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12018Hypoxia-induced intestinal barrier changes in balloon-assisted enteroscopyLINDA CHIA-HUI YU journal article00
22017Effects of endotoxin absorber hemoperfusion on microcirculation in septic pigsJUI-CHANG TSAI ; LINDA CHIA-HUI YU ; YU-CHANG YEH journal article44
32017Tumor Necrosis Factor �\-Dependent Neutrophil Priming Prevents Intestinal Ischemia/Reperfusion-Induced Bacterial TranslocationLINDA CHIA-HUI YU journal article55
42017Glucose-mediated cytoprotection in the gut epithelium under ischemic and hypoxic stressLINDA CHIA-HUI YU journal article33
52017Distinct cytoprotective roles of pyruvate and ATP by glucose metabolism on epithelial necroptosis and crypt proliferation in ischaemic gutLINDA CHIA-HUI YU journal article88
62017Effects of endotoxin absorber hemoperfusion on microcirculation in septic pigsYU-CHANG YEH ; LINDA CHIA-HUI YU ; CHUN-YU WU ; YA-JUNG CHENG ; Lee, Chen-Tse; WEI-ZEN SUN ; JUI-CHANG TSAI ; Lin, Tzu-Yujournal article44
72016Janus-faced bacterial regulation of epithelial cell death and survival: Association with colon carcinogenesis.LINDA CHIA-HUI YU journal article01
82016Eritoran suppresses colon cancer by altering a functional balance in toll-like receptors that bind lipopolysaccharideKuo, Wei-Ting; LINDA CHIA-HUI YU ; Lee, Tsung-Chun; Yu, Linda Chia-Huijournal article811
92016Effects of dexmedetomidine on intestinal microcirculation and intestinal epithelial barrier in endotoxemic ratsYeh, Yu-Chang ; YA-JUNG CHENG ; LINDA CHIA-HUI YU ; Wu, Chun-Yu ; YU-CHANG YEH ; Cheng, Ya-Jung ; Liu, Chih-Min ; Hsiao, Jong-Kai; Chan, Wing-Sum; Wu, Zong-Gin; Yu, Linda Chia-Hui ; Sun, Wei-Zen journal article1513
102016Gut-derived cholecystokinin contributes to visceral hypersensitivity via nerve growth factor-dependent neurite outgrowthHsu, Luo-Ting; Cheng, Ann Lii; LINDA CHIA-HUI YU ; WEI-HSUAN YU ; Hung, Kuan-Yang; Amarapurkar, Deepak; Chao, Yee; Wu, Hsiu-Wei; Liu, Wei-Wen; Chen, Pei-Jer; She, Meng-Ping; Geschwind, Jean-Francois; Lee, Tsung-Chun; Goh, Khean L.; Han, Kwang-Hyub; Sun, Chin-Hung; Yu, Wei-Hsuan; Kudo, Masatoshi; Buret, Andre G.; Lee, Han Chu; Lee, Rheun-Chuan; Yu, Linda Chia-Hui; Lesmana, Laurentius A.; Lim, Ho Yeong; Paik, Seung Woon; Poon, Ronnie T.; Tan, Chee-Kiat; Tanwandee, Tawesak; Teng, Gaojun; Park, Joong-Won; 鄭安理; 陳培哲journal article66
112015Commensal bacterial internalization by epithelial cells: An alternative portal for gut leakinessLINDA CHIA-HUI YU journal article57
122015Pathophysiological mechanisms of death resistance in colorectal carcinomaLINDA CHIA-HUI YU journal article1517
132015Duodenojejunal Bypass Leads to Altered Gut Microbiota and Strengthened Epithelial Barriers in RatsCHIUNG-NIEN CHEN ; Yang, Po-Jen; LINDA CHIA-HUI YU ; Yang, Wei-Shiung; MING-TSAN LIN ; Nien, Hsiao-Ching; WEI-SHIUNG YANG ; Chen, Chiung-Nien; Lee, Po-Huang; Yu, Linda Chia-Hui; Lin, Ming-Tsanjournal article67
142013Resistance to hypoxia-induced necroptosis is conferred by glycolytic pyruvate scavenging of mitochondrial superoxide in colorectal cancer cellsHuang, C-Y; LINDA CHIA-HUI YU ; Kuo, W-T; Huang, Y-C; Lee, T-C; Yu, L. C. H.journal article5555
152012Host-microbial interactions and regulation of intestinal epithelial barrier function: From physiology to pathology.LINDA CHIA-HUI YU journal article00
162012Intestinal epithelial barrier dysfunction in food hypersensitivity.LINDA CHIA-HUI YU journal article00
172012Neutrophil priming by hypoxic preconditioning protects against epithelial barrier damage and enteric bacterial translocation in intestinal ischemia/reperfusionLu, Yen-Zhen; LINDA CHIA-HUI YU ; Wu, Chi-Chin; Huang, Yi-Chen; Huang, Ching-Ying; Yang, Chung-Yi; Lee, Tsung-Chun ; Chen, Chau-Fong; Yu, Linda Chia-Hui journal article2927
