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12018Sonographic evaluation of the posterior interosseous nerve in a patient with wrist dropWee, Tze Chao; CHUEH-HUNG WU ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN ; TYNG-GUEY WANG 00
22018Pre-Treatment with Either L-Carnitine or Piracetam Increases Ultrasound-Mediated Gene Transfection by Reducing Sonoporation-Associated ApoptosisLiao, Wei Hao; CHUEH-HUNG WU ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN 015
32018Effects of Extracorporeal Shock Wave-Mediated Transdermal Local Anesthetic Drug Delivery on Rat Caudal NervesJER-JUNN LUH ; Huang, Wan Ting; KWAN-HWA LIN ; YI-YOU HUANG; PO-LING KUO ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN ; JER-JUNN LUH ; Huang, Wan Ting; KWAN-HWA LIN ; YI-YOU HUANG ; PO-LING KUO ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN 315
42018Ultrafast monitoring and control of subharmonic emissions of an unseeded bubble cloud during pulsed sonicationWEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article11
52018Evaluation of high-intensity focused ultrasound ablation for uterine fibroids: an IDEAL prospective exploration studyWEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article1412
62018Effects of Extracorporeal Shock Wave-Mediated Transdermal Local Anesthetic Drug Delivery on Rat Caudal NervesWEN-SHIANG CHEN ; JER-JUNN LUH journal article34
72018Focused shockwave induced blood-brain barrier opening and transfectionMING-YEN HSIAO ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article54
82018Sonographic evaluation of the posterior interosseous nerve in a patient with wrist dropTYNG-GUEY WANG ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article00
92018Pre-Treatment with Either L-Carnitine or Piracetam Increases Ultrasound-Mediated Gene Transfection by Reducing Sonoporation-Associated ApoptosisWEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article00
102017Electroporation by concentric-type needle electrodes and arraysWEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article11
112017Altered stiffness of microchamber and macrochamber layers in the aged heel pad: Shear wave ultrasound elastography evaluationTYNG-GUEY WANG ; MING-YEN HSIAO ; CHUEH-HUNG WU ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article43
122017Modulation of PEI-Mediated Gene Transfection through Controlling Cytoskeleton Organization and Nuclear Morphology via Nanogrooved TopographiesWEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article23
132017Tunable PEGylation of branch-type PEI/DNA polyplexes with a compromise of low cytotoxicity and high transgene expression: In vitro and in vivo gene deliveryWEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article55
142017Reliability of lower extremity muscle strength measurements with handheld dynamometry in stroke patients during the acute phase: A pilot reliability studyJIANN-SHING JENG ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN ; JER-JUNN LUH journal article20
152017Higher-order power harmonics of pulsed electrical stimulation modulates corticospinal contribution of peripheral nerve stimulationWEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article22
162017NLRP3 inflammasome: Pathogenic role and potential therapeutic target for IgA nephropathyCHING-LIANG CHU ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article1012
172017Evaluation of Post-Stroke Spastic Muscle Stiffness Using Shear Wave Ultrasound ElastographyTYNG-GUEY WANG ; MING-YEN HSIAO ; CHUEH-HUNG WU ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article1010
182017Real-time monitoring of inertial cavitation effects of microbubbles by using MRI: In vitro experimentsWEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article43
