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12023Correction: Lee, C.-P.; Chen, M.-R. Conquering the Nuclear Envelope Barriers by EBV Lytic Replication. Viruses 2021, 13, 702Lee, Chung-Pei; MEI-RU CHEN Viruses0
22023Subcellular Distribution of BALF2 and the Role of Rab1 in the Formation of Epstein-Barr Virus Cytoplasmic Assembly Compartment and Virion ReleaseChao, Tsung-Yu; Cheng, Yi-Ying; Wang, Zi-Yun; Fang, Tien-Fang; Chang, Yu-Ruei; Fuh, Chi-Shane; Su, Mei-Tzu; Su, Yuan-Wei; Hsu, Pang-Hung; Su, Yu-Chen; Chang, Yu-Ching; Lee, Ting-Yau; Chou, Wei-Han; Middeldorp, Jaap M; Saraste, Jaakko; MEI-RU CHEN Microbiology spectrum4
32021Conquering the Nuclear Envelope Barriers by EBV Lytic ReplicationLee, Chung-Pei; MEI-RU CHEN Viruses12
42020Knockdown of IQGAP-1 Enhances Tight Junctions and Prevents P. aeruginosa Invasion of Human Corneal Epithelial CellsShen E.P.; MEI-RU CHEN ; WEI-LI CHEN ; HSIAO-SANG CHU ; Chen K.-L.; FUNG-RONG HU Ocular Immunology and Inflammation24
52020Dysregulation of dual-specificity phosphatases by Epstein-Barr virus LMP1 and its impact on lymphoblastoid cell line survivalLin K.-M.; Lin S.-J.; Lin J.-H.; Lin P.-Y.; Teng P.-L.; Wu H.-E.; TE-HUEI YEH ; Wang Y.-P.; MEI-RU CHEN ; CHING-HWA TSAI Journal of Virology118
62020The novel nuclear targeting and BFRF1-interacting domains of BFLF2 are essential for efficient epstein-barr virus virion releaseDai Y.-C.; Liao Y.-T.; Juan Y.-T.; Cheng Y.-Y.; Su M.-T.; Su Y.-Z.; Liu H.-C.; CHING-HWA TSAI ; Lee C.-P.; MEI-RU CHEN Journal of Virology1311
72019Epstein-Barr virus-coded miR-BART13 promotes nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell growth and metastasis via targeting of the NKIRAS2/NF-κB pathwayXu, Yuan-Ji; Zhou, Rui; Zong, Jing-Feng; Lin, Wan-Song; Tong, Shuang; Guo, Qiao-Juan; CHENG-FANG LIN; Lin, Shao-Jun; Chen, Yi-Xin; MEI-RU CHEN ; Chen, Hong-Lin; Ye, Yun-Bin; Pan, Jian-JiCancer letters3936
82018Autocleavage of the paracaspase MALT1 at Arg-781 attenuates NF-κB signaling and regulates the growth of activated B-cell like diffuse large B-cell lymphoma cellsWu C.-H.; Yang Y.-H.; MEI-RU CHEN ; CHING-HWA TSAI ; ANN-LII CHENG ; SHIN-LIAN DOONG PLoS ONE32
92017The SWI/SNF chromatin regulator BRG1 modulates the transcriptional regulatory activity of the Epstein-Barr virus DNA polymerase processivity factor BMRF1Su M.-T.; Wang Y.-T.; Chen Y.-J.; Lin S.-F.; CHING-HWA TSAI ; MEI-RU CHEN Journal of Virology1514
102016Regulation of EBV LMP1-triggered EphA4 downregulation in EBV-associated B lymphoma and its impact on patients' survivalHuang, Ya-Chi; Lin, Sue-Jane; Lin, Kai-Min; Chou, Ya-Ching; CHUNG-WU LIN ; SHAN-CHI YU ; Chen, Chi-Long; TANG-LONG SHEN ; Chen, Chi-Kuan; Lu, Jean; MEI-RU CHEN ; CHING-HWA TSAI Blood2219
