction of experimental diabetic vascular leakage by delivery of angiostatin with a recombinant adeno-associated virus vectorShyong M.-P.; Lee F.-L.; Kuo P.-C.; Wu A.-C.; Cheng H.-C.; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Tung T.-H.; Tsao Y.-P.journal article2824
402006Pigment epithelium-derived factor protects retinal pigment epithelium from oxidant-mediated barrier dysfunctionHo, Tsung-Chuan; Yang, Yuh-Cheng; Cheng, Huey-Chuan; Wu, Ai-Ching; Chen, Show-Li ; Tsao, Yeou-Pingother
412006Pigment epithelium-derived factor inhibits oxidative stress-induced cell death by activation of extracellular signal-regulated kinases in cultured retinal pigment epithelial cellsTsao Y.-P.; Ho T.-C.; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Cheng H.-C.journal article7971
422006Gene therapy of focal cerebral ischemia using defective recombinant adeno-associated virus vectorsTsai T.-H.; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Xiao X.; Chiang Y.-H.; Tsao Y.-P.journal article63
432006HLA-A*0201 T-cell epitopes in severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) coronavirus nucleocapsid and spike proteinsTsao Y.-P.; Lin J.-Y.; Jan J.-T.; Leng C.-H.; Chu C.-C.; Yang Y.-C.; SHOW-LI CHEN journal article3330
442006Activation of mitogen-activated protein kinases is essential for hydrogen peroxide -induced apoptosis in retinal pigment epithelial cellsHo T.-C.; Yang Y.-C.; Cheng H.-C.; Wu A.-C.; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Chen H.-K.; Tsao Y.-P.journal article5050
452005Long-term safety of GDNF gene delivery in the retinaWu W.-C.; Lai C.-C.; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Sun M.-H.; Xiao X.; Chen T.-L.; Lin K.-K.; Kuo S.-W.; Tsao Y.-P.journal article109
462005Recombinant adeno-associated virus vector expressing angiostatin inhibits preretinal neovascularization in adult ratsLai C.-C.; Wu W.-C.; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Sun M.-H.; Xiao X.; Ma L.; Lin K.-K.; Tsao Y.-P.journal article1617
472005Co-vaccination with adeno-associated virus vectors encoding human papillomavinis 16 L1 proteins and adenovirus encoding murine GM-CSF can elicit strong and prolonged neutralizing antibodyLiu D.-W.; Chang J.-L.; Tsao Y.-P.; Huang C.-W.; Kuo S.-W.; SHOW-LI CHEN journal article2219
482005NRIP, a novel nuclear receptor interaction protein, enhances the transcriptional activity of nuclear receptorsTsai T.-C.; Lee Y.-L.; Hsiao W.-C.; Tsao Y.-P.; SHOW-LI CHEN journal article2221
492004Can genes transduced by adeno-associated virus vectors elicit or evade an immune response?Wang C.-H.; Liu D.-W.; Tsao Y.-P.; Xiao X.; SHOW-LI CHEN other1112
502004GDNF gene therapy attenuates retinal ischemic injuries in ratsWu W.-C.; Lai C.-C.; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Sun M.-H.; Xiao X.; Chen T.-L.; Tsai R.J.-F.; Kuo S.-W.; Tsao Y.-P.journal article4639
512004Cytotoxic-T-Lymphocyte Human Papillomavirus Type 16 E5 Peptide with CpG-Oligodeoxynucleotide Can Eliminate Tumor Growth in C57BL/6 MiceChen Y.-F.; Lin C.-W.; Tsao Y.-P.; SHOW-LI CHEN journal article4842
522003Gene treatment of cerebral stroke by rAAV vector delivering IL-Ira in a rat modelTsai T.-H.; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Xiao X.; Chiang Y.-H.; Lin S.-Z.; Kuo S.-W.; Liu D.-W.; Tsao Y.-P.journal article1917