192017The Effect of Elective Rotations on the Self-assessment Examination Results of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residents: Implications for Minimizing Educational Resource Disparities in TaiwanTYNG-GUEY WANG ; I-NAN LIEN ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article11
202017Intracellular triggered release of DNA-quaternary ammonium polyplex by ultrasoundMING-YEN HSIAO ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article32
212017Comparing the Chinese versions of two knee-specific questionnaires (IKDC and KOOS): reliability, validity, and responsivenessWEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article33
222016Assistive control system for upper limb rehabilitation robotChen, Sung Hua; Lien, Wei Ming; Wang, Wei Wen; Lee, Guan De; Hsu, Li Chun; Lee, Kai Wen; Lin, Sheng Yen; Lin, Chia Hsun; LI-CHEN FU ; JIN-SHIN LAI ; JER-JUNN LUH ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN 283
232016Effects of an implant on temperature distribution in tissue during ultrasound diathermyWEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article44
242016Assistive control system for upper limb rehabilitation robotWEN-SHIANG CHEN ; JER-JUNN LUH journal article2820
252016Ultrasound-responsive NIPAM-based hydrogels with tunable profile of controlled release of large moleculesCHUEH-HUNG WU ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article65
262016Can Quantification of Biceps Peritendinous Effusion Predict Rotator Cuff Pathologies?: A Retrospective Analysis of 1352 Shoulder UltrasoundTYNG-GUEY WANG ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article1110
272016Elasticity of the coracohumeral ligament in patients with adhesive capsulitis of the shoulderTYNG-GUEY WANG ; CHUEH-HUNG WU ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article2120
282016Sonographic Nerve Tracking in the Cervical Region: A Pictorial Essay and Video DemonstrationTYNG-GUEY WANG ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN ; CHIH-PENG LIN journal article1919
292016Intracellular Delivery of Bleomycin by Combined Application of Electroporation and Sonoporation in VitroWEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article88
302016Efficacy of Combined Ultrasound-and-Microbubbles-Mediated Diclofenac Gel Delivery to Enhance Transdermal Permeation in Adjuvant-Induced Rheumatoid Arthritis in the RatWEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article1111
312016Sonographic tracking of the lower limb peripheral nerves: A pictorial essay and video demonstrationTYNG-GUEY WANG ; MING-YEN HSIAO ; CHUEH-HUNG WU ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article1923
322016Contribution of Corticospinal Modulation and Total Electrical Energy for Peripheral-Nerve-Stimulation-Induced Neuroplasticity as Indexed by Additional Muscular ForceWEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article43
332015EURO-MUSCULUS/USPRM basic scanning protocols for kneeWEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article
342015EURO-MUSCULUS/USPRM Basic Scanning Protocols for elbowWEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article
352015EURO-MUSCULUS/USPRM Basic Scanning Protocols for wrist and handWEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article
362015EURO-MUSCULUS/USPRM basic scanning protocols for shoulderWEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article
372015EURO-MUSCULUS/USPRM basic scanning protocols for hipWEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article
382015EURO-MUSCULUS/USPRM basic scanning protocols for ankle and footWEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article
392015Probing neural cell behaviors through micro-/nano-patterned chitosan substratesWEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article43
402015Plantar fascia softening in plantar fasciitis with normal B-mode sonographyTYNG-GUEY WANG ; CHUEH-HUNG WU ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article1111
