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12016A scoping review of medical professionalism research published in the Chinese languageWang, Xin; Shih, Julie; Kuo, Fen-Ju; Ho, Ming-Jung 12
22016Can student self-ratings be compared with peer ratings? A study of measurement invariance of multisource feedbackLee, Keng-Lin; Tsai, Shih-Li ; Chiu, Yu-Ting; Ho, Ming-Jung 66
32016Beyond homogenization discourse: Reconsidering the cultural consequences of globalized medical educationGosselin, K.; Norris, J. L.; Ho, M-J.; 何明蓉 77
42015Equal, global, local: discourses in Taiwan's international medical graduate debateHo, Ming-Jung ; Shaw, Kevin; Liu, Tzu-Hung; Norris, Jessie; Chiu, Yu-Ting1212
52015A comparative study of professional and interprofessional values between health professional associationsTsou, PaiHsuan; Shih, Julie; Ho, Ming-Jung 00
62014Effects of Hospital Accreditation on Medical Education: A National Qualitative StudyMING-JUNG HO journal article
72014The international charter for human values in healthcare: An interprofessional global collaboration to enhance values and communication in healthcareMING-JUNG HO journal article1916
82014Equal, global, local: Discourses in Taiwan’s international medical graduate debateMING-JUNG HO journal article
92014A tale of two cities: Understanding the differences in medical professionalism between two chinese cultural contextsMING-JUNG HO journal article79
102014Effects of feedback from near-peers and non-medical professionals on portfolio useMING-JUNG HO journal article22
112014Effects of Hospital Accreditation on Medical Students: A National Qualitative Study in TaiwanHo, Ming-Jung ; Chang, Heng-Hao; Chiu, Yu-Ting; Norris, Jessie L.55
122013Culturally sensitive medical professionalismMING-JUNG HO journal article77
132013Building a professionalism framework for healthcare providers in China: A nominal group technique studyMING-JUNG HO journal article1311
142013Integrations beyond integrationsMING-JUNG HO journal article00
152012Using hospital art in medical student reflectionMING-JUNG HO ; YEN-YUAN CHEN journal article21
162012Defiance, compliance, or alliance? How we developed a medical professionalism curriculum that deliberately connects to cultural contextMING-JUNG HO ; SHIH-LI TSAI journal article1712
172012Can narrative medicine training improve OSCE performance?MING-JUNG HO ; SHIH-LI TSAI journal article76
182012A cross-cultural study of students' approaches to professional dilemmas: Sticks or ripplesMING-JUNG HO journal article3029
192012On being thereMING-JUNG HO journal article00
202011Does one size fit all? Building a framework for medical professionalismChuang, Yu-Chung; MING-JUNG HO ; PAN-CHYR YANG ; Ruan, Sheng-Yuan; TIEN-SHANG HUANG ; Huang, Chun-Ta; 莊祐中; HO, MING-JUNG ; YU, KUN-HSING; HUANG, TIEN-SHANG ; YANG, PAN-CHYR journal article4238
212011Online Social Networking Versus Medical ProfessionalismLEE, KENG-LIN; HO, MING-JUNG 
222011Online social networking versus medical professionalismMING-JUNG HO journal article97
232011Assessment of professionalism: Recommendations from the Ottawa 2010 ConferenceMING-JUNG HO journal article1210
242010再探醫學專業素養─以名義團體技巧進行探討余坤興; 黃天祥 ; 楊泮池 ; 何明蓉 