532003The biochemical and biological functions of human papillomavirus type 16 E5 proteinTsai T.-C.; SHOW-LI CHEN journal article4544
542002Intratumoral gene therapy of malignant brain tumor in a rat model with angiostatin delivered by adeno-associated viral (AAV) vectorMa H.-I.; Lin S.-Z.; Chiang Y.-H.; Li J.; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Tsao Y.-P.; Xiao X.journal article8378
552002Recombinant adenovirus encoding H-ras ribozyme induces apoptosis in laryngeal cancer cells through caspase- and mitochondria-dependent pathwaysWang C.-H.; Tsai L.-J.; Tsao Y.-P.; Hsieh J.-T.; Chien W.-W.; Liao C.-L.; Wang H.-W.; Liu H.-S.; SHOW-LI CHEN journal article1715
562002Gene therapy for treatment of cerebral ischemia using defective recombinant adeno-associated virus vectorsTsai T.-H.; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Xiao X.; Liu D.-W.; Tsao Y.-P.journal article1814
572002Gene therapy for detached retina by adeno-associated virus vector expressing glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factorWu W.-C.; Lai C.-C.; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Xiao X.; Chen T.-L.; Tsai R.J.-F.; Kuo S.-W.; Tsao Y.-P.journal article3434
582002Oral vaccination with recombinant Listeria monocytogenes expressing human papillomavirus type 16 E7 can cause tumor growth in mice to regressLin C.-W.; Lee J.-Y.; Tsao Y.-P.; Shen C.-P.; Lai H.-C.; SHOW-LI CHEN journal article4939
592002Inducible adeno-associated virus vector-delivered transgene expression in corneal endotheliumTsai M.-L.; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Chou P.-I.; Wen L.-Y.; Jui-Fang Tsai R.; Tsao Y.-P.journal article3125
602001Suppression of choroidal neovascularization by adeno-associated virus vector expressing angiostatinLai C.-C.; Wu W.-C.; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Xiao X.; Tsai T.-C.; Huan S.-J.; Chen T.-L.; Tsai R.J.-F.; Tsao Y.-P.journal article10988
612001The expression of HPV-16 E5 protein in squamous neoplastic changes in the uterine cervixChang J.L.; Tsao Y.P.; Liu D.W.; Huang S.J.; Lee W.H.; SHOW-LI CHEN journal article6960
622000Recombinant adeno-associated virus expressing human papillomavirus type 16 E7 peptide DNA fused with heat shock protein DNA as a potential vaccine for cervical cancerLiu D.-W.; Tsao Y.-P.; Kung J.T.; Ding Y.-A.; Sytwu H.-K.; Xiao X.; SHOW-LI CHEN journal article140122
632000Induction of CD8 T cells by vaccination with recombinant adenovirus expressing human papillomavirus type 16 E5 gene reduces tumor growthLiu D.-W.; Tsao Y.-P.; Hsieh C.-H.; Hsieh J.-T.; Kung J.T.; Chiang C.-L.; Huang S.-J.; SHOW-LI CHEN journal article5547
642000Bcl-2 accelerates retinoic acid-induced growth arrest and recovery in human gastric cancer cellsChou H.-K.; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Hsu C.-T.; Chao Y.-C.; Tsao Y.-P.journal article169
652000Transcriptional repression of p21((Waf1/Cip1/Sdi1)) gene by c-jun through Sp1 siteWang C.-H.; Tsao Y.-P.; Chen H.-J.; Chen H.-L.; Wang H.-W.; SHOW-LI CHEN journal article4743
662000Sequence variants and functional analysis of human papillomavirus type 16 E5 gene in clinical specimensHsieh C.-H.; Tsao Y.-P.; Wang C.-H.; Han C.-P.; Chang J.-L.; Lee J.-Y.; SHOW-LI CHEN journal article1312