112016The ubiquitin ligase itch and ubiquitination regulate BFRF1-mediated nuclear envelope modification for Epstein-Barr virus maturationLee C.-P.; Liu G.-T.; HSIU-NI KUNG ; Liu P.-T.; Liao Y.-T.; LU-PING CHOW ; Chang L.-S.; Chang Y.-H.; Chang C.-W.; Shu W.-C.; Angers A.; Farina A.; Lin S.-F.; CHING-HWA TSAI ; Bouamr F.; MEI-RU CHEN Journal of Virology3635
122016NF-κB Signaling Regulates Expression of Epstein-Barr Virus BART MicroRNAs and Long Noncoding RNAs in Nasopharyngeal CarcinomaVerhoeven, Rob J A; Tong, Shuang; Zhang, Gaohong; Zong, Jingfeng; Chen, Yixin; Jin, Dong-Yan; MEI-RU CHEN ; Pan, Jianji; Chen, HonglinJournal of virology7063
132015BGLF4 kinase modulates the structure and transport preference of the nuclear pore complex to facilitate nuclear import of epstein-barr virus lytic proteinsChang C.-W.; Lee C.-P.; Su M.-T.; CHING-HWA TSAI ; MEI-RU CHEN Journal of Virology2826
142015Epstein-Barr virus LMP2A suppresses MHC class II expression by regulating the B-cell transcription factors E47 and PU.1Lin J.-H.; Lin J.-Y.; Chou Y.-C.; MEI-RU CHEN ; TE-HUEI YEH ; CHUNG-WU LIN ; Lin S.-J.; CHING-HWA TSAI Blood2826
152015Maintenance of Epstein-Barr virus latent status by a novel mechanism, latent membrane protein 1-induced interleukin-32, via the protein kinase Cδ pathwayLai K.-Y.; Chou Y.-C.; Lin J.-H.; Liu Y.; Lin K.-M.; SHIN-LIAN DOONG ; MEI-RU CHEN ; TE-HUEI YEH ; Lin S.-J.; CHING-HWA TSAI Journal of Virology1616
162015Novel expression and regulation of TIMP-1 in Epstein Barr virus-infected cells and its impact on cell survivalLin S.-J.; Wu S.-W.; Chou Y.-C.; Lin J.-H.; Huang Y.-C.; MEI-RU CHEN ; Ma N.; CHING-HWA TSAI Virology911
172014Glycogen synthase kinase 3 negatively regulates IFN regulatory factor 3 transactivation through phosphorylation at its linker regionWang, J.-T.; Chang, L.-S.; CHUN-JEN CHEN ; SHIN-LIAN DOONG ; Chang, C.-W.; MEI-RU CHEN Innate Immunity1615
182014Epstein-Barr virus BALF3 has nuclease activity and mediates mature virion production during the lytic cycleChiu S.-H.; Wu M.-C.; Wu C.-C.; Chen Y.-C.; Lin S.-F.; Hsu J.T.-A.; Yang C.-S.; CHING-HWA TSAI ; Takada K.; MEI-RU CHEN ; Chen J.-Y.Journal of Virology2120
192014Constitutive and ligand-induced EGFR signalling triggers distinct and mutually exclusive downstream signalling networksChakraborty, Sharmistha; Li, Li; Puliyappadamba, Vineshkumar Thidil; Guo, Gao; Hatanpaa, Kimmo J.; Mickey, Bruce; Souza, Rhonda F.; Vo, Peggy; Herz, Joachim; MEI-RU CHEN ; Boothman, David A.; Pandita, Tej K.; Wang, David H.; Sen, Ganes C.; Habib, Amyn A.Nature Communications7070
202014Uracil DNA glycosylase BKRF3 contributes to Epstein-Barr virus DNA replication through physical interactions with proteins in viral DNA replication complexSu M.-T.; Liu I.-H.; Wu C.-W.; Chang S.-M.; CHING-HWA TSAI ; Yang P.-W.; Chuang Y.-C.; Lee C.-P.; MEI-RU CHEN Journal of Virology2927