412015Synergistic Effect of PEI and PDMAEMA on Transgene Expression in VitroCHUEH-HUNG WU ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN ; WEI-BOR TSAI journal article1010
422015Reduced patellar tendon elasticity with aging: In vivo assessment by shear wave elastographyTYNG-GUEY WANG ; MING-YEN HSIAO ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article2825
432015Nineteen reasons why physiatrists should do musculoskeletal ultrasoundTYNG-GUEY WANG ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article3738
442015Counterbalancing the use of ultrasound contrast agents by a cavitation-regulated systemWEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article77
452015Reusable tissue-mimicking hydrogel phantoms for focused ultrasound ablationWEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article1514
462015Early versus delayed passive range of motion exercise for arthroscopic rotator cuff repair: A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trialsTYNG-GUEY WANG ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN ; KUO-LIONG CHIEN ; DER-SHENG HAN journal article3931
472015Sonographic tracking of the upper limb peripheral nerves: A pictorial essay and video demonstrationTYNG-GUEY WANG ; MING-YEN HSIAO ; CHUEH-HUNG WU ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article2024
482015Simulation of thermal ablation by high-intensity focused ultrasound with temperature-dependent propertiesWEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article1310
492015Carpal tunnel syndrome: US strain imaging for diagnosisWEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article2121
502014Quantitative ultrasound facilitates the exploration of morphological association of the long head biceps tendon with supraspinatus tendon full thickness tearTYNG-GUEY WANG ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN ; KUO-LIONG CHIEN journal article1211
512014Associations of Sonographic Abnormalities of the Shoulder with Various Grades of Biceps Peritendinous Effusion (BPE)TYNG-GUEY WANG ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN ; KUO-LIONG CHIEN journal article1414
522014Fibroblasts connection on nano/micro siliconWEN-SHIANG CHEN conference paper00
532014Monitoring and control of inertial cavitation activity for enhancing ultrasound transfection: The SonInCaRe projectWEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article33
542014Acrylic acid controlled reusable temperature-sensitive hydrogel phantoms for thermal ablation therapyWEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article69
552014Ultrasound thermal mapping based on a hybrid method combining physical and statistical modelsWEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article65
562014Increased patellar tendon microcirculation and reduction of tendon stiffness following knee extension eccentric exercisesYin, Nai-Hao; TIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN ; Chen, Wen-Shiang ; HSING-KUO WANG ; Wu, Ying-Tai; Shih, Tiffany Tingfang ; Rolf, Christer; Wang, Hsing-Kuo journal article78
572014Comparative effectiveness of platelet-rich plasma injections for treating knee joint cartilage degenerative pathology: A systematic review and meta-analysisTYNG-GUEY WANG ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN ; DER-SHENG HAN journal article9394
582014Ultrasound enhanced PEI-mediated gene delivery through increasing the intracellular calcium level and PKC-δ protein expressionWEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article99
592014Sonoelastography for the evaluation of an axillary schwannoma in a case of quadrilateral space syndromeTYNG-GUEY WANG ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN ; DER-SHENG HAN journal article45
602014A study of latent heat effects in temperature profiles and lesion formationWEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article22
612014Stabilizing in vitro ultrasound-mediated gene transfection by regulating cavitationWEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article1614
