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12020Effects of specific nutrients on immune modulation in patients with gastrectomyJIN-MING WU ; MING?TSAN LINjournal article11
22019Wearable-Based Mobile Health App in Gastric Cancer Patients for Postoperative Physical Activity Monitoring: Focus Group StudyJIN-MING WU ; TE-WEI HO; YAO-TING CHANG; HUNGCHIEH HSU; CHIA JUI TSAI; FEIPEI LAI; MING-TSAN LINjournal article00
32019Association between Interleukin-6 Levels and Perioperative Fatigue in Gastric Adenocarcinoma PatientsJIN-MING WU ; HUI-TING YANG; TE-WEI HO; SHIOW-CHING SHUN; MING-TSAN LINjournal article02
42019Late acute pancreatitis after pancreaticoduodenectomy: incidence, outcome, and risk factorsYen H.-H.; Ho T.-W.; Wu C.-H.; Kuo T.-C.; JIN-MING WU ; Yang C.-Y.; Tien Y.-W.journal article11
52019Correlation Between the Increased Hospital Volume and Decreased Overall Perioperative Mortality in One Universal Health Care SystemJIN-MING WU ; Ho T.-W.; Tien Y.-W.journal article00
62019Endoscopic Retrograde Biliary Drainage Causes Intra-Abdominal Abscess in Pancreaticoduodenectomy Patients: An Important But Neglected Risk FactorJIN-MING WU ; Ho T.-W.; Yen H.-H.; Wu C.-H.; Kuo T.-C.; Yang C.-Y.; Tien Y.-W.journal article11
72019Wearable-based mobile health app in gastric cancer patients for postoperative physical activity monitoring: Focus group studyJIN-MING WU ; Ho T.-W.; Chang Y.-T.; Hsu C.; Tsai C.J.; Lai F.; Lin M.-T.journal article00
82019Antecedent Administration of Glutamine Benefits the Homeostasis of CD4+ T Cells and Attenuates Lung Injury in Mice With Gut-Derived Polymicrobial SepsisLei C.-S.; JIN-MING WU ; Lee P.-C.; Kuo T.-C.; Chen P.-D.; Hou Y.-C.; Yeh S.-L.; Lin M.-T.journal article11
92019The effect of performing two pancreatoduodenectomies by a single surgical team in one day on surgeons and patient outcomesJIN-MING WU ; Yen H.-H.; Ho T.-W.; Wu C.-H.; Kuo T.-C.; Yang C.-Y.; Tien Y.-W.journal article00
102019Randomized trial of oral versus enteral feeding for patients with postoperative pancreatic fistula after pancreatoduodenectomyJIN-MING WU ; Kuo T.-C.; Chen H.-A.; Wu C.-H.; Lai S.-R.; Yang C.-Y.; Hsu S.-Y.; Ho T.-W.; Liao W.-C.; Tien Y.-W.journal article22
112019Effects of prophylactic administration of glutamine on CD4+ T cell polarisation and kidney injury in mice with polymicrobial sepsisHou Y.-C.; JIN-MING WU ; Chen K.-Y.; Chen P.-D.; Lei C.-S.; Yeh S.-L.; Lin M.-T.journal article31
122019Wearable-based mobile health app in gastric cancer patients for postoperative physical activity monitoring: Focus group studyJIN-MING WU ; Ho T.-W.; Chang Y.-T.; Hsu C.; Tsai C.J.; Lai F.; Lin M.-T.journal article00
132019Chronic wound assessment and infection detection methodHsu J.-T.; Chen Y.-W.; Ho T.-W.; Tai H.-C.; JIN-MING WU ; Sun H.-Y.; Hung C.-S.; Zeng Y.-C.; Kuo S.-Y.; Lai F.journal article00
142019Brain tumor segmentation using U-net and edge contour enhancementHo T.-W.; Qi H.; Lai F.; Xiao F.-R.; JIN-MING WU conference paper00
152018Changes in glucose metabolism after distal pancreatectomy: A nationwide database studyJIN-MING WU ; Ho T.-W.; Yang C.-Y.; Lee P.-H.; Tien Y.-W.journal article60
162018Preoperative biliary drainage associated with biliary stricture after pancreaticoduodenectomy: a population-based studyWu C.-H.; Ho T.-W.; JIN-MING WU ; Kuo T.-C.; Yang C.-Y.; Lai F.-P.; Tien Y.-W.journal article32
172018Surgical Wounds Assessment System for Self-CareChen Y.; Hsu J.; Hung C.; JIN-MING WU ; Lai F.; Kuo S.journal article00
