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12018Multiparametric PET/MR imaging biomarkers are associated with overall survival in patients with pancreatic cancerTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; TING-CHUN KUO ; MEI-FANG CHENG ; I-LUN SHIH ; RUOH-FANG YEN ; BANG-BIN CHEN journal article89
22018Imaging biomarkers from multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging are associated with survival outcomes in patients with brain metastases from breast cancerTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; BANG-BIN CHEN ; CHIH-WEI YU journal article01
32018Comparing Western and Eastern criteria for sarcopenia and their association with survival in patients with pancreatic cancerTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; PO-CHIN LIANG journal article43
42017Multiparametric evaluation of treatment response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer using integrated PET/MRTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; RUOH-FANG YEN journal article97
52017Morphomechanical alterations in the medial gastrocnemius muscle in patients with a repaired Achilles tendon: Associations with outcome measuresTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; HSING-KUO WANG ; YUAN-HUNG CHAO journal article1011
62017Microcirculation at the supraspinatus tendon and shoulder external rotation explosive strength and fatigue are correlatedTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; CHAO-YU HSU ; HSING-KUO WANG ; BANG-BIN CHEN ; CHIH-WEI YU journal article01
72016A pilot study to determine the timing and effect of bevacizumab on vascular normalization of metastatic brain tumors in breast cancerChen, Bang-Bin ; TIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; CHAO-YU HSU ; Lu, Yen-Shen; BANG-BIN CHEN ; Lin, Ching-Hung ; Chen, Wei-Wu; CHIH-WEI YU ; Wu, Pei-Fang; CHING-HUNG LIN ; Hsu, Chao-Yu ; ANN-LII CHENG ; Yu, Chih-Wei ; Wei, Shwu-Yuan; Cheng, Ann-Lii; Shih, Tiffany Ting-Fang journal article87
82016Dynamic contrast-enhanced MR imaging of advanced hepatocellular carcinoma: Comparison with the liver parenchyma and correlation with the survival of patients receiving systemic therapyTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; Chen, Bang-Bin ; Hsu, Chao-Yu ; PO-CHIN LIANG ; Yu, Chih-Wei ; CHAO-YU HSU ; BANG-BIN CHEN ; Liang, Po-Chin ; Hsu, Chiun; CHIH-WEI YU ; ANN-LII CHENG ; Hsu, Chih-Hung ; Cheng, Ann-Lii; Shih, Tiffany Ting-Fang journal article1314
92016Safety of gadobutrol in over 23,000 patients: the GARDIAN study, a global multicentre, prospective, non-interventional studyTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH journal article1616
102016Proton MR spectroscopy of normal breasts: Association of risk factors for breast cancer with water and lipid composition of the breastTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; Wang, Jane; Wang, Ming-Yang; Kuo, Wen-Hung ; Chen, Kuan-Lin; Shih, Tiffany Ting-Fangjournal article21
112016Dynamic upper airway collapse observed from sleep MRI: BMI-matched severe and mild OSA patientsTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH journal article1514
122016Breath-hold spin echosequence for assessing liver iron contentTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; Yang, Justin Cheng-Ta ; Yang, Justin Cheng-Ta ; Lu, Meng-Yao ; JUSTIN CHENG-TA YANG ; STEVEN SHINN-FORNG PENG ; Jaw, Fu-Shan ; MENG-YAO LU ; Peng, Steven Shinn-Forng ; Peng, Steven Shinn-Forng ; Shih, Tiffany Ting-Fang journal article00