212013Nuclear export signal-interacting protein forms complexes with lamin A/C-nups to mediate the CRM1-independent nuclear export of large hepatitis delta antigenHuang C.; Jiang J.-Y.; SHIN CHANG ; Tsay Y.-G.; MEI-RU CHEN ; MING-FU CHANG Journal of Virology98
222013Autocrine CCL3 and CCL4 induced by the oncoprotein LMP1 promote epstein-barr virus-triggered B cell proliferationTsai S.-C.; Lin S.-J.; Lin C.-J.; Chou Y.-C.; Lin J.-H.; TE-HUEI YEH ; MEI-RU CHEN ; LI-MIN HUANG ; Lu M.-Y.; Huang Y.-C.; Chen H.-Y.; CHING-HWA TSAI Journal of Virology2021
232012BCL10GFP fusion protein as a substrate for analysis of determinants required for mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue 1 (MALT1)-mediated cleavageJou, Shin-Yi; Chang, Chien-Chih; Wu, Chun-Hsien; MEI-RU CHEN ; CHING-HWA TSAI ; Chuang, Wen-Hui; Chen, Yun-Hui; ANN-LII CHENG ; SHIN-LIAN DOONG Journal of biomedical science2
242012Epstein-Barr virus protein kinase BGLF4 targets the nucleus through interaction with nucleoporinsChang, Chou-Wei; Lee, Chung-Pei; Huang, Yu-Hao; Yang, Pei-Wen; Wang, Jiin-Tarng; MEI-RU CHEN Journal of Virology2120
252012Epstein-Barr virus Rta-mediated transactivation of p21 and 14-3-3σ arrests cells at the G1/s transition by reducing cyclin E/CDK2 activityHuang S.-Y.; Hsieh M.-J.; Chen C.-Y.; Chen Y.-J.; Chen J.-Y.; MEI-RU CHEN ; CHING-HWA TSAI ; Lin S.-F.; Hsu T.-Y.Journal of General Virology2622
262012The ESCRT Machinery Is Recruited by the Viral BFRF1 Protein to the Nucleus-Associated Membrane for the Maturation of Epstein-Barr VirusLee C.-P.; Liu P.-T.; HSIU-NI KUNG ; Su M.-T.; Chua H.-H.; Chang Y.-H.; Chang C.-W.; CHING-HWA TSAI ; Liu F.-T.; MEI-RU CHEN PLoS Pathogens9474
272012Epstein-barr virus BGLF4 kinase retards cellular S-phase progression and induces chromosomal abnormalityChang Y.-H.; Lee C.-P.; Su M.-T.; Wang J.-T.; Chen J.-Y.; Lin S.-F.; CHING-HWA TSAI ; Hsieh M.-J.; Takada K.; MEI-RU CHEN PLoS ONE5244
282012Involvement of recepteur d'origine nantais receptor tyrosine kinase in Epstein-Barr virus-associated nasopharyngeal carcinoma and its metastasisChou Y.-C.; Chen C.-L.; TE-HUEI YEH ; Lin S.-J.; MEI-RU CHEN ; SHIN-LIAN DOONG ; Lu J.; CHING-HWA TSAI American Journal of Pathology1110
292012Epstein-barr virus BGLF4 kinase downregulates NF-κB transactivation through phosphorylation of coactivator UXTChang L.-S.; Wang J.-T.; SHIN-LIAN DOONG ; Lee C.-P.; Chang C.-W.; CHING-HWA TSAI ; Yeh S.-W.; Hsieh C.-Y.; MEI-RU CHEN Journal of Virology3635
302011Epstein-barr virus, the immune system, and associated diseasesMEI-RU CHEN Frontiers in Microbiology6054
312011Conserved herpesvirus kinases target the DNA damage response pathway and TIP60 histone acetyltransferase to promote virus replicationLi, Renfeng; Zhu, Jian; Xie, Zhi; Liao, Gangling; Liu, Jianyong; MEI-RU CHEN ; Hu, Shaohui; Woodard, Crystal; Lin, Jimmy; Taverna, Sean D.; Desai, Prashant; Ambinder, Richard F.; Hayward, Gary S.; Qian, Jiang; Zhu, Heng; Hayward, S. DianeCell Host and Microbe130127