622014Enhancement of the cytotoxicity and selectivity of doxorubicin to hepatoma cells by synergistic combination of galactose-decorated -poly(glutamic acid) nanoparticles and low-intensity ultrasoundWEN-SHIANG CHEN ; WEI-BOR TSAI journal article1211
632014Tertiary-amine functionalized polyplexes enhanced cellular uptake and prolonged gene expressionWEN-SHIANG CHEN ; WEI-BOR TSAI journal article99
642013Using surfaces to modulate the morphology and structure of attached cells-a case of cancer cells on chitosan membranesWEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article1717
652013Application of high frequency ultrasound on wrist jointsTYNG-GUEY WANG ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article20
662013An approach for the visualization of temperature distribution in tissues according to changes in ultrasonic backscattered energyWEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article912
672013Effectiveness of intra-articular hyaluronic acid for ankle osteoarthritis treatment: A systematic review and meta-analysisChang, Ke-Vin; TYNG-GUEY WANG ; MING-YEN HSIAO ; Hsiao, Ming-Yen ; Chen, Wen-Shiang ; Chen, Wen-Shiang ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN ; Wang, Tyng-Guey ; Wang, Tyng-Guey ; KUO-LIONG CHIEN ; Chien, Kuo-Liong journal article4136
682013Ultrasound thermal mapping based on a hybrid method combining cross-correlation and zero-crossing trackingWEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article54
692013Pulsed ultrasound promotes melanoblast migration through upregulation of macrophage colony-stimulating factor/focal adhesion kinase autocrine signaling and paracrine mechanismsSHIOU-HWA JEE ; Liao, Yi-Hua ; YI-HUA LIAO ; Huang, Yu-Ting; Deng, Jhu-Yun; WEN-SHIANG CHEN ; Chen, Wen-Shiang ; Jee, Shiou-Hwa journal article22
702013Effectiveness of bisphosphonate analogues and functional electrical stimulation on attenuating post-injury osteoporosis in spinal cord injury patients- A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisWEN-SHIANG CHEN ; Chang, Ke-Vin; Hung, Chen-Yu; DER-SHENG HAN ; Chen, Wen-Shiang ; Chen, Wen-Shiang; KUO-LIONG CHIEN ; Lai, Mei-Shu; Lai, Mei-Shu; Chien, Kuo-Liong ; Chien, Kuo-Liong; Han, Der-Sheng ; Han, Der-Shengjournal article3028
712013Fluorescence spectroscopy for estimation of anticancer drug sonodestruction in vitroWEN-SHIANG CHEN conference paper00
722013Assessment of efficiencies of electroporation and sonoporation methods by using fluorescence RGB imaging methodWEN-SHIANG CHEN conference paper11
732013Sonography of the Normal Anterior Cruciate Ligament: A Preliminary ReportJYH-HORNG WANG ; TIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; TYNG-GUEY WANG ; CHUEH-HUNG WU ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN ; CHIH-WEI YU journal article60
742013A joint localizer for finger length measurementsTYNG-GUEY WANG ; LI-CHEN FU ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN ; JER-JUNN LUH ; JIN-SHIN LAI conference paper00
752013Correlation Between Subclinical Median Neuropathy and the Cross-Sectional Area of the Median Nerve at the WristHUEY-WEN LIANG ; TYNG-GUEY WANG ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article87
762013Early neuromechanical outcomes of the triceps surae muscle-tendon after an Achilles' tendon repairChen, Chia-Hsin; TIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; Wang, Hsing-Kuo ; HONGSEN CHIANG ; Lin, Shih-Feng; Chiang, Hongsen ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN ; Yu, Wan-Hui; Chen, Wen-Shiang ; Lin, Jau-Hong; CHING-CHUAN JIANG ; Shih, Tiffany Tingfang ; Chen, Hao-Ling; HSING-KUO WANG ; Huang, Yung-Cheng; Hsieh, Ching-Lin ; Jiang, Ching-Chuan journal article1715