672000Recombinant adeno-associated virus vector expressing glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor reduces ischemia-induced damageTsai T.-H.; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Chiang Y.-H.; Lin S.-Z.; Ma H.-I.; Kuo S.-W.; Tsao Y.-P.journal article6155
682000Therapy and prevention of arthritis by recombinant adeno-associated virus vector with delivery of interleukin-1 receptor antagonistPan R.-Y.; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Xiao X.; Liu D.-W.; Peng H.-J.; Tsao Y.-P.journal article107
691999Adenovirus-mediated p21((WAF1/SDII/CIP1)) gene transfer induces apoptosis of human cervical cancer cell linesTsao Y.-P.; Huang S.-J.; Chang J.-L.; Hsieh J.-T.; Pong R.-C.; SHOW-LI CHEN journal article9489
701999Simian virus 40 T antigen induces p53-independent apoptosis but does not suppress erbB2/neu gene expression in immortalized human epithelial cellsWang C.-H.; Chen Y.-L.; Tsao Y.-P.; SHOW-LI CHEN journal article4
711999The expression of type I growth factor receptors in the squamous neoplastic changes of uterine cervixChang J.-L.; Tsao Y.-P.; Liu D.-W.; Han C.-P.; Lee W.-H.; SHOW-LI CHEN journal article32
721999Disease-inducible transgene expression from a recombinant adeno- associated virus vector in a rat arthritis modelPan R.Y.; Xiao X.; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Li J.; Lin L.-C.; Wang H.-J.; Tsao Y.-P.journal article9580
731998Apoptosis is induced in aging SV40 T antigen-transformed human fibroblasts through p53- and p21(CIP1/WAF1)-independent pathwaysTsao Y.-P.; Li S.-F.; Liu J.-C.; SHOW-LI CHEN journal article5
741998Genospecies identification and characterization of lyme disease spirochetes of genospecies Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato isolated from rodents in TaiwanShih C.-M.; Chang H.-M.; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Chao L.-L.journal article2117
751998The induction of apoptosis by SV40 T antigen correlates with c-jun overexpressionSHOW-LI CHEN ; Tsao Y.-P.; Chen Y.-L.; Huang S.-J.; Chang J.-L.; Wu S.-F.journal article2421
761997Human papillomavirus, cytomegalovirus and herpes simplex virus infections for cervical cancer in TaiwanHan C.-P.; Tsao Y.-P.; Sun C.-A.; Ng H.-T.; SHOW-LI CHEN journal article1512
771996Reversal of the temperature-shift-induced growth restriction of a temperature-sensitive simian virus 40 T-antigen-transformed human fibroblast cell line by treatment with retinoic acidTsao Y.-P.; Li S.-F.; Kuo S.-W.; Liu J.-C.; SHOW-LI CHEN journal article33
781996Human papillomavirus type 11 and 16 E5 represses p21(WafI/SdiI/CipI) gene expression in fibroblasts and keratinocytesTsao Y.-P.; Li L.-Y.; Tsai T.-C.; SHOW-LI CHEN journal article5147
791996E5 proteins of human papillomavirus types 11 and 16 transactivate the c- fos promoter through the NF1 binding elementSHOW-LI CHEN ; Lin Y.-K.; Li L.-Y.; Tsao Y.-P.; Lo H.-Y.; Wang W.-B.; Tsai T.-C.journal article1920
801996Overexpression of the proto-oncogene c-jun in association with low-risk type specific human papillomavirus infection in condyloma acuminataYang Y.-F.; Tsao Y.-P.; Yin C.-S.; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Chu T.-Y.journal article10
811996The regulation mechanism of c-jun and junB by human papillomavirus type 16 E5 oncoproteinSHOW-LI CHEN journal article2727
