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12023Linking the choice of the class format and preclass learning experiences sheds light on a step further in blended medical educationCHENG-MAW HO ; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; JANN-YUAN WANG ; REY-HENG HU ; PO-HUANG LEE Medical education online00
22023Experiential learning integrating humanities into preclinical medicineCHI-CHUAN YEH ; Lu, Kuo-Shyan; Chen, Huey-Ling; YU-CHUN CHIU Medical education00
32023Impact of modified teaching strategies used in a gross anatomy course on the academic performance of dental students during the COVID-19 pandemicMENG-LIN LIAO ; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; JUNE-HORNG LUE ; I-RUE LAI ; MING-FONG CHANG European journal of dental education : official journal of the Association for Dental Education in Europe00
42022Laparoscopic versus open distal gastrectomy for elderly patients with advanced gastric cancer: a retrospective comparative studyHUNG-HSUAN YEN ; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; I-RUE LAI World journal of surgical oncology33
52022Benefits of a bilingual web-based anatomy atlas for nursing students in learning anatomyMENG-LIN LIAO ; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; JUNE-HORNG LUE ; CHUNG-LIANG CHIEN ; SHU-HAO HSU ; MING-FONG CHANG BMC medical education11
62022The impact of asynchronous online anatomy teaching and smaller learning groups in the anatomy laboratory on medical students' performance during the Covid-19 pandemicMING-FONG CHANG ; MENG-LIN LIAO ; JUNE-HORNG LUE ; CHI-CHUAN YEH Anatomical sciences education1314
72022Ultrasound imaging for inguinal hernia: a pictorial reviewWEI-TING WU ; KE-VIN CHANG ; CHIH-PENG LIN ; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; Özçakar L.Ultrasonography33
82021Adjuvant tegafur-uracil (UFT) or S-1 monotherapy for advanced gastric cancer: a single center experienceHUNG-HSUAN YEN ; CHIUNG-NIEN CHEN ; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; I-RUE LAI World journal of surgical oncology76
92021Experience of applying threshold concepts in medical educationCHENG-MAW HO ; JANN-YUAN WANG ; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; REY-HENG HU ; PO-HUANG LEE Journal of the Formosan Medical Association88
102021Pre-class online video learning and class style expectation: patterns, association, and precision medical educationCHENG-MAW HO ; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; JANN-YUAN WANG ; REY-HENG HU ; PO-HUANG LEE Annals of medicine77
112021Curiosity in Online Video Concept Learning and Short-Term Outcomes in Blended Medical EducationCHENG-MAW HO ; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; JANN-YUAN WANG ; REY-HENG HU ; PO-HUANG LEE Frontiers in medicine54
122020Development of a Reliable Surgical Quality Assurance System for 2-stage Esophagectomy in Randomized Controlled TrialsHarris, Alexander; Butterworth, James; Boshier, Piers R; MacKenzie, Hugh; Tokunaga, Masanori; Sunagawa, Hideki; Mavroveli, Stella; Ni, Melody; Mikhail, Sameh; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; Blencowe, Natalie S; Avery, Kerry N L; Hardwick, Richard; Hoelscher, Arnulf; Pera, Manuel; Zaninotto, Giovanni; Law, Simon; Low, Donald E; van Lanschot, Jan J B; Berrisford, Richard; Barham, Christopher Paul; Blazeby, Jane M; Hanna, George BAnnals of surgery810
132020Endoscopic submucosal dissection comparing with surgical resection in patients with early gastric cancer – A single center experience in TaiwanTZU-CHAN HONG ; JYH-MING LIOU ; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; HUNG-HSUAN YEN ; MING-SHIANG WU ; I-RUE LAI ; CHIEN-CHUAN CHEN Journal of the Formosan Medical Association119