322011Hypoxia-mediated down-regulation of OCTN2 and PPARrα expression in human placentas and in BeWo cellsChang T-T.; MING-KWANG SHYU ; MIN-CHUAN HUANG ; Hsu C-C.; Yeh S-Y.; MEI-RU CHEN ; CHUN-JUNG LIN Molecular Pharmaceutics2322
332010Regulation of microtubule dynamics through phosphorylation on stathmin by epstein-barr virus kinase BGLF4Chen P.-W.; Lin S.-J.; Tsai S.-C.; Lin J.-H.; MEI-RU CHEN ; Wang J.-T.; Lee C.-P.; CHING-HWA TSAI Journal of Biological Chemistry3026
342010Escape of herpesviruses from the nucleusLee, Chung-Pei; MEI-RU CHEN Reviews in Medical Virology5860
352010Characterization of Epstein - Barr virus BGLF4 kinase expression control at the transcriptional and translational levelsWang, Jiin-Tarng ; Chuang, Yu-Chia ; Chen, Kun-Liang; Lu, Chih-Chung; SHIN-LIAN DOONG ; Cheng, Hsu-Hsiang; Chen, Ya-Ling; Liu, Ting-Yun; Chang, Yao; Han, Chia-Hung; Yeh, Sheng-Wen; MEI-RU CHEN Journal of General Virology77
362009Change in P-glycoprotein and caveolin protein expression in brain striatum capillaries in New Zealand Obese mice with type 2 diabetesWu, Kuo-Chen; Pan H.-J.; HSIANG-SHU YIN ; MEI-RU CHEN ; SHAO-CHUN LU ; CHUN-JUNG LIN Life Sciences2924
372009Regulation of Protein Expression and Function of OCTN2 in Forskolin-Induced Syncytialization in BeWo CellsHuang F.-D.; FAN-LU KUNG ; Tseng Y.-C.; MEI-RU CHEN ; Chan H.-S.; CHUN-JUNG LIN Placenta1512
382009OmpA is the critical component for escherichia coli invasion-induced astrocyte activationWu, Hsueh-Hsia; Yang, Yi-Yuan; Hsieh, Wen-Shyang; Lee, Chi-Hsin; Leu, Sy-Jye C.; MEI-RU CHEN Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology1920
392009Protein array identification of substrates of the Epstein-Barr virus protein kinase BGLF4Zhu, Jian; Liao, Gangling; Shan, Liang; Zhang, Jun; MEI-RU CHEN ; Hayward, Gary S.; Hayward, S. Diane; Desai, Prashant; Zhu, HengJournal of Virology6360
402009Epstein-barr virus BGLF4 kinase suppresses the interferon regulatory factor 3 signaling pathwayWang J.-T.; SHIN-LIAN DOONG ; Huang C.-H.; Chang S.-Y.; CHING-HWA TSAI ; MEI-RU CHEN ; SHU-CHUN TENG ; Wu K.-J.Journal of Virology110104
412008Epstein-Barr virus BGLF4 kinase induces disassembly of the nuclear lamina to facilitate virion productionLee, Chung-Pei; Huang, Yu-Hao; Lin, Su-Fang; Chang, Yao; Chang, Yu-Hsin; Takada, Kenzo; MEI-RU CHEN Journal of Virology9794
422008Epstein-Barr virus BGLF4 kinase induces premature chromosome condensation through activation of condensin and topoisomerase II (Journal of Virology (2007) 81, 10, (5166-5180))Lee, Chung-Pei; Chen, Jen-Yang; Wang, Jiin-Tarng; Kimura, Keiji; Takemoto, Ai; Lu, Chih-Chung; MEI-RU CHEN Journal of Virology11
432008Effect of phosphorylation on the transactivation activity of Epstein-Barr virus BMRF1, a major target of the viral BGLF4 kinaseYang P.-W.; Chang S.-S.; CHING-HWA TSAI ; Chao Y.-H.; MEI-RU CHEN Journal of General Virology3130