132016Early perfusion changes within 1 week of systemic treatment measured by dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI may predict survival in patients with advanced hepatocellular carcinomaTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; PO-CHIN LIANG ; CHAO-YU HSU ; BANG-BIN CHEN ; CHIH-WEI YU ; ANN-LII CHENG journal article78
142016Static craniofacial measurements and dynamic airway collapse patterns associated with severe obstructive sleep apnoea: a sleep MRI studyTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH journal article1010
152016PET/MRI in pancreatic and periampullary cancer: correlating diffusion-weighted imaging, MR spectroscopy and glucose metabolic activity with clinical stage and prognosisChen, Bang-Bin; TIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; Chen, Bang-Bin ; Tien, Yu-Wen; TING-CHUN KUO ; Tien, Yu-Wen; Chang, Ming-Chu ; Chang, Ming-Chu; MEI-FANG CHENG ; I-LUN SHIH ; Cheng, Mei-Fang; Cheng, Mei-Fang ; HONG-SHIEE LAI ; Chang, Yu-Ting; Chang, Yu-Ting ; Wu, Chih-Horng ; Wu, Chih-Horng; YU-WEN TIEN; Chen, Xin-Jia; BANG-BIN CHEN ; Kuo, Ting-Chun ; Kuo, Ting-Chun; Yang, Shih-Hung ; Yang, Shih-Hung; Shih, I-Lun ; Shih, I-Lun; Lai, Hong-Shiee; Lai, Hong-Shiee ; Shih, Tiffany Ting-Fang ; Shih, Tiffany Ting-Fangjournal article2020
162015Acoustic-integrated dynamic MR imaging for a patient with obstructive sleep apneaTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH journal article33
172015Bevacizumab preconditioning followed by etoposide and cisplatin is highly effective in treating brain metastases of breast cancer progressing from whole-brain radiotherapyTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; Lu, Yen-Shen; Lu, Yen-Shen; Chen, Tom Wei-Wu; CHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; Chen, Tom Wei-Wu; BANG-BIN CHEN ; Lin, Ching-Hung; Lin, Ching-Hung ; Yeh, Dah-Cherng; CHING-HUNG LIN ; Yeh, Dah-Cherng; Tseng, Ling-Ming; ANN-LII CHENG ; Tseng, Ling-Ming; Wu, Pei-Fang; Wu, Pei-Fang; Rau, Kun-Ming; Chen, Bang-Bin; Chen, Bang-Bin ; Chao, Ta-Chung; Chao, Ta-Chung; Huang, Shu-Min; Huang, Shu-Min; Huang, Chiun-Sheng; Huang, Chiun-Sheng ; Shih, Tiffany Ting-Fang; Shih, Tiffany Ting-Fang ; Cheng, Ann-Liijournal article3226
182015Initial institutional experience of uncooled single-antenna microwave ablation for large hepatocellular carcinomaTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; PO-CHIN LIANG ; HONG-SHIEE LAI ; KAI-WEN HUANG journal article70
192015Trends in the utilization of computed tomography and cardiac catheterization among children with congenital heart diseaseTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; Yang, Justin Cheng-Ta ; Lin, Ming-Tai ; SHYH-JYE CHEN ; MING-TAI LIN ; Jaw, Fu-Shan ; Chen, Shyh-Jye ; MEI-HWAN WU ; JOU-KOU WANG ; Wang, Jou-Kou ; Shih, Tiffany Ting-Fang ; Wu, Mei-Hwan ; Li, Yiu-Wahjournal article99
202015Novel imaging diagnosis for hepatocellular carcinoma: Consensus from the 5th Asia-pacific primary liver cancer expert meeting (APPLE 2014)TIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; BANG-BIN CHEN journal article1312
212015A developmental screening tool for toddlers with multiple domains based on Rasch analysis王興國 ; 施庭芳 ; 李松青; 王至弘; 王亭貴 ; Hwang, Ai-Wen; Hwang, Ai-Wen; WU-SHIUN HSIEH ; Wang, Jyh-Horng; CHING-LIN HSIEH ; Chou, Yeh-Tai; Chou, Yeh-Tai; Hsieh, Ching-Lin ; Lee, Song-Ching; Hsieh, Ching-Lin ; Wang, Tyng-Guey ; Hsieh, Wu-Shiun ; Hsieh, Wu-Shiun ; Rolf, Christer; Liao, Hua-Fang; Wong, Alice May-Kuen; Su, Sheng-Chu; Shih, Tiffany T. F.; Wang, Hsing-Kuo journal article33