142019Laparoscopic distal gastrectomy for clinical stage I gastric adenocarcinoma: Techniques evolution and oncological outcomes of the first 100 casesCHI-CHUAN YEH ; HUNG-HSUAN YEN ; I-RUE LAI Journal of the Formosan Medical Association66
152018Efficient undergraduate learning of liver transplant: building a framework for teaching subspecialties to medical studentsCHENG-MAW HO ; JANN-YUAN WANG ; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; YAO-MING WU ; MING-CHIH HO ; REY-HENG HU ; PO-HUANG LEE BMC medical education55
162018Comprehensive evaluation of liver resection procedures: surgical mind development through cognitive task analysisHo, Cheng-Maw; Wakabayashi, Go; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; Hu, Rey-Heng; Sakaguchi, Takanori; Hasegawa, Yasushi; Takahara, Takeshi; Nitta, Hiroyuki; Sasaki, Akira; Lee, Po-HuangJournal of visualized surgery0
172017An observational study of microcirculation in dialysis patients and kidney transplant recipientsYU-CHANG YEH ; ANNE CHAO ; CHIH-YUAN LEE ; Lee, Chen-Tse; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; CHIH-MIN LIU ; MENG-KUN TSAI European journal of clinical investigation1816
182017Emotional Learning and Identity Development in Medicine: A Cross-Cultural Qualitative Study Comparing Taiwanese and Dutch Medical UndergraduatesHelmich, Esther; HUEI-MING YEH ; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; de Vries, Joy; DANIEL FU-CHANG TSAI ; Dornan, TimAcademic Medicine1819
192016Renal transplantation across the donor-specific antibody barrier: Graft outcome and cancer risk after desensitization therapyCHING-YAO YANG ; CHIH-YUAN LEE ; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; MENG-KUN TSAI Journal of the Formosan Medical Association1110
202016Repeated cycles of high-dose intravenous immunoglobulin and plasmapheresis for treatment of late antibody-mediated rejection of renal transplantsCHIH-YUAN LEE ; WEI-CHOU LIN ; MING-SHIOU WU ; CHING-YAO YANG ; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; MENG-KUN TSAI Journal of the Formosan Medical Association1410
212015B cells and immunoglobulin in ABO-incompatible renal transplant patients receiving rituximab and double filtration plasmapheresisMENG-KUN TSAI ; MING-SHIOU WU ; CHING-YAO YANG ; CHIH-YUAN LEE ; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; REY-HENG HU ; PO-HUANG LEE ; HONG-SHIEE LAI Journal of the Formosan Medical Association99
222015De novo cancer avoidance after renal transplantation: A case-control study on low-dose sirolimus combined with a calcineurin inhibitorChen K.-H.; CHIH-YUAN LEE ; FE-LIN LIN WU ; CHING-YAO YANG ; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; REY-HENG HU ; MENG-KUN TSAI Journal of the Formosan Medical Association43
232014Performance of central venous catheterization by medical students: A retrospective study of students' logbooksANNE CHAO ; Lai C.-H.; KUANG-CHENG CHAN ; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; HUEI-MING YEH ; SHOU-ZEN FAN ; WEI-ZEN SUN BMC Medical Education77
242014Robot-assisted renal transplantation in the retroperitoneumMENG-KUN TSAI ; CHIH-YUAN LEE ; CHING-YAO YANG ; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; REY-HENG HU ; HONG-SHIEE LAI Transplant International4836
252013Pediatric renal transplantation: results and prognostic factorsPO-CHENG HUANG ; CHING-YAO YANG ; CHIH-YUAN LEE ; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; I-RUE LAI ; Tsau, Yong-Kwei; REY-HENG HU ; MENG-KUN TSAI ; PO-HUANG LEE Asian journal of surgery53