252010Long-term effectiveness of patient-centered training in cultural competence: What is retained? What is lost?Chiu, Ming-Jang ; Ho, Ming-Jung ; TZUNG-JENG HWANG ; MING-JUNG HO ; Yao, Grace; Lee, Keng-Lin; KAI-PING GRACE YAO ; Hwang, Tzung-Jeng ; Beach, Mary Catherinejournal article1112
262009泰國交換學生經驗分享—台灣與泰國醫學教育之觀察與比較吳健暉; 何明蓉 
272009Can Jesus be worshipped in a Taiwanese temple? Reflections on cultural competence curriculum in medical education.MING-JUNG HO journal article
282008Problem-Based Learning: Hidden Curricular Messages Regarding Cultural CompetenceHo, Ming-Jung ; Gaufberg, Elizabeth; Huang, Henry
292008On water buffalo and academic medicineHo, Ming-Jung ; MING-JUNG HO ; 何明蓉 journal article00
302008醫學人文核心能力:以名義團體技巧來進行探討蔡詩力 ; 張上淳; 何明蓉 ; TSAI, STANLEY SHIH-LI; CHANG, SHAN-CHWEN; HO, MING-JUNG 
312008臺灣醫學人文課程現況研究:開課調查與學生訪談吳健暉; 徐歆惠; 何明蓉 ; WU, CHIEN-HUI; HSU, HSIN-; HO, MING-JUNG 
322008Stigma: A curriculum to change attitude, knowledge and skillsHo, Ming-Jung ; Lee, Keng-Lin; Gaufberg, Elizabeth
332008第一屆2007亞太醫學生交流論壇:醫學教育的省思吳健暉; 何明蓉 ; WU, CHIEN-HUI; HO, MING-JUNG 
342008Cross-cultural medical education: Can patientcentered cultural competency training be effective in non-Western countries?Chao, Yuan-Hung ; MING-JUNG HO ; Ho, Ming-Jung ; Ho, Ming-Jung ; Huang, Shih-Yung; KAI-PING GRACE YAO ; Yao, Grace; Lee, Keng-Lin; Yang, Ruei-Cheng; Lee, Keng-Lin; Beach, Mary Catherine; Sun, Jui-Sheng ; Green, Alexander; 趙遠宏 ; Green, Alexander; 孫瑞昇 journal article1516
352008海外醫療服務之學習效益:南印度醫療服務計畫之經驗分析周岩毅; 何明蓉 
362008台灣醫學人文教育推動的進展-深度訪談之質性分析崔紘彰; 何明蓉 
372008The Medical Humanities Curriculum in Taiwan: Curriculum Survey and Student Interviews吳健暉; 徐歆惠; 何明蓉 ; WU, CHIEN-HUI; HSU, HSIN-HUI; HO, MING- JUNG 
382008Problem-based learning: Hidden curricular messages and cultural competenceMING-JUNG HO ; Ho, Ming-Jung ; Gaufberg, Elizabeth; Huang, William Jjournal article43
392008First Asia Pacific Medical Students Symposium: Implications for Medical Education吳健暉; 何明蓉 ; WU, CHIEN-HUI; HO, MING-JUNG 
402008Stigma: A curriculum to change attitudes, knowledge and skillsMING-JUNG HO journal article11
412008Can cultural competency self-assessment predict OSCE performance?Ho, Ming-Jung ; MING-JUNG HO ; Lee, Keng-Lin; Green, Alexanderjournal article33
422007Reliability and validity of three cultural competency measures.Ho, Ming-Jung ; Lee, Keng-Lin109
432007Reliability and validity of three cultural competency measures.MING-JUNG HO journal article
442006Perspectives on tuberculosis among Traditional Chinese Medical Practitioners in New York City’s ChinatownHo, Ming-Jung ; 何明蓉 
452006Perspectives on tuberculosis among traditional Chinese medical practitioners in New York City's ChinatownMING-JUNG HO journal article43
462004Health-seeking patterns among Chinese immigrant patients enrolled in the Directly Observed Therapy program in New York City.Ho, Ming-Jung 
482004Doctors within Borders: Profession, Ethnicity, and Modernity in Colonial TaiwanMING-JUNG HO journal article00
492004Health-seeking patterns among Chinese immigrant patients enrolled in the directly observed therapy program in New York CityMING-JUNG HO journal article
502004Sociocultural aspects of tuberculosis: A literature review and a case study of immigrant tuberculosisHo, Ming-Jung ; MING-JUNG HO journal article3933
512003Migratory journey and tuberculosis riskHo, Ming-Jung 
522003Migratory Journeys and Tuberculosis RiskMING-JUNG HO journal article024
532003文學與醫學: 醫學人文教育的實例何明蓉