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12018Modified candy-plug device for aneurysmal false lumen occlusion in chronic type B aortic dissectionCHIH-YANG CHAN ; I-Hui Wu ; SHOEI-SHEN WANG journal article33
22017Long-term Outcome of Endovascular Treatment for Mycotic Aortic AneurysmCHIH-YANG CHAN ; I-Hui Wu ; NAI-HSIN CHI journal article1311
32016The effect of haemodialysis access types on cardiac performance and morbidities in patients with symptomatic heart diseaseCHIH-YANG CHAN journal article12
42016Image-guided thoracoscopic surgery with dye localization in a hybrid operating roomYEUN-CHUNG CHANG ; Yang, Shun-Mao ; Ko, Wei-Chun ; HSAO-HSUN HSU ; CHIH-YANG CHAN ; Lin, Mong-Wei; WEI-CHUN KO ; Hsu, Hsao-Hsun; Shun-Mao Yang ; Chan, Chih-Yang ; Wu, I-Hui ; I-Hui Wu ; Chang, Yeun-Chung; JIN-SHING CHEN ; Chen, Jin-Shingjournal article2125
52016The outcome of patients requiring multiple extracorporeal membrane oxygenation: How many runs of ECMO is reasonable?CHIH-HSIEN WANG ; Chou, Heng-Wen; Nai-Kuan Chou ; Chang, Te-I; Wang, Chih-Hsien ; CHIH-YANG CHAN ; I-Hui Wu ; Chou, Nai-Kuan ; Chi, Nai-Hsin ; NAI-HSIN CHI ; Huang, Shu-Chien ; Wu, I-Hui ; Chan, Chih-Yang ; Ponge, Lee-Mei; Wang, Ya-Chen; Chen, Yih-Sharngjournal article22
62015Dimerized plasmin fragment D as a potential biomarker to predict successful catheter-directed thrombolysis therapy in acute deep vein thrombosisLuo, Chien-Ming; CHIH-YANG CHAN ; SHOEI-SHEN WANG ; Wu, I-Hui; Chan, Chih-Yang; WEI-SHIUNG YANG ; Chen, Yih-Sharng; I-Hui Wu ; Yang, Wei-Shiung; Wang, Shoei-Shenjournal article33
72015A novel bubble-mixture method to improve dynamic images in carbon dioxide angiographyChang, Te-I; Kuo, Sung-Hsin; CHIH-YANG CHAN ; Cheng, Ann-Lii; Chan, Chih-Yang ; SHOEI-SHEN WANG ; Su, Shing-Kuan; 郭頌鑫; I-Hui Wu ; Wang, Shoei-Shen ; 鄭安理; Wu, I-Hui journal article55
82014Outcomes following endovascular or open repair for ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm in a Chinese populationCHIH-YANG CHAN ; SHOEI-SHEN WANG ; I-Hui Wu ; SHU-CHIEN HUANG journal article77
92014One-stage hybrid repair to thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysmPO-CHIN LIANG ; CHIH-YANG CHAN ; SHOEI-SHEN WANG ; I-Hui Wu ; SHU-CHIEN HUANG journal article22
102014Clinical applications of extracorporeal membranous oxygenation: A mini-reviewCHIH-HSIEN WANG ; CHIH-YANG CHAN ; I-Hui Wu ; SHOEI-SHEN WANG ; NAI-HSIN CHI ; HSI-YU YU ; CHUNG-I CHANG journal article22
112014How to size the main aortic endograft in a chimney procedureCHIH-YANG CHAN ; I-Hui Wu ; SHOEI-SHEN WANG journal article88
122013Hybrid repair of simultaneous multiple mycotic aortic aneurysmsCHIH-YANG CHAN ; I-Hui Wu journal article00
132013Crossover chimney technique to preserve the internal iliac artery in abdominal aortic aneurysm with common iliac artery aneurysmsCHIH-YANG CHAN ; I-Hui Wu ; SHOEI-SHEN WANG ; NAI-HSIN CHI ; SHU-CHIEN HUANG journal article1211
142012Treating thrombotic prosthetic arteriovenous access with cross-balloon occlusive thrombolysis and angioplastyCHIH-YANG CHAN journal article00
152011Infected aneurysms of the suprarenal abdominal aortaCHIH-YANG CHAN ; I-Hui Wu ; CHUNG-I CHANG journal article1113
162011Retrospective comparison of clinical outcomes between endovenous laser and saphenous vein-sparing surgery for treatment of varicose veinsCHIH-YANG CHAN journal article118
172010Recanalization of an occluded intrahepatic portosystemic covered stent via the percutaneous transhepatic approachPO-CHIN LIANG ; CHIH-YANG CHAN journal article55
182009Reverse-loop upper arm arteriovenous graft for chronic hemodialysisCHIH-YANG CHAN ; Yang WS; Chen TC; Chen JS; Chan CY.journal article11
192007Total Thoracoabdominal Aortic Replacement in a Marfan Patient Following Heart Transplantation and Hemiarch RepairCHIH-YANG CHAN journal article00
202007Dislodged caval stent in right pulmonary arteryCHIH-YANG CHAN journal article43
212007Erythropoietin protects post-ischemic hearts by preventing extracellular matrix degradation: Role of Jak2-ERK pathwayCHIH-YANG CHAN journal article3430
222007Remodeling of experimental arteriovenous fistula with increased matrix metalloproteinase expression in ratsChan, CY; CHIH-YANG CHAN ; Chen, YS; Ma, MC; Chen, CF.journal article3938
232007Endoscope-Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery for Coronary Artery BypassCHIH-YANG CHAN journal article
242007Innominate artery cannulation for aortic surgeryCHIH-YANG CHAN journal article50
252007Spiral saphenous vein graft for portal vein reconstruction in pancreatic cancer surgeryCHIH-YANG CHAN journal article160
262006Endoscopic radial artery harvest for coronary artery bypass surgeryCHIH-YANG CHAN journal article54
272006Surgical resection of primary cardiac lymphomaCHIH-YANG CHAN journal article10
282006Endovenous Laser Treatment for Varicosities in Lower ExtremitiesCHIH-YANG CHAN journal article
292006Hybrid Pulmonary Artery Conduit Angioplasty for Heterotopic Heart TransplantationCHIH-YANG CHAN journal article11
302006Left ventricle apical conduit to bilateral subclavian artery in a patient with porcelain aorta and aortic stenosisCHIH-YANG CHAN journal article98
312001A minimal transverse incision with low median sternotomy for pediatric congenital heart surgeryCHIH-YANG CHAN ; ING-SH CHIU journal article88
321998Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation support for single lung transplantation in a patient with primary pulmonary hypertensionCHIH-YANG CHAN journal article