222015Assessing hepatic fibrosis: comparing the intravoxel incoherent motion in MRI with acoustic radiation force impulse imaging in USTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; Wu, Chih-Horng ; Ho, Ming-Chih; MING-CHIH HO; Jeng, Yung-Ming; PO-CHIN LIANG ; YUNG-MING JENG ; Liang, Po-Chin; Hu, Rey-Heng; HONG-SHIEE LAI ; Lai, Hong-Shiee; REY-HENG HU ; Shih, Tiffany Ting-Fangjournal article1616
232015Standardized uptake value and apparent diffusion coefficient of endometrial cancer evaluated with integrated whole-body PET/MR: Correlation with pathological prognostic factorsTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; CHI-AN CHEN; I-LUN SHIH ; MEN-LUH YEN; PAO-LING TORNG; WEN-FANG CHENG; RUOH-FANG YEN ; CHI-HAU CHEN; YAO-HUI TSENG ; BANG-BIN CHEN ; BOR-CHING SHEUjournal article2423
242014Vascular and hepatic enhancements at MR imaging: Comparison of Gd-EOB-DTPA and Gd-DTPA in the same subjectsLin, Yen-Heng ; TIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; Lin, Yen-Heng; Hwang, Ruey-Ming; YEN-HENG LIN ; Hwang, Ruey-Ming; Chen, Bang-Bin; PO-CHIN LIANG ; Chen, Bang-Bin ; HSUAN-SHU LEE ; Hsu, Chao-Yu ; Hsu, Chao-Yu; CHAO-YU HSU ; Yu, Chih-Wei ; Yu, Chih-Wei; Kao, Jia-Horng ; Kao, Jia-Horng; BANG-BIN CHEN ; CHIH-WEI YU ; Lee, Hsuan-Shu ; Lee, Hsuan-Shu; JIA-HORNG KAO ; Liang, Po-Chin; Liang, Po-Chin ; Wei, Shwu-Yuan; Wei, Shwu-Yuan; Shih, Tiffany Ting-Fang; Shih, Tiffany Ting-Fang journal article11
252014Hepatic necro-inflammation and elevated liver enzymes: Evaluation with MRI perfusion imaging with gadoxetic acid in chronic hepatitis patientsChen, B. -B.; TIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; Hsu, C. -Y.; PO-CHIN LIANG ; HSUAN-SHU LEE ; Yu, C. -W.; Kao, J. -H.; CHAO-YU HSU ; Lee, H. -S.; BANG-BIN CHEN ; CHIH-WEI YU ; Liang, P. -C.; JIA-HORNG KAO ; Wei, S. -Y.; Hwang, R. -M.; Shih, T. T. -F.journal article65
262014Comparisons of surface vs. volumetric model-based registration methods using single-plane vs. bi-plane fluoroscopy in measuring spinal kinematicsLin, Cheng-Chung; TIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; Lin, Cheng-Chung; CHAO-YU HSU ; Lu, Tung-Wu ; Lu, Tung-Wu; Wang, Ting-Ming; Wang, Ting-Ming; Hsu, Chao-Yu ; Shih, Ting-Fang; Shih, Ting-Fangjournal article97
272014Using 18F-FLT PET to distinguish between malignant and benign breast lesions with suspicious findings in mammography and breast ultrasoundTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; Wang, Jane; RUOH-FANG YEN ; Kuo, Wen-Hung ; Shih, Tiffany Ting-Fang; Yen, Ruoh-Fang journal article53
282014DCE-MRI in hepatocellular carcinoma-clinical and therapeutic image biomarkerTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; BANG-BIN CHEN journal article3230
292014Perfusion parameters of dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging predict outcomes of hepatocellular carcinoma receiving radiotherapy with or without thalidomideTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; PO-CHIN LIANG journal article77
302014Reduced bone mineral density among HIV-infected patients in Taiwan: Prevalence and associated factorsTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; SZU-MIN HSIEH ; WANG-HUEI SHENG ; HSIN-YUN SUN ; CHIEN-CHING HUNG journal article98
312014Increased patellar tendon microcirculation and reduction of tendon stiffness following knee extension eccentric exercisesYin, Nai-Hao; TIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN ; Chen, Wen-Shiang ; HSING-KUO WANG ; Wu, Ying-Tai; Shih, Tiffany Tingfang ; Rolf, Christer; Wang, Hsing-Kuo journal article78