772013Relative and absolute reliabilities of the myotonometric measurements of hemiparetic arms in patients with strokeChuang, Li-Ling; Wang, Hsing-Kuo ; KEH-CHUNG LIN ; Lin, Keh-Chung; Chiang, Hongsen; CHEIN-WEI CHANG ; Wu, Ching-Yi; Chen, Wen-Shiang ; Chang, Chein-Wei ; Shih, Tiffany Tingfang ; Chen, Hsieh-Ching; Huang, Yung-Cheng; Jiang, Ching-Chuan ; Yin, Hsin-Pei; 王興國 ; Wang, Lei; 陳文翔 ; 江鴻生 ; 施庭芳 ; 江清泉 journal article2122
782012Pulsed wave Doppler ultrasound is useful to assess vasomotor response in patients with multiple system atrophy and well correlated with tilt table studyChang, Ke Vin; WEN-SHIANG CHEN ; RUEY-MEEI WU ; SSU-YUAN CHEN ; Shen, Hsiu Yu; CHING LAN ; Wang, Yen Ho178
792012Musculoskeletal Sonoelastography: A Focused Review of its Diagnostic Applications for Evaluating Tendons and FasciaTYNG-GUEY WANG ; CHUEH-HUNG WU ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article90
802012Application of Ultrasound and Ultrasound-Guided Intervention for Evaluating Elbow Joint PathologiesWEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article60
812012Use of contrast-enhanced ultrasonography in musculoskeletal medicineTYNG-GUEY WANG ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article1515
822012Sonoporation-mediated anti-angiogenic gene transfer into muscle effectively regresses distant orthotopic tumorsWEN-SHIANG CHEN ; Liao, Z-K; Tsai, K-C; Wang, H-T; Tseng, S-H; Deng, W-P; Chen, W-S; Hwang, L-Hjournal article2620
832012Contrast-enhanced Sonography for the Evaluation of Neovascularization in Tendinopathic TissuesTYNG-GUEY WANG ; CHUEH-HUNG WU ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article10
842012Prolonging the expression duration of ultrasound-mediated gene transfection using PEI nanoparticlesWEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article2221
852012Serial Ultrasonography for Early Detection and Follow-up of Heterotopic Ossification in StrokeTYNG-GUEY WANG ; CHUEH-HUNG WU ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article40
862012Using ultrasound CBE imaging without echo shift compensation for temperature estimationWEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article1514
872012Application of contrast-enhanced sonography with time-intensity curve analysis to explore hypervascularity in achilles tendinopathy by using a rabbit modelWEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article
882012Can sonoelastography detect plantar fasciitis earlier than traditional b-mode ultrasonography?Wu, Chueh-Hung ; TYNG-GUEY WANG ; Chen, Wen-Shiang ; CHUEH-HUNG WU ; Wang, Tyng-Guey ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN ; Lew, Henry L.journal article1112
892012Arm exoskeleton rehabilitation robot with assistive system for patient after strokeWEN-SHIANG CHEN conference paper
902012Ultrasound temperature estimation based on probability variation of backscatter dataWEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article2424
912012Dynamic ultrasonography to evaluate coracoacromial ligament displacement during motion in shoulders with supraspinatus tendon tearsTYNG-GUEY WANG ; CHUEH-HUNG WU ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article118
922012Pulsed wave Doppler ultrasound is useful to assess vasomotor response in patients with multiple system atrophy and well correlated with tilt table studyRuey-Meei Wu ; SSU-YUAN CHEN ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article11
932012Application of Ultrasonography in Assessing Oropharyngeal Dysphagia in Stroke PatientsTYNG-GUEY WANG ; YEUN-CHUNG CHANG ; MING-YEN HSIAO ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article2118
942012Prolonged swallowing time in dysphagic parkinsonism patients with aspiration pneumoniaTYNG-GUEY WANG ; YEUN-CHUNG CHANG ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article2726
952012Pulse energy as a reliable reference for twitch forces induced by transcutaneous neuromuscular electrical stimulationWEN-SHIANG CHEN ; JIN-SHIN LAI journal article97