442007Epstein-Barr virus BGLF4 kinase induces premature chromosome condensation through activation of condensin and topoisomerase IILee, Chung-Pei; Chen, Jen-Yang; Wang, Jiin-Tarng; Kimura, Keiji; Takemoto, Ai; Lu, Chih-Chung; MEI-RU CHEN Journal of Virology6460
452007Xeroderma pigmentosum C is involved in Epstein-Barr virus DNA replicationLu, Chih-Chung; Chen, Yi-Chen; Wang, Jiin-Tarng; Yang, Pei-Wen; MEI-RU CHEN Journal of General Virology1212
462007Role of the TSG101 gene in Epstein-Barr virus late gene transcriptionChua H.-H.; Lee H.-H.; Chang S.-S.; Lu C.-C.; TE-HUEI YEH ; Hsu T.-Y.; Cheng T.-H.; Cheng J.-T.; MEI-RU CHEN ; CHING-HWA TSAI Journal of Virology4139
472007Characterization of the uracil-DNA glycosylase activity of Epstein-Barr virus BKRF3 and its role in lytic viral DNA replicationLu C.-C.; Huang H.-T.; Wang J.-T.; Slupphaug G.; TSAI-KUN LI ; Wu M.-C.; Chen Y.-C.; Lee C.-P.; MEI-RU CHEN Journal of Virology3129
482006Genome-wide transcription program and expression of the Rta responsive gene of Epstein-Barr virusLu C.-C.; Jeng Y.-Y.; CHING-HWA TSAI ; Liu M.-Y.; Yeh S.-W.; Hsu T.-Y.; MEI-RU CHEN Virology4239
492006Hepatitis C virus NS4A inhibits cap-dependent and the viral IRES-mediated translation through interacting with eukaryotic elongation factor 1AKou Y.-H.; Chou S.-M.; Wang Y.-M.; Chang Y.-T.; Huang S.-Y.; Jung M.-Y.; Huang Y.-H.; MEI-RU CHEN ; MING-FU CHANG ; SHIN CHANG Journal of Biomedical Science4442
502005Reactivation of Epstein-Barr virus can be triggered by an Rta protein mutated at the nuclear localization signalHsu T.-Y.; Chang Y.; Wang P.-W.; Liu M.-Y.; MEI-RU CHEN ; Chen J.-Y.; CHING-HWA TSAI Journal of General Virology2626
512005Detection of Epstein-Barr virus BGLF4 protein kinase in virus replication compartments and virus particlesWang J.-T.; Yang P.-W.; Lee C.-P.; Han C.-H.; CHING-HWA TSAI ; MEI-RU CHEN Journal of General Virology5655
522004Epstein-Barr virus nuclear antigen 1 is a DNA binding protein with strong RNA-binding activityLu C.-C.; Wu C.-W.; SHIN CHANG ; Chen T.-Z.; Hu C.-R.; Yeh M.-Y.; Chen J.-Y.; MEI-RU CHEN Journal of General Virology2122
532003EBNA-1 sequence variations reflect active EBV replication and disease status or quiescent latency in lymphocytesWang, Jiin-Tarng; Sheeng, Tzung-Shiahn; Su, Ih-Jen; Chen, Jen-Yang; MEI-RU CHEN Journal of Medical Virology2019
542001Anorectal melanomas do not harbour the Kaposi sarcoma-associated human herpesvirus type 8 DNAMEI-RU CHEN ; Liu, Mei-Ying; Hsu, Shih-Mei; Fong, Chin-Chu; Chen, Chien-Jen; Chen, I-How; Hsu, Mow-Ming; Yang, Czau-Siung; Chen, Jen-YangJournal of medical virology6