322014Synchronized imaging and acoustic analysis of the upper airway in patients with sleep-disordered breathingTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH journal article22
332014Comparison of characteristics and transarterial chemoembolization outcomes in patients with unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma and different viral etiologiesChen, Bang-Bin; TIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; Shih, I-Lun; CHIH-HORNG WU ; Wu, Chih-Horng; PO-CHIN LIANG ; KAO-LANG LIU ; Hsu, Chiun; I-LUN SHIH ; Chen, Chien-Hung; BANG-BIN CHEN ; Shih, Tiffany Ting-Fang; Liu, Kao-Lang; Liang, Po-Chinjournal article76
342014The dose-response relationship between cumulative lifting load and lumbar disk degeneration based on magnetic resonance imaging findingsTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; BANG-BIN CHEN ; YUE-LIANG GUO ; YAW-HUEI HWANG journal article66
352014In vivo three-dimensional intervertebral kinematics of the subaxial cervical spine during seated axial rotation and lateral bending via a fluoroscopy-to-CT registration approachLin, Cheng-Chung; Chepyala, Divyabharathi; TIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; Lin, Cheng-Chung; CHAO-YU HSU ; Lu, Tung-Wu ; Lu, Tung-Wu; Wang, Ting-Ming; Wang, Ting-Ming; Hsu, Chao-Yu ; Hsu, Chao-Yu ; Hsu, Shih-Jung; Shih, Ting-Fang; Shih, Ting-Fangjournal article2622
362014The pilot experience upon surgical ablation of large liver tumor by microwave system with tissue permittivity feedback control mechanismTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; Liang, Po-Chin ; PO-CHIN LIANG ; Lai, Hong-Shiee ; Shih, Tiffany Ting-Fang ; HONG-SHIEE LAI ; Wu, Chih-Horng ; KAI-WEN HUANG ; Huang, Kai-Wen journal article76
372014Preparation of induced pluripotent stem cells on dishes grafted on oligopeptide under feeder-free conditions吳志宏 ; 施庭芳 ; 陳邦斌 ; 許駿; 施怡倫 ; 陳健弘 ; 劉高郎 ; 梁博欽 ; Chun-Han Hou; Chen, Bang-Bin ; Higuchi, Akon; Lin, Feng-Ling; Shih, I-Lun ; Wu, Chih-Horng ; Cheng, Yu-Kai; Hsu, Chiun; Kao, Ta-Chun; Chen, Chien-Hung ; Kumar, S. Suresh; Ling, Qing-Dong; Shih, Tiffany Ting-Fang ; Liu, Kao-Lang ; Hou, Chun-Han; Chen, Da-Chung; Liang, Po-Chin ; Hsu, Shih-Tien; Wu, Gwo-Jangjournal article1013
382014Quantification of hepatic steatosis: A comparison of the accuracy among multiple magnetic resonance techniquesTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; MING-CHIH HO; CHIH-HORNG WU ; PO-CHIN LIANG ; CHAO-YU HSU ; YUNG-MING JENG ; HONG-SHIEE LAI ; REY-HENG HU journal article2318
392013Early neuromechanical outcomes of the triceps surae muscle-tendon after an Achilles' tendon repairChen, Chia-Hsin; TIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; Wang, Hsing-Kuo ; HONGSEN CHIANG ; Lin, Shih-Feng; Chiang, Hongsen ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN ; Yu, Wan-Hui; Chen, Wen-Shiang ; Lin, Jau-Hong; CHING-CHUAN JIANG ; Shih, Tiffany Tingfang ; Chen, Hao-Ling; HSING-KUO WANG ; Huang, Yung-Cheng; Hsieh, Ching-Lin ; Jiang, Ching-Chuan journal article1818
402013Relative and absolute reliabilities of the myotonometric measurements of hemiparetic arms in patients with strokeChuang, Li-Ling; Wang, Hsing-Kuo ; KEH-CHUNG LIN ; Lin, Keh-Chung; Chiang, Hongsen; CHEIN-WEI CHANG ; Wu, Ching-Yi; Chen, Wen-Shiang ; Chang, Chein-Wei ; Shih, Tiffany Tingfang ; Chen, Hsieh-Ching; Huang, Yung-Cheng; Jiang, Ching-Chuan ; Yin, Hsin-Pei; 王興國 ; Wang, Lei; 陳文翔 ; 江鴻生 ; 施庭芳 ; 江清泉 journal article2122