182012Interfacial reaction and wettability of 72Ag-28Cu braze on CP-Ti substrate using infrared heatingYang, Po-Jen; SHYI-KAAN WU ; Shiue, R.K.; Yang, Wei-Shiung ; Wu, S.K.; Nien, Hsiao-Ching; Chen, F.Y.; Yang, T.E.; Chen, Chiung-Nien ; Lee, Po-Huang ; Yu, Linda Chia-Hui ; Lin, Ming-Tsan ; 余佳慧 ; 林明燦 ; 楊偉勛 ; 楊博仁; 李伯皇 ; 陳炯年 journal article65
192011Anti-apoptotic PI3K/Akt signaling by sodium/glucose transporter 1 reduces epithelial barrier damage and bacterial translocation in intestinal ischemiaLINDA CHIA-HUI YU journal article5653
202011Epithelial inducible nitric oxide synthase causes bacterial translocation by impairment of enterocytic tight junctions via intracellular signals of Rho-associated kinase and protein kinase C zetaLINDA CHIA-HUI YU ; BOR-RU LIN journal article3537
212010Protective Mechanism against Gut Barrier Dysfunction in Mesenteric Ischemia/ReperfusionLINDA CHIA-HUI YU journal article00
222010Male Gender and Renal Dysfunction are Predictors of Adverse Outcome in Nonpostoperative Ischemic Colitis PatientsHAN-MO CHIU ; LINDA CHIA-HUI YU ; WAN-CHING LIEN ; MING-SHIANG WU ; CHIA-TUNG SHUN journal article2221
232010Role of myosin light chain kinase in intestinal epithelial barrier defects in a rat model of bowel obstructionLINDA CHIA-HUI YU journal article1919
242009The Epithelial Gatekeeper Against Food AllergyLINDA CHIA-HUI YU journal article3529
252009Magnetic resonance imaging detects intestinal barrier dysfunction in a rat model of acute mesenteric ischemia/reperfusion injuryLINDA CHIA-HUI YU journal article1515
262008SGLT-1-mediated glucose uptake protects human intestinal epithelial cells against Giardia duodenalis-induced apoptosisLINDA CHIA-HUI YU journal article4241
272008Luminal hydrochloric acid stimulates rapid transepithelial ion fluxes in rodent esophageal stratified squamous epitheliumLINDA CHIA-HUI YU journal article
282007添加抗生素對肉雞生長性能、腸道生理及菌相之影響朱盈安; 黃懿儂; 林哲緯; 洪靖崎; 魏恆巍; 余佳慧 ; 陳保基 
292007肉雞腸道生理及免疫之發展黃懿儂; 朱盈安; 洪靖崎; 魏恆巍; 余佳慧 ; 陳保基 
302006添加抗生素對肉雞腸道生理及菌相之影響洪靖崎; 朱盈安; 黃懿儂; 魏恆巍; 余佳慧 ; 陳保基 
312006LPS/CD14 activation triggers SGLT-1-mediated glucose uptake and cell rescue in intestinal epithelial cells via early apoptotic signals upstream of caspase-3LINDA CHIA-HUI YU journal article2727
322005SGLT-1-mediated glucose uptake protects intestinal epithelial cells against LPS-induced apoptosis and barrier defects: A novel cellular rescue mechanism?LINDA CHIA-HUI YU journal article9892
332005Differential role for CD23 splice forms in apical to basolateral transcytosis of IgE/allergen complexesLINDA CHIA-HUI YU journal article2925
342005Intracellular trafficking of CD23: Differential regulation in humans and mice by both extracellular and intracellular exonsLINDA CHIA-HUI YU journal article2218
352004Role of CD8+ and CD4+ T lymphocytes in jejunal mucosal injury during murine giardiasisLINDA CHIA-HUI YU journal article8776
362003Intestinal epithelial CD23 mediates enhanced antigen transport in allergy: Evidence for novel splice formsLINDA CHIA-HUI YU journal article
372001Enhanced transepithelial antigen transport in intestine of allergic mice is mediated by IgE/CD23 and regulated by interleukin-4LINDA CHIA-HUI YU journal article8779
382001Role of mast cells in intestinal mucosal function: Studies in models of hypersensitivity and stressLINDA CHIA-HUI YU journal article10896
392001Mucosal pathophysiology and inflammatory changes in the late phase of the intestinal allergic reaction in the ratLINDA CHIA-HUI YU journal article5952
402000Enhanced intestinal transepithelial antigen transport in allergic rats is mediated by IgE and CD23 (FcεRII)LINDA CHIA-HUI YU journal article108102
412000Immunologically mediated transport of ions and macromoleculesLINDA CHIA-HUI YU book