962012Comparative effectiveness of focused shock wave therapy of different intensity levels and radial shock wave therapy for treating plantar fasciitis: A systematic review and network meta-analysisYU-KANG TU ; Chang, Ke-Vin; Chen, Ssu-Yuan ; SSU-YUAN CHEN ; Chen, Ssu-Yuan; Chen, Wen-Shiang ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN ; Chen, Wen-Shiang ; KUO-LIONG CHIEN ; Tu, Yu-Kang ; Chien, Kuo-Liong ; Chien, Kuo-Liong journal article5851
972012Brazing Inconel 625 Using Two Ni/(Fe)-Based Amorphous Filler FoilsChen, Wen-Shiang ; Shiue, Ren-Kae journal article75
982012Microstructural Evolution of Brazing 304 Stainless Steel Using an Amorphous (Ni, Fe)-based FoilChen, Wen-Shiang ; Shiue, Ren-Kae journal article63
992011Effects of functional electrical stimulation on dysphagia caused by radiation therapy in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinomaLin, Pei-Hung; TYNG-GUEY WANG ; LIN, PEI-HONG; LIN, PEI-HONG; Hsiao, Tzu-Yu ; YEUN-CHUNG CHANG ; HSIAO, TZU-YU ; HSIAO, TZU-YU ; CHANG, YEUN-CHUNG; Chang, Yeun-Chung ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN ; Ting, Lai-Lei; TING, LAI-LEI; TZU-YU HSIAO ; Chen, Wen-Shiang ; CHEN, WEN-SHIANG ; CHEN, WEN-SHIANG; CHEN, SU-CHIU; Chen, Su-Chiu; WANG, TYNG-GUEY ; Wang, Tyng-Guey ; WANG, TYNG-GUEY journal article3224
1002011In vivo photoacoustic micro-imaging of microvascular changes for Achilles tendon injury on a mouse modelWang, Po-Hsun; WEN-SHIANG CHEN ; JER-JUNN LUH ; Luh, Jer-Junn ; Chen, Wen-Shiang ; Li, Meng-Linjournal article1514
1012011Sonoelastography of the plantar fasciaTYNG-GUEY WANG ; CHUEH-HUNG WU ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN ; WU, CHUEH-HUNG ; CHANG, KE-VIN; MIO, SUN; CHEN, WEN-SHIANG ; WANG, TYNG-GUEY journal article6963
1022011ResponseTYNG-GUEY WANG ; CHUEH-HUNG WU ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article21
1032011Single-element ultrasound transducer for combined vessel localization and ablationMING-CHIH HO ; CHIUNG-NIEN CHEN ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN ; CHEN, WEN-SHIANG ; SHEN, CHE-CHOU; WANG, JEN-CHIEH; KO, CHUNG-TING; LIU, HAO-LI; HO, MING-CHIH ; CHEN, CHIUNG-NIEN ; YEH, CHIH-KUANGjournal article55
1042011Reducing lesion aberration by dual-frequency focused ultrasound ablationsWEN-SHIANG CHEN ; CHEN, WEN-SHIANG ; LIU, HAO-LI; TUNG, YAO-SHENG; WANG, JEN-CHIEH; DING, YU-HUI; JAN, CHEN-KAIjournal article33
1052011Pigmented Villonodular Synovitis of the Elbow: A Case Report and Sonographic FindingsTYNG-GUEY WANG ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN ; YI-CHIAN WANG journal article00
1062011Design and fabrication of a wide-aperture HIFU annular array transducer for the treatment of deep-seated tumorsWEN-SHIANG CHEN conference paper10
1072011Pulsed wave Doppler ultrasonography for the assessment of peripheral vasomotor response in an elderly populationChang, Ke-Vin; TYNG-GUEY WANG ; Wu, Chueh-Hung ; MING-YEN HSIAO ; CHUEH-HUNG WU ; Wang, Tyng-Guey ; Hsiao, Ming-Yen ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN ; Yeh, Tian-Shin; Chen, Wen-Shiang journal article33
1082011Proton resonance frequency shift-weighted imaging for monitoring MR-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound transmissionsWEN-SHIANG CHEN ; Chen, Jyun-Wen; WEN-YIH TSENG ; Huang, Teng-Yi; Chang, Chin-Chen; Peng, Hsu-Hsia; Chen, Wen-Shiang ; Tseng, Wen-Yih Isaac; CHEN, JYUN-WEN; HUANG, TENG-YI; PENG, HSU-HSIA; CHEN, WEN-SHIANG ; TSENG, WEN-YIH journal article11
1092011Annealing-induced changes in the nanoscale electrical homogeneity of bismuth ferrite dielectric thin filmsWEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article11
1102011Application of pulsed-wave Doppler ultrasound to exploration of the peripheral vasomotor response by gender and hand dominanceTYNG-GUEY WANG ; Chang, Ke-Vin; MING-YEN HSIAO ; Wu, Chueh-Hung ; Yeh, Tian-Shin; CHUEH-HUNG WU ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN ; Wang, Tyng-Guey ; Hsiao, Ming-Yen ; Chen, Wen-Shiang journal article22