412013Reference Curves for the Aortic Area by AgeTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; Wu, Li-An; SHYH-JYE CHEN ; Chang, Chung-I ; MEI-HWAN WU ; Wang, Jou-Kou ; JOU-KOU WANG ; Shih, Tiffany Ting-Fang ; CHUNG-I CHANG ; Wu, Mei-Hwan ; Chen, Shyh-Jye journal article11
422013A novel intravital multi-harmonic generation microscope for early diagnosis of oral cancerTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; CHI-KUANG SUN conference paper00
432013A slice-to-volume registration method based on real-time magnetic resonance imaging for measuring three-dimensional kinematics of the kneeTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; Lin, Cheng-Chung; CHAO-YU HSU ; Zhang, Shuo; Zhang, Shuo; Frahm, Jens; Frahm, Jens; Lu, Tung-Wu; Lu, Tung-Wu ; Hsu, Chao-Yu ; Shih, Ting-Fang; Shih, Ting-Fang; Hsueh, Po-Renjournal article99
442013Intervertebral anticollision constraints improve out-of-plane translation accuracy of a single-plane fluoroscopy-to-CT registration method for measuring spinal motionLin, Cheng-Chung; Lin, Cheng-Chung; Chien, Jung-Yien ; TIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; Lu, Tung-Wu ; Lu, Tung-Wu; Chiu, Wei-Yih ; Chien, Shun-Tien; Shih, Ting-Fang; Chiang, Chia-Jung; Tsai, Tsung-Yuan; Yu, Chong-Jen ; Wang, Ting-Ming; Hsueh, Po-Ren ; Hsu, Shih-Jung; 薛博仁 ; 余忠仁 ; 邱偉益 ; 簡榮彥 journal article1312
452013Neuromechanical characteristics in the knees of patients who had primary conservative treatment for a torn cruciate ligament and reconstruction afterwardTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; Wang, Jyh-Horng; Hsu, Wei-Li ; JYH-HORNG WANG; Lee, Song-Ching; WEI-LI HSU ; TYNG-GUEY WANG ; Wang, Tyng-Guey ; HSING-KUO WANG ; Rolf, Christer; Su, Sheng-Chu; Shih, Tiffany T. F.; Wang, Hsing-Kuo journal article21
462013Sonography of the Normal Anterior Cruciate Ligament: A Preliminary ReportJYH-HORNG WANG; TIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; TYNG-GUEY WANG ; CHUEH-HUNG WU ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN ; CHIH-WEI YU journal article60
472012Integrin α vβ 3-targeted dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging using a gadolinium-loaded polyethylene gycol-dendrimer-cyclic RGD conjugate to evaluate tumor angiogenesis and to assess early antiangiogenic treatment response in a mouse xenograft tumor modelTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH journal article1413
482012Effects of tendon viscoelasticity in Achilles tendinosis on explosive performance and clinical severity in athletesWang, H. -K.; TIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; Lin, K. -H.; HSING-KUO WANG ; Su, S. -C.; Shih, T. T. -F.; Huang, Y. -C.journal article2829
492012Carotid stenting improves cognitive function in asymptomatic cerebral ischemiaChen, Ying-Hsien ; TIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; Lin, Mao-Shin; CHI-CHAO CHAO ; CHIA-LUN CHAO ; Lee, Jen-Kuang; Chao, Chia-Lun ; HSIEN-LI KAO ; YA-FANG CHEN ; Tang, Sung-Chun ; Ming-Jang Chiu ; Chao, Chi-Chao ; YEN-WEN WU ; Chiu, Ming-Jang ; Wu, Yen-Wen ; Sung-Chun Tang ; Chen, Ya-Fang ; Shih, Ting-Fang; Kao, Hsien-Li ; 林茂欣 journal article2930
502012Dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI in advanced nonsmall-cell lung cancer patients treated with first-line bevacizumab, gemcitabine, and cisplatinChang, Yeun-Chung ; TIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; Yu, Chong-Jen ; Yu, Chong-Jen ; YEUN-CHUNG CHANG ; Chen, Chung-Ming ; CHONG-JEN YU ; Chen, Chung-Ming ; WEN-YIH TSENG ; Hu, Fu-Chang; Hsu, Hao-Hsiang; Tseng, Wen-Yih I.; Tseng, Wen-Yih I.; Shih, Tiffany Ting-Fang ; Shih, Tiffany Ting-Fang ; Yang, Pan-Chyr ; Yang, Pan-Chyr; Yang, James Chih-Hsin; 楊泮池 journal article4035