182017Randomized controlled clinical trial assessing the effects of oral nutritional supplements in postoperative gastric cancer patientsHatao F.; Chen K.-Y.; JIN-MING WU ; Wang M.-Y.; Aikou S.; Onoyama H.; Shimizu N.; Fukatsu K.; Seto Y.; Lin M.-T.journal article1614
192017Surgical wound segmentation based on adaptive threshold edge detection and genetic algorithmShih H.-F.; Ho T.-W.; Hsu J.-T.; Chang C.-C.; Lai F.; JIN-MING WU conference paper10
202017Evaluation of surgical wound segmentation using quantitative analysisHo T.-W.; JIN-MING WU ; Chen C.-H.; Lai F.conference paper10
212017Automatic wound infection interpretation for postoperative wound imageHsu J.-T.; Ho T.-W.; Shih H.-F.; Chang C.-C.; Lai F.; JIN-MING WU conference paper10
222016Total gastrectomy improves glucose metabolism on gastric cancer patients: A nationwide population-based studyHo T.-W.; JIN-MING WU ; Yang C.-Y.; Lai H.-S.; Lai F.; Tien Y.-W.journal article66
232016Robust dermatological wound image segmentation in clinical photosChang C.; Ho T.-W.; JIN-MING WU ; Tsai H.-H.; Chen C.C.-P.; Lai F.; Tai H.-C.; Cheng N.-C.conference paper20
242016Utility of the 2006 Sendai and 2012 Fukuoka guidelines for the management of intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm of the pancreas: A single-center experience with 138 surgically treated patientsHsiao C.-Y.; Yang C.-Y.; JIN-MING WU ; Kuo T.-C.; Tien Y.-W.journal article118
252015Distal Enteral Feeding Helps Blood Sugar Control in Pancreatectomized PatientsJIN-MING WU ; Yang C.-Y.; Kuo T.-C.; Lai H.-S.; Chiang P.-Y.; Hsieh S.-H.; Tien Y.-W.journal article01
262015A cross-hospital cost and quality assessment system by extracting frequent physician order set from a nationwide Health Insurance Research DatabaseChen K.-H.; JIN-MING WU ; Ho T.-W.; Yu H.-J.; Lai F.journal article11
272015Modulatory Effects of Astragalus Polysaccharides on T-Cell Polarization in Mice with Polymicrobial SepsisHou Y.-C.; JIN-MING WU ; Wang M.-Y.; Wu M.-H.; Chen K.-Y.; Yeh S.-L.; Lin M.-T.journal article1717
282015Tablet PC-enabled application intervention for patients with gastric cancer undergoing gastrectomyJIN-MING WU ; Yu H.-J.; Ho T.-W.; Su X.-Y.; Lin M.-T.; Lai F.journal article76
292015Improvement of heart rate variability after decreased insulin resistance after sleeve gastrectomy for morbidly obesity patientsJIN-MING WU ; Yu H.-J.; Lai H.-S.; Yang P.-J.; Lin M.-T.; Lai F.journal article1310
302015Prospective double-blind randomized study on the efficacy and safety of an n-3 fatty acid enriched intravenous fat emulsion in postsurgical gastric and colorectal cancer patientsMa C.-J.; JIN-MING WU ; Tsai H.-L.; Huang C.-W.; Lu C.-Y.; Sun L.-C.; Shih Y.-L.; Chen C.-W.; Chuang J.-F.; Wu M.-H.; Wang M.-Y.; Lin M.-T.; Wang J.-Y.journal article2322
312015Change of both endocrine and exocrine insufficiencies after acute pancreatitis in non-diabetic patientsHo T.-W.; JIN-MING WU ; Kuo T.-C.; Yang C.-Y.; Lai H.-S.; Hsieh S.-H.; Lai F.; Tien Y.-W.journal article1613
322014Glutamine supplementation attenuates expressions of adhesion molecules and chemokine receptors on t cells in a murine model of acute colitisHou Y.-C.; JIN-MING WU ; Wang M.-Y.; Wu M.-H.; Chen K.-Y.; Yeh S.-L.; Lin M.-T.journal article1514
332013A Physiology-Based Seizure Detection System for Multichannel EEGShen C.-P.; Liu S.-T.; Zhou W.-Z.; Lin F.-S.; Lam A.Y.-Y.; Sung H.-Y.; Chen W.; Lin J.-W.; Chiu M.-J.; Pan M.-K.; Kao J.-H.; JIN-MING WU ; Lai F.journal article2116
