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12022Niacin skin flush and membrane polyunsaturated fatty acids in schizophrenia from the acute state to partial remission: a dynamic relationshipYu, Ya-Hui; HUI-MIN SU ; Lin, Sheng-Hsiang; Hsiao, Po-Chang; Lin, Yi-Ting; Liu, Chih-Min; Hwang, Tzung-Jeng; Hsieh, Ming H; Liu, Chen-Chung; Chien, Yi-Ling; Kuo, Chian-Jue; Hwu, Hai-Gwo; Chen, Wei JSchizophrenia (Heidelberg, Germany)00
22021Synergistic effects of electronegative-LDL- and palmitic-acid-triggered IL-1β production in macrophages via LOX-1- and voltage-gated-potassium-channel-dependent pathwaysChang P.-Y.; Chang S.-F.; Chang T.-Y.; HUI-MIN SU ; Lu S.-C.Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry11
32021Palmitoleic and Dihomo-γ-Linolenic Acids Are Positively Associated With Abdominal Obesity and Increased Metabolic Risk in ChildrenHua M.-C.; HUI-MIN SU ; Lai M.-W.; Yao T.-C.; Tsai M.-H.; Liao S.-L.; Lai S.-H.; Huang J.-L.Frontiers in Pediatrics10
42019Deficiency or activation of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor α reduces the tissue concentrations of endogenously synthesized docosahexaenoic acid in c57bl/6j miceWen-Ting H.; HUI-MIN SU ; Kuan-Pin S.; Szu-Han C.; Hai-Ping W.; Yi-Ling Y.; Ru-Huei F.; Pei-Min C.Nutrition Research and Practice32
52010Docosahexaenoic acid supplementation of primary rat hippocampal neurons attenuates the neurotoxicity induced by aggregated amyloid beta protein42 and up-regulates cytoskeletal protein expressionWang P.-Y.; Chen J.-J.; HUI-MIN SU Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry2421
62010A maternal high n-6 fat diet with fish oil supplementation during pregnancy and lactation in rats decreases breast cancer risk in the female offspringHUI-MIN SU ; Hsieh P.-H.; Chen H.-F.Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry2220
71999Dietary 18:3n-3 and 22:6n-3 as sources of 22:6n-3 accretion in neonatal baboon brain and associated organsHUI-MIN SU ; Bernardo L.; Mirmiran M.; Ma X.-H.; Nathanielsz P.W.; Brenna J.T.Lipids4337
81999Linoleic acid kinetics and conversion to arachidonic acid in the pregnant and fetal baboonHUI-MIN SU ; Corso T.N.; Nathanielsz P.W.; Brenna J.T.Journal of Lipid Research3332