512012Imaging features of posterior limbus vertebraeTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH journal article107
522012Temporomandibular joint structural derangement and general joint hypermobilityTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH journal article
532012Clinical and histologic implications of delayed hepatobiliary enhancement on magnetic resonance imaging with gadolinium ethoxybenzyl diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acidChen, Bang-Bin ; TIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; Chen, Bang-Bin ; Hsu, Chao-Yu ; HSUAN-SHU LEE ; Yu, Chih-Wei ; Yu, Chih-Wei ; CHAO-YU HSU ; BANG-BIN CHEN ; Wei, Shwu-Yuan; Wei, Shwu-Yuan; CHIH-WEI YU ; Kao, Jia-Horng ; Lee, Hsuan-Shu ; JIA-HORNG KAO ; Shih, Tiffany Ting-Fang ; Shih, Tiffany Ting-Fang journal article1514
542012Dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging with Gd-EOB-DTPA for the evaluation of liver fibrosis in chronic hepatitis patientsTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; Chen, Bang-Bin ; Chen, Bang-Bin ; HSUAN-SHU LEE ; Hsu, Chao-Yu ; Hsu, Chao-Yu ; Yu, Chih-Wei ; CHAO-YU HSU ; Yu, Chih-Wei ; BANG-BIN CHEN ; Wei, Shwu-Yuan; CHIH-WEI YU ; Kao, Jia-Horng ; Kao, Jia-Horng ; Lee, Hsuan-Shu ; JIA-HORNG KAO ; Shih, Tiffany Ting-Fang journal article8171
552012Percutaneous computed tomography-guided coaxial core biopsy for small pulmonary lesions with ground-glass attenuationLu, Chia-Hung; TIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; CHONG-JEN YU ; Hsiao, Cheng-Hsiang; YEUN-CHUNG CHANG ; Chang, Yeun-Chung ; JIN-YUAN SHIH ; Lee, Jang-Ming ; Shih, Jin-Yuan ; HON-MAN LIU ; Wu, Li-An; JANG-MING LEE ; Yu, Chong-Jen ; Liu, Hon-Man; Shih, Tiffany Ting-Fang ; Yang, Pan-Chyrjournal article3735
562012Correlation among DCE-MRI measurements of bone marrow angiogenesis, microvessel density, and extramedullary disease in patients with multiple myelomaTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; Huang, Shang-Yi ; BANG-BIN CHEN ; Chen, Bang-Bin ; SHANG-YI HUANG ; Lu, Hsiao-Yun; Lin, Hsiu-Hsia; Wei, Shwu-Yuan; Hsu, Szu-Chun; Shih, Tiffany Ting-Fang journal article1210
572012Temporomandibular joint structural derangement and general joint hypermobility.TIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH journal article
582011Lovastatin Promotes Redifferentiation of Human Nucleus Pulposus Cells During Expansion in Monolayer CultureMING-HSIAO HU ; TIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; LI-WEI HUNG ; SHU-HUA YANG journal article159
592011Virtual cardioscopy-guided surgical resection for left ventricular outflow tract obstructionTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; SHYH-JYE CHEN ; JUSTIN CHENG-TA YANG journal article11
602011Stress responses of thermophilic Geobacillus sp. NTU 03 caused by heat and heat-induced stressTZU-MING PAN ; 游治維 ; Shih, Tsung-Wei; Shih, T.W.; 許昭禹 ; Pan, T.M.; Pan, Tzu-Ming ; 施庭芳 journal article79
612011Dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging biomarkers predict survival and response in hepatocellular carcinoma patients treated with sorafenib and metronomic tegafur/uracilTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; CHAO-YU HSU ; CHIH-HUNG HSU ; BANG-BIN CHEN ; CHIH-WEI YU ; ANN-LII CHENG journal article7678