821996Mutational analysis of human papillomavirus type 11 E5a oncoproteinSHOW-LI CHEN ; Tsai T.-C.; Han C.-P.; Tsao Y.-P.journal article1919
831996Coincidental expression of E5a and c-jun in human papillomavirus type 6/11-infected condylomataSHOW-LI CHEN ; Hsieh T.-B.; Tsao Y.-P.; Han C.-P.; Yang Y.-F.journal article21
841995HPV-4-induced warts are verruca vulgarisSHOW-LI CHEN letter11
851995Protein kinase C- and ras-dependent activation of c-jun gene by human papillomavirus type 11 E5a oncoproteinTsao Y.-P.; Huang C.-H.; Lin Y.-K.; SHOW-LI CHEN journal article88
861995Human papillomavirus 11 E5A delays the growth restriction induced by temperature shift in temperature-sensitive simian virus 40 T antigen-immortalized keratinocytesTsao Y.-P.; Kuo S.-W.; Li S.-F.; Tsai T.-C.; Li L.-Y.; SHOW-LI CHEN journal article66
871995Differential induction and regulation of c-jun, junB, junD and c-fos by human papillomavirus type 11 E5a oncoproteinSHOW-LI CHEN ; Tsao Y.-P.; Yang C.-M.; Lin Y.-K.; Huang C.-H.; Kuo S.-W.journal article1115
881995Differential regulation of cyclin A, cyclin B and p21 concentrations in a growth-restricted human fibroblast cell lineTsao Y.-P.; Kuo S.-W.; Li S.-F.; Liu J.-C.; Lin S.-Z.; Chen K.-Y.; SHOW-LI CHEN journal article98
891994E5a gene of human papillomavirus type 11 is required for initiation but not for maintenance of transformation in NIH 3T3 cellsSHOW-LI CHEN ; Tsao Y.-P.; Lee J.-W.; Liu H.-S.; Yang C.-M.; Tsao L.-T.journal article1719
901994Genital human papillomavirus infections in TaiwanTsao Y.P.; Yang K.Y.; Han C.P.; Yin C.S.; Yang Y.F.; SHOW-LI CHEN journal article88
911994Effects of E5a and E7 genes of human papillomavirus type 11 on immortalized human epidermal keratinocytes and NIH 3T3 cellsTsao Y.-P.; Chu T.-Y.; Chen T.-M.; Yang Y.-F.; SHOW-LI CHEN journal article1011
921994Antisense oligodeoxynucleotides to c-jun inhibits proliferation of transformed NIH 3T3 cells induced by E5a of HPV-11SHOW-LI CHEN ; Tsao L.-T.; Tsao Y.-P.journal article810
931994Retinoic acid represses the gene expression of topoisomerase II in HEP3B cellsTsao Y.-P.; Tsao L.-T.; Hsu S.-L.; SHOW-LI CHEN journal article78
941993Characterization and analysis of human papillomaviruses of skin wartsSHOW-LI CHEN ; Tsao Y.-P.; Lee J.-W.; Sheu W.-C.; Liu Y.-T.journal article4132
951993Construction of site-specific mutants of E5A protein of HPV-11 using the polymerase chain reaction and a single mutant primerSHOW-LI CHEN ; Han C.-P.; Tsao Y.-P.journal article57
961993Identification and typing of human papillomavirus in cervical cancers in taiwanSHOW-LI CHEN ; Han C.-P.; Tsao Y.-P.; Lee J.-W.; Yin C.-S.journal article34
971992Detection and analysis of human papillomavirus type 1 infection of skin warts from a dermatology clinic in Taiwan by southern hybridization.Sytwu H.K.; Sheu W.J.; Shih J.M.; SHOW-LI CHEN journal article00
981990Tranforming activity of E5a protein of human papillomavirus type 6 in NIH 3T3 and C127 cellsSHOW-LI CHEN ; Mounts P.journal article6275
991989Structural analysis of human papillomavirus type 6c isolates from condyloma acuminatum and juvenile-onset and adult-onset laryngeal papillomataMetcalfe L.; SHOW-LI CHEN ; Mounts P.journal article70
1001989Detection by antibody probes of human papillomavirus type 6 E5 proteins in respiratory papillomataSHOW-LI CHEN ; Mounts P.journal article1013