342013Resolution of diabetes after pancreaticoduodenectomy in patients with and without pancreatic ductal cell adenocarcinomaJIN-MING WU ; Kuo T.-C.; Yang C.-Y.; Chiang P.-Y.; Jeng Y.-M.; Huang P.-H.; Tien Y.-W.Review2622
352013Peripancreatic schwannomaKuo T.-C.; Yang C.-Y.; JIN-MING WU ; Huang P.-H.; Lai H.-S.; Lee P.-H.; Tien Y.-W.journal article64
362013Combined cholecystectomy in gastric cancer surgeryLai S.-L.; Yang J.-C.; JIN-MING WU ; Lai I.-R.; Chen C.-N.; Lin M.-T.; Lai H.-S.journal article98
372013A sharable cloud-based pancreaticoduodenectomy collaborative database for physicians: Emphasis on security and clinical rule supportingYu H.-J.; Lai H.-S.; Chen K.-H.; Chou H.-C.; JIN-MING WU ; Dorjgochoo S.; Mendjargal A.; Altangerel E.; Tien Y.-W.; Hsueh C.-W.; Lai F.journal article1410
382012A web-based medical emergency guiding systemKao J.-H.; Lai F.-P.; Sun W.-Z.; Shen C.-P.; Ma H.-M.; JIN-MING WU ; Chiu M.-Y.; Liaw H.-T.; Hsu K.-C.; Yan-Yu L.; Cheng S.-C.conference paper10
392012Is early laparoscopic cholecystectomy a safe procedure in patients when the duration of acute cholecystitis is more than three days?JIN-MING WU ; Wu Y.-M.; Lee C.-Y.; Wang H.-P.; Lin M.-T.journal article45
402012A physician order category-based clinical guideline comparison systemYu H.-J.; Shen C.-P.; Dorjgochoo S.; Chen C.-H.; JIN-MING WU ; Lai M.-S.; Tan C.-T.; Jigjidsuren C.; Altangerel E.; Lee H.-C.; Hsueh C.-W.; Chung Y.; Lai F.conference paper00
412012A data-mining framework for transnational healthcare systemShen C.-P.; Jigjidsuren C.; Dorjgochoo S.; Chen C.-H.; Chen W.-H.; Hsu C.-K.; JIN-MING WU ; Hsueh C.-W.; Lai M.-S.; Tan C.-T.; Altangerel E.; Lai F.journal article1212
422012Response to letter to the editor: Reflux esophagitis and marginal ulcer after pancreaticoduodenectomyJIN-MING WU ; Tsai M.-K.; Hu R.-H.; Chang K.-J.; Lee P.-H.; Tien Y.-W.letter00
432011Reflux Esophagitis and Marginal Ulcer After PancreaticoduodenectomyJIN-MING WU ; Tsai M.-K.; Hu R.-H.; Chang K.-J.; Lee P.-H.; Tien Y.-W.journal article1211
442011High APACHE II score and long length of bowel resection impair the outcomes in patients with necrotic bowel induced hepatic portal venous gasJIN-MING WU ; Tsai M.-S.; Lin M.-T.; Tien Y.-W.; Lin T.-H.journal article67
452010Emphysematous cholecystitisJIN-MING WU ; Lee C.-Y.; Wu Y.-M.Note120
462010Gasless laparoscopy-assisted versus open resection for gastrointestinal stromal tumors of the upper stomach: Preliminary resultsJIN-MING WU ; Yang C.-Y.; Wang M.-Y.; Wu M.-H.; Lin M.-T.journal article2119
472009Obstructive jaundice associated with pancreatic duct stoneJIN-MING WU ; Chen K.-H.Note00
482009Hepatic portal venous gas in necrotizing pancreatitisJIN-MING WU ; Wang M.-Y.journal article96
492009Intra-Abdominal Mass After Abdominal SurgeryJIN-MING WU ; Yang Y.; Liang J.Note00
502008Gastrojejunocolic fistula after gastrojejunostomy: A case seriesJIN-MING WU ; Wang M.-Y.; Lee P.-H.; Lin M.-T.journal article10
512008Pneumatosis intestinalis and hepatico-portal-mesenteric-splenic venous gasJIN-MING WU ; Liang J.-T.journal article34
522008Gastrointestinal: Barium-induced acute appendicitisJIN-MING WU ; Liang J.T.journal article45
532006Heart rate variability monitoring in the detection of central nervous system complications in children with enterovirus infectionLin M.-T.; Wang J.-K.; Lu F.L.; Wu E.-T.; Yeh S.-J.; Lee W.-L.; JIN-MING WU ; Wu M.-H.journal article2321
541994Implications of mitral valve prolapse in children with rheumatic mitral regurgitationWu M.-H.; Lue H.-C.; Wang J.-K.; JIN-MING WU journal article1513