622011Using clinical cardiovascular risk scores to predict coronary artery plaque severity and stenosis detected by CT coronary angiography in asymptomatic Chinese subjectsTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; BAI-CHIN LEE ; KUO-LIONG CHIEN ; WEN-JENG LEE journal article1515
632011Evoked spinal reflexes and force development in elite athletes with middle-portion achilles tendinopathyWang, Hsing-Kuo ; TIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; HSING-KUO WANG ; Lin, Kwan-Hwa; Wu, Yu-Kuang; Chi, Shyh-Ching; Shih, Tifany Ting-Fang; Huang, Yung-Chengjournal article1414
642011Computed tomography of children with pulmonary Mycobacterium tuberculosis infectionTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; YEUN-CHUNG CHANG ; STEVEN SHINN-FORNG PENG journal article1012
652011The Association of Infrared Imaging Findings of the Breast with Hormone Receptor and Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2 Status of Breast CancerTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; RUOH-FANG YEN ; KUO-LIONG CHIEN ; CHING-HUNG LIN journal article96
662011Thigh muscle volume predicted by anthropometric measurements and correlated with physical function in the older adultsTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; CHING-YU CHEN ; CHAO-YU HSU ; BANG-BIN CHEN ; CHIH-WEI YU journal article2322
672011Detecting small lung tumors in mouse models by refractive-index microradiologyTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH journal article11
682011Dynamic contrast-enhanced MR imaging measurement of vertebral bone marrow perfusion may be indicator of outcome of acute myeloid leukemia patients in remissionTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; CHAO-YU HSU ; HWEI-FANG TIEN ; WEN-CHIEN CHOU ; HSIN-AN HOU ; BANG-BIN CHEN ; CHIH-WEI YU journal article2925
692011Erratum: Detecting small lung tumors in mouse models by refractive-index microradiology (Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry DOI: 10.1007/s00216-011- 5117-x)TIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH journal article00
702010Association of epicardial adipose tissue with coronary atherosclerosis is region-specific and independent of conventional risk factors and intra-abdominal adiposityTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; TZUNG-DAU WANG ; FUH-YUAN SHIH ; CHIEN-HUA HUANG ; WEN-JONE CHEN ; WEN-JENG LEE journal article6968
712010Sublesional spinal vertebral bone mineral density correlates with neurological level and body mass index in individuals with chronic complete spinal cord injuriesTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; SHIN-LIANG PAN ; TIEN-SHANG HUANG ; YI-CHIAN WANG journal article66
722010Changes in magnetic resonance bone marrow angiogenesis on day 7 after induction chemotherapy can predict outcome of acute myeloid leukemiaTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; HWEI-FANG TIEN ; CHAO-YU HSU ; WEN-CHIEN CHOU ; HSIN-AN HOU ; JIH-LUH TANG ; BANG-BIN CHEN ; SHANG-YI HUANG ; MING YAO journal article1213
732010Risk factors for hip fracture in older adults: A case-control study in TaiwanTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; CHING-YU CHEN journal article1917
742010Dynamic contrast-enhanced folate-receptor-targeted MR imaging using a gd-loaded peg-dendrimer-folate conjugate in a mouse xenograft tumor modelTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH journal article3028
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