1112011Reduction in hyoid bone forward movement in irradiated nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients with dysphagiaTYNG-GUEY WANG ; YEUN-CHUNG CHANG ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN ; TZU-YU HSIAO journal article00
1122011Core-shell silica@chitosan nanoparticles and hollow chitosan nanospheres using silica nanoparticles as templates: Preparation and ultrasound bubble applicationLiu, Ying-Ling; WEN-SHIANG CHEN ; Wu, Yen-Hsing; WEI-BOR TSAI ; Tsai, Wei-Bor ; Tsai, Chih-Chi; Chen, Wen-Shiang ; Wu, Chuan-Shaojournal article2116
1132011Enhancement of carrier mobility in all-inkjet-printed organic thin-film transistors using a blend of poly(3-hexylthiophene) and carbon nanoparticles劉浩禮; Lin, Chih-Ting ; CHIH-TING LIN ; Hsu, Chun-Hao; 衛優遊; 陳文翔 ; Chen, Iu-Ren; 陳景宗; Lee, Chang-Hung; Wu, Wen-Jung; 吳欣瑜; 黃文正; 閻紫晨; 王俊杰; LIU, HAO-LI; WAI, YAU-YAU; CHEN, WEN- SHIANG ; CHEN, JIN-CHUNG; WU, XIN-YU; HUANG, WEN-CHENG; YEN, TZU-CHEN; WANG, JIUN-JIEjournal article1817
1142011Concentric polymer-dispersed liquid crystal rings for light intensity modulationWEN-SHIANG CHEN ; Huang, Y.-T.; WEN-PIN SHIH ; Hsu, T.-C.; Lu, C.-H.; Lee, Po-Huang ; Lin, C.-W.; Shih, W.-P.; Chen, W.-S.; Chang, P.-Z.journal article2018
1152010An artificial iris for light intensity modulation of humanoid robot visionWEN-SHIANG CHEN ; Hsu, Tsung-Chun; Lu, Ching-Heng; Shih, Wen-Pin ; Huang, Yu-Ting; Chen, Wen-Shiang conference paper
1162010Evaluating Displacement of the Coracoacromial Ligament in Painful Shoulders of Overhead Athletes Through Dynamic Ultrasonographic ExaminationTYNG-GUEY WANG ; CHUEH-HUNG WU ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN ; HSING-KUO WANG journal article1914
1172010Optimal transmit phasing for harmonic-background suppression with bipolar square-wave pulserWEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article
1182010Photoacoustic microscopy of collagenase-induced Achilles tendinitis in a mouse modelWEN-SHIANG CHEN conference paper10
1192010Antiangiogenic gene therapy on hepatocellular carcinoma using endostatin and sonoporation in vivoWEN-SHIANG CHEN ; Tsai, K.C.; Liao, C.K.; Yang, S.J.; Lin, W.L.; Chen, Hsiu-Hsi ; Shieh, M.J.; Hwang, L.H.; Chen, W.S.journal article21
1202010Power Doppler Presentation of Shoulders With Biceps DisorderTYNG-GUEY WANG ; JENG-YI SHIEH ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article119
1212010Reduction in Hyoid Bone Forward Movement in Irradiated Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Patients With DysphagiaTYNG-GUEY WANG ; YEUN-CHUNG CHANG ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN ; TZU-YU HSIAO journal article1816
1222009Simultaneous temperature and magnetization transfer (MT) monitoring during high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) treatment: Preliminary investigation on ex vivo porcine muscleHSIAO-WEN CHUNG ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN ; WEN-YIH TSENG journal article66
1232009Dynamic Visualization of the Coracoacromial Ligament by UltrasoundTYNG-GUEY WANG ; Wang, Y.C.; Wang, YC; Wang, HK; WEN-SHIANG CHEN ; Wang, H.K.; HSING-KUO WANG ; Chen, W.S.; Chen, WS; YI-CHIAN WANG ; Wang, T.G.; Wang, TGjournal article1915
1242009A Membrane Actuator Based on Ionic Polymer Network and Carbon Nanotube: Synergy of Ionic Transport and Mechanical PropertiesDai, Chi-An ; Liu, Chien-Pan; Kao, An-Cheng; Tsai, Wei-Bor ; Chen, Wen-Shiang ; Shih, Wen-Pin ; Ma, Chien-Ching ; Liu, Wei-Mingjournal article1813
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1262009Accuracy of Sonography in the Diagnosis of Superficial Ganglion Cyst and LipomaLin, C.S.; TYNG-GUEY WANG ; Wang, T.G.; JENG-YI SHIEH ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN ; Shieh, J.Y.; Chen, W.S.journal article20
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