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12022Lab-scale characterization and semi-field trials of Wolbachia Strain wAlbB in a Taiwan Wolbachia introgressed Ae. aegypti strainLiu W.-L.; Yu H.-Y.; Chen Y.-X.; Chen B.-Y.; Leaw S.N.; Lin C.-H.; Su M.-P.; Tsai L.-S.; Chen Y.; SHIN-HONG SHIAO ; Xi Z.; Jang A.C.-C.; Chen C.-H.PLoS neglected tropical diseases54
22022SUMOylation Is Essential for Dengue Virus Replication and Transmission in the Mosquito Aedes aegyptiWeng, Shih-Che; SHIN-HONG SHIAO Frontiers in microbiology00
32022A flavivirus-inducible gene expression system that modulates broad-spectrum antiviral activity against dengue and Zika virusesWeng S.-C.; Zhou Y.-X.; SHIN-HONG SHIAO Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology00
42021Blood glucose promotes dengue virus infection in the mosquito Aedes aegyptiWeng, Shih-Che; PO-NIEN TSAO ; SHIN-HONG SHIAO Parasites & vectors76
52021A Thioester-Containing Protein Controls Dengue Virus Infection in Aedes aegypti Through Modulating Immune ResponseWeng S.-C.; Li H.-H.; Li J.-C.; Liu W.-L.; Chen C.-H.; SHIN-HONG SHIAO Frontiers in Immunology76
62021Infecting mosquitoes alters denv-2 characteristics and enhances hemorrhageinduction potential in stat1-/- miceCheang K.W.; Chen W.-Y.; Wu-Hsieh B.A.; SHIN-HONG SHIAO PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases00
72020A simplified method for blood feeding, oral infection, and saliva collection of the dengue vector mosquitoesSri-In C.; Weng S.-C.; SHIN-HONG SHIAO ; Tu W.-C.PLoS ONE1211
82020The unfolded protein response modulates the autophagy-mediated egg production in the mosquito Aedes aegyptiWeng S.-C.; SHIN-HONG SHIAO Insect Molecular Biology55
92019A salivary protein of Aedes aegypti promotes dengue-2 virus replication and transmissionSri-In, Chalida; Weng, Shih-Che; Chen, Wen-Yu; BETTY AN-YE WU-HSIEH ; Tu, Wu-Chun; SHIN-HONG SHIAO Insect biochemistry and molecular biology1615
102019Novel phthalocyanines activated by dim light for mosquito larva- And cell-inactivation with inference for their potential as broadspectrum photodynamic insecticidesSHIN-HONG SHIAO ; Weng S.-C.; Luan L.; Da Graça H. Vicente M.; Jiang X.-J.; Ng D.K.P.; Kolli B.K.; Chang K.P.PLoS ONE1212
112018Progress toward development of photodynamic vaccination against infectious/malignant diseases and photodynamic mosquitocidesChang K.P.; Kolli B.K.; Fan C.-K.; Ng D.K.P.; Wong C.T.T.; Manna L.; Corso R.; Shih N.-Y.; Elliott R.; Jiang X.P.; SHIN-HONG SHIAO ; Fu G.-L.Progress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging - Proceedings of SPIE50
122018The non-canonical Notch signaling is essential for the control of fertility in Aedes aegyptiChang C.-H.; Liu Y.-T.; Weng S.-C.; Chen I.-Y.; PO-NIEN TSAO ; SHIN-HONG SHIAO PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases1515
132016New "light" for one-world approach toward safe and effective control of animal diseases and insect vectors from leishmaniac perspectivesKwang Poo Chang; Bala K. Kolli; Ramesh B. Batchu; Chen HW ; Larry Ming C. Chow; Robert Elliott; Jonathan F. Head; Chia-Kwung Fan; Chen-Hsiung Hung; Dar-Der Ji; Zhao-Rong Lun; Laura Manna; Yoshitsugu Matsumoto; Ng DP,de Oliveira C; Camila I. de Oliveira; Sayonara Melo; Yusuf Ozbel; Ahmet Özbilgin; Joseph Reynolds; Chizu Sanjoba; SHIN-HONG SHIAO ; Nang-Yao Shih; Chi-Wei Tsai; Maria da Graça H. Vicente; Charles H. Barré; Petr Volf; Yueh-Lung Wu; Chao-Lan Yu; CHI-WEI TSAI Parasites and Vectors1516
142015A case of human infection with Anisakis simplex in TaiwanLi S.-W.; SHIN-HONG SHIAO ; Weng S.-C.; Liu T.-H.; Su K.-E.; CHIEN-CHUAN CHEN Gastrointestinal Endoscopy1310
152015Frizzled 2 is a key component in the regulation of TOR signaling-mediated egg production in the mosquito Aedes aegyptiWeng S.-C.; SHIN-HONG SHIAO Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology2017
162011AaCAT1 of the yellow fever mosquito, Aedes aegypti: A novel histidine-specific amino acid transporter from the SLC7 familyHansen I.A.; Boudko D.Y.; SHIN-HONG SHIAO ; Voronov D.A.; Meleshkevitch E.A.; Drake L.L.; Aguirre S.E.; Fox J.M.; Attardo G.M.; Raikhel A.S.Journal of Biological Chemistry3026
172008Juvenile hormone connects larval nutrition with target of rapamycin signaling in the mosquito Aedes aegyptiSHIN-HONG SHIAO ; Hansen I.A.; Zhu J.; Sieglaff D.H.; Raikhel A.S.Journal of Insect Physiology4946
182007Forkhead transcription factors regulate mosquito reproductionHansen I.A.; Sieglaff D.H.; Munro J.B.; SHIN-HONG SHIAO ; Cruz J.; Lee I.W.; Heraty J.M.; Raikhel A.S.Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology6155
192006Mosquito midguts and malaria: Cell biology, compartmentalization and immunologyWhitten M.M.A.; SHIN-HONG SHIAO ; Levashina E.A.Parasite Immunology8487
202006Identification of two cationic amino acid transporters required for nutritional signaling during mosquito reproductionAttardo G.M.; Hansen I.A.; SHIN-HONG SHIAO ; Raikhel A.S.Journal of Experimental Biology7470
212006Fz2 and Cdc42 mediate melanization and actin polymerization but are dispensable for Plasmodium killing in the mosquito midgutSHIN-HONG SHIAO ; Whitten M.M.A.; Zachary D.; Hoffmann J.A.; Levashina E.A.PLoS Pathogens4544
222004Complement-like protein TEP1 is a determinant of vectorial capacity in the malaria vector Anopheles gambiaeBlandin S.; SHIN-HONG SHIAO ; Moita L.F.; Janse C.J.; Waters A.P.; Kafatos F.C.; Levashina E.A.Cell475464
232001Effect of prophenoloxidase expression knockout on the melanization of microfilariae in the mosquito Armigeres subalbatusSHIN-HONG SHIAO ; Higgs S.; Adelman Z.; Christensen B.M.; Liu S.H.; Chen C.C.Insect Molecular Biology9190