552001Use of bacterially expressed EBNA-1 protein cloned from a nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) biopsy as a screening test for NPC patientsMEI-RU CHEN ; Liu, Mei-Ying; Hsu, Shih-Mei; Fong, Chin-Chu; Chen, Chien-Jen; Chen, I-How; Hsu, Mow-Ming; Yang, Czau-Siung; Chen, Jen-YangJournal of Medical Virology2220
562000A novel EBNA-1 tag system for high level expression and efficient detection of fusion proteins in vitro and in vivoMEI-RU CHEN ; Huang, Hsiaowen; Fen, Chia-Yu; Chen, Jen-YangJournal of Virological Methods66
572000A protein kinase activity associated with Epstein-Barr virus BGLF4 phosphorylates the viral early antigen EA-D in vitroMEI-RU CHEN ; Chang, Shin-Jye; Huang, Hsiaowen; Chen, Jen-YangJournal of Virology9593
581999The major immunogenic epitopes of Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) nuclear antigen 1 are encoded by sequence domains which vary among nasopharyngeal carcinoma biopsies and EBV associated cell linesMEI-RU CHEN ; CHING-HWA TSAI ; Wu F.-F.; Kan S.-H.; Yang C.-S.; Chen J.-Y.Journal of General Virology28
591998Physical association between the EBV protein EBNA-1 and P32/TAP/hyaluronectinMEI-RU CHEN ; Yang, Jehng-Fen; Wu, Chia-Wei; Middeldorp, Jaap M.; Chen, Jen-YangJournal of Biomedical Science0
601997Characterization of monoclonal antibodies to the Zta and DNase proteins of Epstein-Barr VirusCHING-HWA TSAI ; Liu M.-T.; MEI-RU CHEN ; Lu J.; Yang H.-L.; Chen J.-Y.; Yang C.-S.Journal of Biomedical Science4038
611996Use of bacterially expressed GST/EBNA-1 fusion proteins for detection of antibodies in sera from patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma and healthy donors.MEI-RU CHEN ; Yang J.F.; Hsu T.Y.; Liu M.Y.; Chen J.Y.; Yang C.S.Zhonghua Minguo wei sheng wu ji mian yi xue za zhi = Chinese journal of microbiology and immunology
621994Delineation of a 16 Amino Acid Sequence That Forms a Core DNA Recognition Motif in the Epstein-Barr Virus EBNA-1 ProteinMEI-RU CHEN ; Zong, Jianchao; Hayward, S. DianeVirology1919
631994Stability of HBV DNA in cell lines and nude mouse-passaged tissues derived from human hepatocellular carcinoma.MEI-RU CHEN ; Hsu T.Y.; Chou M.J.; Chang A.C.; Chen J.Y.; Yang C.S.Zhonghua Minguo wei sheng wu ji mian yi xue za zhi = Chinese journal of microbiology and immunology
641993Separation of the complex DNA binding domain of EBNA-1 into DNA recognition and dimerization subdomains of novel structureMEI-RU CHEN ; Middeldorp, Jaap M.; Hayward, S. DianeJournal of Virology
651991Cloning and characterization of cDNA clones corresponding to transcripts from the BamHI G region of the Epstein-Barr virus genome and expression of BGLF2MEI-RU CHEN ; Hsu T.-Y.; SHU-WHA LIN ; Chen J.-Y.; Yang C.-S.Journal of General Virology1313
661990Molecular characterization of a cDNA clone encoding the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) DNaseMEI-RU CHEN ; Tsuey-Ying, Hsu; Jen-Yang, Chen; Czau-Siung, YangJournal of Virological Methods1314