262013An automatic object tracking steerable endoscopeYen, P.-L.; Chu, Y.-J.; REY-HENG HU ; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; REN-CHYUAN LUO Journal of Medical Devices, Transactions of the ASME10
272012Dynamic tracking of anatomical object for a steerable endoscopeChu Y.-J.; Liu S.-P.; Luo R.C.; REY-HENG HU ; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; Peng Y.W.; Yen P.-L.IEEE/ASME International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics, AIM10
282012Effectiveness of external respiratory surrogates for in vivo liver motion estimationChang K.-H.; MING-CHIH HO ; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; Chen Y.-C.; Lian F.-L.; Win-Li Lin ; Yen J.-Y.; FENG-LI LIAN ; YUNG-YAW CHEN ; JIA-YUSH YEN Medical Physics74
292011Ultrasound image-guided tracking algorithm for moving-tumor treatmentChang, K.-H.; MING-CHIH HO ; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; Lian, F.-L.; Yen, J.-Y.; Chen, Y.-Y.; FENG-LI LIAN ; YUNG-YAW CHEN ; CHI-CHUAN YEH; JIA-YUSH YEN AIP Conferenc00
302011De novo malignancy is associated with renal transplant tourismMENG-KUN TSAI ; CHING-YAO YANG ; CHIH-YUAN LEE ; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; REY-HENG HU ; PO-HUANG LEE Kidney International1714
312010Gasless laparoscopy-assisted versus open resection of small bowel lesionsCHUN-CHIEH HUANG ; CHING-YAO YANG ; MING-HSUN WU ; Wang M.-Y.; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; I-RUE LAI ; CHIUNG-NIEN CHEN ; MING-TSAN LIN Journal of Laparoendoscopic and Advanced Surgical Techniques98
322010Survival after pancreaticoduodenectomy for ampullary cancer is not affected by ageCHI-CHUAN YEH ; YUNG-MING JENG ; CHENG-MAW HO ; REY-HENG HU ; Chang H.-P.; YU-WEN TIEN World Journal of Surgery1917
332010Acute surgical treatment of perforated peptic ulcer in the elderly patientsSu Y.-H.; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; CHIH-YUAN LEE ; MONG-WEI LIN ; CHEN-HSIANG KUAN ; I-RUE LAI ; Chen C.-N.; CHIUNG-NIEN CHEN ; PO-HUANG LEE ; MING-TSAN LIN Hepato-Gastroenterology108
342010Mini-laparotomy implantation of peritoneal dialysis catheters: Outcome and rescuePO-JEN YANG ; CHIH-YUAN LEE ; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; Nien H.-C.; TUN-JUN TSAI ; MENG-KUN TSAI Peritoneal Dialysis International4034
352010Hand-assisted versus total laparoscopic live donor nephrectomy: Comparison and technique evolution at a single center in TaiwanI-RUE LAI ; CHING-YAO YANG ; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; MENG-KUN TSAI ; PO-HUANG LEE Clinical Transplantation1111
362010Modified paul-mikulicz ileostomy in a swine model of isolated small bowel transplantationTsai M.-S.; WEN-HSI LIN ; WEN-MING HSU ; HONG-SHIEE LAI ; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; JOHN HUANG ; HAO-CHIH TAI ; PO-HUANG LEE ; Chen W.-J.Journal of Surgical Research23
372009Laparoscopic liver resection for hepatocellular carcinoma: Intermediate follow-up resultsLai I.-R.; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; Yu S.-C.Hepato-Gastroenterology43
382009Is blind pancreaticoduodenectomy justified for patients with ampullary neoplasms?YU-WEN TIEN ; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; Wang S.-P.; REY-HENG HU ; PO-HUANG LEE Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery1010
392006Automated Endoscopic System for Optimal Positioning-assisted Mini-laparoscopic Cholecystectomy: Preliminary ReportCHI-CHUAN YEH ; I-RUE LAI ; Yu S.-C.Formosan Journal of Surgery00
402005Computed tomography diagnosis of primary thyroid teratomaBANG-BIN CHEN ; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Hsiao C.-H.; KUEN-YUAN CHEN ; KAO-LANG LIU Journal of the Formosan Medical Association22